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The Diet Doc hCG Diet: Fast Weight Loss, Naturally!

The multitude of studies on obesity and its effects on the human body reveal that carrying around even a few extra pounds has an alarming impact on the body. Obesity is considered the plague of the 21st century and contributes to the contraction of disease like heart disease, type II diabetes, and even certain types of cancer.

Diet Doc, the nations leader in prescription hCG diets offers medically-designed and assisted weight loss nationwide, with the ease of a telephone or Skype call.

The Diet Doc prescription hCG diet is equally effective for those who need to lose over 100 pounds, as it is for those fighting to rid themselves of the last difficult few. If you are struggling with weight gain, contact Diet Doc today and schedule a free consultation with a leading weight loss physician.

If you are seeking a permanant, safe and healthy way to lose weight today, your solution is just a phone call away.... Read More

All new patients receive a complimentary evaluation, combining our intuitive health questionnaire with expert physician assessment. Our board certified weight loss physicians use an assortment of collected information to develop a personalized diet plan for each patient, based on individual nutritional, medicinal, and supplemental needs as well as individual health factors.

Learn what may be at the root of your weight gain, and find information on underlying health conditions by completing our free diagnostic Health Questionnaire, free for all new Diet Doc patients beginning our prescription hCG diet plan.

This powerful hormone triggers the body to release stored fat from difficult to target areas.

The body enters a ketonic state, using this extra fat for energy instead of glycogen in the muscles. Our diet kit includes test strips to determine the amount of ketosis occurring in the body, as progress is rigorously monitored.

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DietDoc - Prescription HCG Diet & HCG Weight Loss Program ...

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