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Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on November 4th, 2018
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Guys, do you know how to recognize the signs and symptoms of Low-T? Are you a man, thirty or older, interested in the empowering benefits of Bio-Identical Testosterone? If so, look no further, you've come to the right place!

Low-T is Unavoidable without Bio-Identical Intervention

A lot of men think that Testosterone Deficiency only affects a minority of aging males, but that could be no further from the truth. In reality, every man alive will experience symptomatic Testosterone Deficiency, given that they live long enough. The physiological processes that lead to Low-T are embedded deep in our genetics. Our bodies are designed to produce peak levels of Testosterone when we are young, and we slowly lose the ability to produce adequate natural Testosterone beyond the age of thirty.

Peak physical wellness is associated with the period in our lives where Testosterone Levels are at their highest. Beginning around puberty, Testosterone Levels spike, and they continue to promote optimal wellness, masculinity, and manhood into the late twenties. After that, Testosterone Levels begin their lifelong decline.

What Role Do Hormones Play in Aging?

healthy man and hormonesWhat we understand as “aging” is a complex interplay of factors which impair and degrade physiological vitality and wellness. There are many factors which contribute to aging, including activity level, diet, physical wear and tear, genetics, hormone balance, and more. As we learn more about the process of aging, it is abundantly clear that Hormone Imbalance plays a much more significant role in the process of aging than previously imagined and hypothesized. Many believe that Telomere Length and Hormone Balance are the two aspects of physiology which have the most profound effect on aging.

To facilitate wellness and ward off aging, Hormone Balance isn't the only factor involved, but it very well may be the lynchpin of your wellbeing as you age. For example, if Hormone Levels are optimized, the body has the resources to recover from wear and tear. A healthy diet and active lifestyle have a corroborating effect with healthy Hormone Levels. If you eat well and remain active, your body will pump more Testosterone and Growth Hormone.

Your age will always limit you, but by making smart choices, you can maintain strong Hormone Balance for a more extended period. But eventually, there's nothing you can do to prevent Low-T and HGH Deficiency because your body is designed merely to suppress production with every passing year.

The Effects of Testosterone Deficiency on Health—Symptoms of Low-T

  • Sexual Impairment, including Low Sex Drive, Erectile Dysfunction, and Stifled Pleasure
  • Depression, Anxiety, and Inhibited Confidence
  • Elevated body fat accumulation, related to increased Estrogen Dominance
  • Lack of Energy
  • Diminished Exercise Capacity
  • Reduction in Muscle Mass
  • Osteoporosis caused by declining Bone Mineral Density
  • Significant changes in heart and cardiovascular function which elevate the risk of stroke and heart attack

Even to the casual observer, it's evident that Low-T has a tremendous effect on male health. It's an all-too-common misconception that Testosterone Deficiency is merely a sexual disorder. This misconception has cut tens of thousands of years off of men's lives across the United States. Focusing solely on the sexual issues associated with Low-T prevents men from realizing the potentially devastating long-term health risks related to Hormone Imbalance.

How to Tell It's Time to Talk to a Hormone Specialist about Bio-Identical Testosterone

If you feel that you may be suffering from the ill-effects of Low-T, we urge you to consult the following checklist.

  • Have you experienced increasing emotional instability?
  • Do you find yourself moody and easily upset?
  • Does your lack of energy keep you from getting the most out of your daily life?
  • Has your sex drive fallen off a cliff?
  • Do you find it challenging to generate romantic desire for your partner?
  • Are you having trouble getting adequate sleep?
  • Do you find stubborn bodyfat increasingly clinging to your hips, stomach, and thighs?

If we've described you, then the odds are high that your Hormone Balance is severely out of whack. Our Hormone Clinic specializes in treatments designed to restore healthy Hormone Levels, allowing you to take back control of your body, your mind, and your sex life. With our help, we can arrange for the blood test and physical necessary to reveal your underlying Hormone Balance and we can provide Testosterone Replacement Therapy to correct your Testosterone Imbalance and facilitate your renewed vitality! Most patients experience widespread and profound results throughout 4-6 months of treatment, though the benefits will become apparent in a matter of days!

Do Low Testosterone Levels Help Us Live Longer or Does Low-T Lower Life Expectancy?

Testosterone Molecule 2DThe effect of Testosterone on Aging and Mortality has been vigorously debated for more than a generation. Not all that long ago, the predominant hypothesis suggested that inhibited Testosterone Production could make men live longer by mitigating the risk of health issues and cancers correlated with youthful Testosterone Levels. Further research and improved methodology continue to show that these fears associated with Testosterone are overstated and that Low-T has a much more negative impact on extended longevity than previously realized.

Studies published in the last few years have provided through evidence that corrective Testosterone Replacement for Low-T can have entirely positive effects on both health and longevity. One of the reasons why Testosterone has such a profound impact on long-term health is that it has a protective effect on muscle mass, body fat distribution, insulin sensitivity, and the health of the cardiovascular tissue. For example, one in every three males that experience a heart attack has Clinically Low Testosterone Levels. Is it possible to protect the heart, the body, and the mind with Recombinant Testosterone Therapy? Signs point to yes!

The Connection Between Vitality and Hormone Balance

640px-SomatotropineThere is no way to entirely separate the effects of healthy living and the underlying impact of healthy hormone levels. Habits like smoking and binge drinking are a severe drain on natural Testosterone Production, as does sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. Getting a full night's rest every night has been shown time and time again to sustain both energy level and maximized Hormone Production. Our choices correlate strongly with our Testosterone Levels, but Low-T also makes it harder to live right.

