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Testosterone drives ego, reduces cooperation – Testosterone Prescription

Written by Dr. Michael White, Published on December 21st, 2018

groupthink testosterone 300x300  Testosterone drives egocentrism at the cost of cooperating with others, consequently affecting group decisions, a study reveals. Collective problem solving can provide benefits over individual decisions as we can share our information and experiences, said a new study from Wellcome Trust's Centre for Neuroimaging at the University College London. Now researchers have shown that the testosterone has the opposite effect - it makes people act less cooperative and more egocentric, the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B reported. Researcher Nick Wright and colleagues at the Centre for Neuroimaging carried out a series of tests using 17 pairs of female volunteers who had previously never met. The trial took place over two days, spaced a week apart, a university statement said. "When we are making decisions in groups, we tread a fine line between cooperation and self-interest: too much cooperation and we may never get our way, but if we are too self-orientated, we are likely to ignore people who have real insight," explained Wright. On one of the days, both volunteers in each pair were given a testosterone supplement; on the other day, they were given a placebo. Researchers found that as expected, cooperation enabled the group to … Read more »

Page 3123