Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) And Weight Loss: Fact Or …

Recommended by Dr. Michael White, Published on November 17th, 2013

Over the past few years, weve seen aflurry of renewed interest in human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) for weight loss.

Even Dr. Oz has offered his (qualified) support for the program.

Not surprising, really.

I suspect this had something to do with Kevin Trudeaus book, The Weight Loss Cure They Dont Want You to Know About, whichpromoted a period of daily hCG injections for weight loss. The bookreceived huge exposure andwas a top seller in just about every market.

Anything Mr. Trudeau recommends should be approached with a great deal of skepticism. This guy is a con man with a long track record of fleecing the public of its hard earned cash.

Hes been fined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for making false and unsubstantiated claims (apparently, he claimed his coral calcium supplement could cure cancer) and banned from making further infomercials (click here for info!).

He is now being targeted by the FTC for his weight loss book for violating the previous court order that banned him for making infomercials for any other product other than books. This would be allowed provided he would not misrepresent the content of the books. The FTC claims his diet which is advertised as easy and simple is anything but. Click here to read the FTC press release!

Some people believe Mr. Trudeau is the victim of some sort of conspiracy orchestrated at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry. Those folks should check out any of the over 400 customer complaints posted at

If he truly were the victim he claims to be, it seems unlikely he would insist on perpetuating the deceptive billing practices his customers accuse him of (most complaints are related to his Natural Cures publication, but Im sure youll see similar ones related to his new book soon).

Before discussing human chorionic gonadotropins place in any weight loss strategy, lets discuss what it is

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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) And Weight Loss: Fact Or ...

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