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hCG Diet Info has expanded into two sections:

HCG DIET INFO The leading hCG Diet Authority.

hCG Diet Info is recognized as the first and largest leading authority in hCG Diet information offering over 180,000 pages of hCG Diet resource as well as the most popular hCG Diet Forums on the web. Interested in learning about the hCG Diet? Start with the basics on this page and join the hCG Diet forums where out knowledgeable moderators and hCG Diet community are eager to help you get started!

HDI HEALTH BLOG The most widely read health blog on the web.

HDI Health is considered the most widely read health blog on hte web, with millions of hits per month. Why is HDI Health so popular? We share the latest and greatest findings in the international health industry, specializing in simple steps you can take for optimal health. For hCG Dieters and every else! Subscribe today and start learning the latest in next generation health and well being! HDI Health Blog.

If you are seriously overweight, the hCG Diet may just be what you're looking for. Based on a poll we took with over 7000 hCG Dieters, the average wight loss on the hCG Diet is about 1 to 3 lbs per day. These successful individuals also reported experiencing positive changes to their base metabolism and overall shaping of their bodies. Most importantly, they experienced an easy end to many bad eating patterns and habits, such as sugar cravings and overeating. Instead, they finished the hCG diet feeling less hungry, and more satisfied with smaller portions, healthier foods and more energy than ever before! Ready to get started? Read on...

Step 1. Bookmark this page and subscribe to the HDI Health Blog - you will find the information provided on this site to be an invaluable resource for your hCG diet journey. Next, continue on to the hCG diet guide where you can learn about the original hCG diet protocol, "Pounds and Inches". Even if your weight loss specialist has provided you with a different hCG Diet protocol, it can be helpful to know how the hCG diet was initially intended. You may also want to pick up a copy of Kevin Trudeau's book, The Weight Loss Cure. This book details a varied version of Dr. Simeons original hCG diet protocol.

Step 2. Read HDI's frequently asked questions section, designed to answer common questions, about the hCG Diet.

Step 3. Read hCG Diet protocol overview which covers more basics of the hCG diet according to Dr. Simeons' original protocol.

Step 4. Join the hCG Diet Info Forums where our knowledgeable moderators and experienced forum members are eager to support you through your hCG diet journey!

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