Dr. Abraham Kryger; Testocreme High Potency Testosterone – Video

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on August 18th, 2012
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20-06-2012 19:59 Hormonal imbalance in men is one of the most mysterious and undocumented areas in Men's Health.The signs of low testosterone include memory loss, depression and fatigue, with no energy to help around the house. A greater risk of a heart attack, loss of height and the loss of morning erections are clues that a man may have hypogonadism, low testosterone or low T. Decreased muscle mass and increased weight, especially around the waist or pot belly are all markers of low T. The most subtle symptoms range from sleep problems, increased appetite and snoring with a diminished arousal, a decreased volume of ejaculate, increased infertility and the total lack of interest in any sex, even cuddling and kissing. These are all signs of low testosterone. A new way to deliver testosterone that gets away from the alcohol gels that have to be rubbed all over the shoulders, arms and inner thighs is here. Testocreme® is high potency soy-based lotion that can be applied anywhere, even on the scrotum. A small amount rubbed onto your skin absorbs immediately and can be washed off if sex is on the list for your evening or morning activity. Testocreme provides an erection enhancer and eliminates the need for Viagra, Cialis or Levitra for most men.

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Dr. Abraham Kryger; Testocreme High Potency Testosterone - Video

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