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Final stages in preparation for any bodybuilding contest when using anabolic steroids it is crucial to get the timing correct in order to be at max muscle mass and minimal water retention.

The calculation is made backwards from show/contest actual date. many bodybuilders miscalculate dates and there is nothing more frustrating then working and training year round and being that 1-2 % of body fat due to wrong scheduling your steroids cycles . so lets plan for 2012 Olympia Weekend is Las Vegas on September 27-30, 2012.(for example are podium is on the 27 (at this point you should be managing your diary).

the only exceptions that you can take till the day of the competition are Clenbuterol L-thyroxine and Proviron

Phase 1: September 24 2012 -3 days from the show/contest date at this point you cannot consume any steroids at all

Phase 2: September 17 2012 10 days to show stop peptide hormones HGH to stop water retention

Phase 3: September 13 2012 -10-14 days before the show (play on the safe side of 14 days if you are not sure how your body reacts this fluctuates from every bodybuilder).At this stage you need to dry up you body and must stop using any injections at all the only item you can use up to 3 days before the show is winstrol tabs.

Phase 4: august 2 2012 - 8 weeks to Mr Olympia 2012 a very hard core steroids pre contest cycle (6 weeks) which means you need to start it 8 weeks before the show dosage usage vary from each body builder but this has the correct chemistry logic to get the job done in the final stage (ill give a few suggestions different brands they are all good sopharma is most popular).

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