The relationship between aging gracefully and Hormone Balance is undeniable. No matter how much time and effort that you put into maintaining your condition, you'll eventually be at the unrepentant mercy of Hormone Imbalance. The Hypothalamus controls Hormone Production, and the brain purposefully impairs HGH and Testosterone secretion affecting age. At a certain age, no matter how much effort you put into maintaining your health, your body can't keep up with its physiological demands. Hormone Replacement Therapy is one of the breakthroughs that will allow us to overcome the glass ceiling of wellness.

What Makes Testosterone So Important to Male Vitality?

Testosterone is immeasurably vital to male wellness because a man's body is designed to function at its peak in the presence of a particular range of Free Testosterone Levels. When Testosterone Levels are at their peak, this sustains masculinity, sexuality, cardiovascular function, fat/muscle density, and more. When Testosterone Levels fall into disrepair, this has a devastating impact on wellness, making men look and feel much older than they should. We all have the right to be happy and healthy. Could HRT Therapy with Testosterone Injections help you sustain your wellness into your golden years?

The Trajectory of Testosterone Production Throughout the Lifespan

In all healthy males, Testosterone Levels follow the same pattern. Testosterone Production spikes prenatally, leading to the formation of Primary Sex Characteristics. The testes fall into a state of dormancy throughout early childhood, only to return to production at the beginning of puberty. Testosterone Production reaches its highest levels as the male body undergoes rapid changes due to the influence of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone. From the end of puberty into the late twenties, Testosterone Levels remain very high and encourage all of the traits that we have long associated with health and masculinity in men.

Starting in the late twenties and early thirties, something terrible starts to happen. The hypothalamus begins to send fewer signals for Testosterone Production. This decline is slight but continues for the rest of the lifespan. In many ways, the loss of adequate Testosterone Production leads to feminization. As Testosterone Levels fall, we begin to lose many of the traits that encapsulate manhood. Sexual desire and potency start to fall. Our muscles lose their strength and definition. We begin to build body fat around the midsection.

Not only is the body affected by Testosterone Depletion, but so is the mind. Men with Low-T are more likely to be depressed, anxious, and lack confidence, in addition to experiencing a generally reduced quality of life.

How Fast do Testosterone Levels Fall?

Testosterone Production always falls at around the same rate. Free Testosterone Levels drop at between one and two percent annually. Most men produce a bit more Testosterone than they need, so it can be years before these falling Testosterone Levels have a noticeable impact on male wellness. Over time, however, the changes and the decline in masculinity and wellness become undeniable.

The History of Testosterone Research

Testosterone Replacement was one of the original forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy and has benefitted from generations of research. Low-T Treatments have been made widely available over the last twenty years, and Clinical Trials have continued to streamline and amplify the benefits of Andropause Treatments while mitigating risks and side-effects. Not that long ago, Testosterone Therapy was considered somewhat risky because of research that overstated the potential downsides of treatment.

In reality, these risks were mostly the result of imperfections in the manner in which Low-T Treatment was diagnosed and treated. Many patients received Testosterone Shots without adequate testing. Others were prescribed more Testosterone than they actually needed. Still more experienced issues because they were prescribed Testosterone, not for the treatment of Low-T, but to gain muscle mass through the use of Anabolics.

Testosterone is Safe and Life-Altering When Used Correctly!

When used correctly and prescribed by a qualified medical professional, like those at our own Board-Certified Low-T Clinic, Testosterone Therapy is very safe and has a powerful impact on overall wellness and quality of life. New techniques and ancillary treatments such as Estrogen Blockers are also available to mitigate any potential side-effects related to long-term Testosterone Therapy. Testosterone should not be considered an Anti-Aging Treatment, but it does relieve many symptoms that men struggle with that have long been associated with aging. With Testosterone Patches, Gels, and Injections, there's no reason to fall into a state of frailty and emasculation prematurely.

Combination HRT for Complete Hormone Restoration

Hormone Physician Prescribing Testosterone ShotsOur Licensed Hormone Clinic provides a variety of treatments designed to promote a high quality of life. We understand that Testosterone is just one of many hormones that help keep the body operating in tip-top shape. We also offer Human Growth Hormone and Sermorelin Acetate to both men and women suffering from HGH Deficiency. It's terribly familiar for guys to suffer from the effects of Age-Related Human Growth Hormone Deficiency and Low-T at the same time.

For these patients, Testosterone Therapy will still provide profoundly meaningful results, but the negative influence of Somatopause will still prevent peak wellness. For that reason, we are proud to offer Comprehensive Hormone Therapy to provide total Hormone Balance through the use of Bio-Identical HGH in combination with Testosterone Replacement. We also provide Sermorelin Acetate as an affordable HGH Alternative. We also offer HCG Therapy for those looking to lose weight or those interested in maintaining fertility during Testosterone Treatments.

Interested in Hormone Replacement Therapy and Hormone Optimization?

If your wellness has been impacted by aging and you're looking for a trustworthy and highly competent Anti-Aging Clinic, our Hormone Doctors, Endocrinologists, and Anti-Aging Specialists can help you preserve your health and your lifestyle. We can even help you restore your lost vitality! We work with men and women of at least thirty years of age. We have established a network of affiliates nationwide, and we can set up an appointment with a medical professional in your area to get started. Revitalization is just a phone call away! Contact us today for a free consultation!

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