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There are different forms of HCG that are available nowadays to aid in weight loss the most popular of which are HCG injections as well as HCG drops. It may be a personal, case to case decision, however most users of HCG have recommended injections over the drops.

Are HCG Injections the most superior method of getting HCG?

The answer is yes, because you can be sure that the recommended, exact dose of HCG goes straight into your body, no more no less. Other homeopathic forms of HCG, such as shots or drops, pellets and sprays, give room for waste as some, or even a large percentage of the HCG you intended for your body may be lost if taken orally or applied topically.

Yes, as based on several body fat testing done on HCG dieters; it was found that the higher percentages of fat loss were among those who used the HCG injections.

Whats the advantage of the HCG injections over the drops?

There have been studies done regarding the presence of HCG in the body for dieters who used HCG shots, or HCG that is taken sublingually. The findings state that the hormone is not absorbed by the oral mucosa or the mouth (or if so, only in very little and undetectable amounts), which makes it an ineffective form of HCG delivery. This means that despite taking the hormone sublingually, none of the hormone actually goes where it should to make the whole program effective.

Another drawback that should be noted when it comes to sublingual HCG is that, given how the body absorbs it poorly, the dosages are either doubled or tripled compared to what would have been received through the HCG injections. A person on a low calorie intake and does not get the right amount of HCG through the drops regardless if it has been doubled or tripled, may not succeed in completing the program. The right dosage of HCG helps eliminate feelings of hunger to allow the body to function using its stored energy or fat.

So, why cant we drop the drops off just yet?

Despite the very low body absorption, sublingual HCG has been said to work in other people. There have been actual and honest testimonies from people who seemed to contradict what the studies show. Whether it is indeed attributable to the HCG drops alone or on other factors, we cannot tell for a fact so while we cannot write it off because of its poor absorption, we cannot discount the effects it has had on other people.

In the end, HCG injections are still more favourable because 1) the hormone goes straight into the blood stream, 2) the hormone is received in the proper dosages for the whole program to work, 3) injectables are formulated to be easily accepted by the body, and 4) albeit painful, it is the fastest way to achieve weight loss as it goes directly to the system.

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