6 Warning Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

Posted by Jessica Mendez, Updated on January 13th, 2023
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Testosterone is one of the overall most important hormones for men. As soon as a male body experiences a lack of the hormone, problems start to pop up. The trouble is, it can often be hard to diagnose low testosterone levels just based on symptoms. To this end, we’ve put together 6 warning signs of low testosterone in men!

Nerve pain and numbness

One of the most alarming signs of low testosterone in men is suddenly experiencing nerve pain and numbness. It can start subtly, with just tingling in your fingers and a slight loss of feeling. However, if you do not quickly look into a solution for low testosterone, you could begin to experience even worse symptoms. Not everyone experiences this because the underlying cause is testosterone’s ability to heal nerve damage in the peripheral nerve system. In other words, everything that is not part of the brain or spinal cord. Without enough testosterone in your system, this healing slows down or even entirely stops. And, if you are in a situation where you might be suffering from gradual nerve damage, for example, going through chemotherapy, or if you’ve suffered from a severe injury or even have diabetes, then the symptoms will gradually grow much worse.

A guy in pain.

Gaining weight

Another sign of low testosterone in men is gaining weight and having trouble losing it. An additional thing to keep in mind is that one of the frustrating factors that suppress testosterone levels is obesity. This means that you can quickly spiral into a vicious cycle where your weight stops your testosterone levels, while you need testosterone to lose it. The only way to break the cycle is to find ways to boost your testosterone and then work much harder on your workout routine. The problem is that weight gain is frequently a side effect of various other health conditions. This might lead you to believe something else is preventing you from seeing the impact of your workout. So, if you are stuck trying your best yet unable to improve, we recommend quickly testing your testosterone levels to see if that’s the underlying problem.

Various skin problems and loss of hair

The lack of testosterone does not only reflect itself in serious health conditions. It can also show through something innocuous, such as skin problems or hair loss. You might even be under the impression that you suffer from those because of genetics or age, making it extra hard to detect the problem without any severe symptoms. Of course, the fact that you are not suffering from something more serious is good. Still, this will often delay getting the help you need. Suppose you are experiencing issues with dry, flaking skin despite treating it with various products or even have psoriasis. In that case, you should get tested and see if your testosterone levels are low. After all, these are still relatively benign symptoms that can be treated easily by getting enough testosterone into your system.

Hair loss.

Experiencing hot flashes

One of the signs of low testosterone in men is experiencing frequent hot flashes. A sudden feeling of overwhelming warmth characterizes hot flashes. This is typically followed by heavy sweating, and the man’s skin rapidly reddened. These sensations are most intensely felt in the trunk and head areas of the body and can almost make people believe they are running a high fever. Especially when coupled with nerve pain and numbness. This persists for around four minutes and typically happens up to ten times daily. In other words, it negatively impacts a person’s daily life. The added stress of experiencing these symptoms frequently makes getting through the day much harder! Note that even if you quickly start working towards improving your testosterone levels, these symptoms will persist for a while. So, you want to start treatment as soon as possible.

Feeling tired

Those suffering from low testosterone will find themselves much less physically fit than they used to be. Their stamina will start flagging, to the point where even everyday activities such as carrying in groceries might leave them out of breath. Depending on your profession, this can damage your everyday life. The moving experts from Orange Mover are required to regulate their health meticulously, including their testosterone levels, to avoid getting hurt on the job due to how demanding it is. The weariness and lack of energy can extend to other aspects of your daily life. For example, men who suffer from low testosterone and experience exhaustion also report a sudden decline in their sex drive. The tricky part is that all the added difficulties can discourage men from continuing their workout routines, which leads to gaining weight. And as mentioned, this further damages their testosterone levels.

A tired man.

The decline of cognitive faculties


One of the most severe signs of low testosterone in men is a gradual decline in some of their cognitive abilities. For example, studies have proven that a lack of testosterone will negatively impact men’s ability to perform visual motor tasks. Your hand-to-eye coordination might suddenly start declining. Or you might have difficulties reacting to sudden situations. While you might have once been capable of catching a falling cup, it might start slipping through your fingers. This might even impact your memory and ability to learn. People with low testosterone levels also struggle to remember things or pick up new skills. Particularly those who fall under visual motor tasks, as mentioned above. Again, the worst thing about this is that it can go undetected for too long. And it can even be alleviated by boosting your testosterone levels naturally. Meaning you can potentially recover through no real effort.

Final comment

So long as you keep an eye out for the six warning signs of low testosterone in men, you should be able to notice them quickly and take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. Just remember: your body badly needs testosterone to function normally. So, never delay looking for treatment once you are sure you need to!

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