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Are there any side effects to taking HCG?

No, there are no known negative side effects to the HCG diet if you stay on it the way it is designed. Pay attention to the meal plan and the foods, supplements, and liquids that are a part of the diet. Take the recommended dose of HCG daily at the same time every day, if possible.

Absolutely! Homeopathy is a well-known source of natural remedies and cures. Homeopathic HCG is no scamthe diluted form of HCG is just as powerful and effective. Taking HCG drops sublingually is less costly, less painful, and not inconvenient at all like trips to the doctors office or mixing your own formula.

There is no specific type of exercise you must do, nor is there a minimum amount of exercise. Dr. Simeons recommended light daily exercise, such as taking a walk, playing a round of tennis, or swimming. He also noted that patients who were very active before and during the diet did not feel as weak and had improved fitness levels after the diet concluded. Exercise can help you meet your weight loss goals even just by making you feel stronger.

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Easy HCG | HCG Diet Drops for the HCG Diet | Easy HCG

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