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Low Testosterone in Men: The Next Big Thing in Medicine! – Abraham Morgentaler, MD

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on May 7th, 2023

Reading Time: < 1 minute Abraham Morgentaler, MD speaks about Low Testosterone in Men: The Next Big Thing in Medicine at the 16th A4M Conference in Las Vegas. Item #A4M083D2-07 See more here: Low Testosterone in Men: The Next Big Thing in Medicine! - Abraham Morgentaler, MD … Read more »

Punicalagin: A powerful Testosterone Booster

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 17th, 2023

booster 366372_960_720 300x199Reading Time: 4 minutes Punicalagin: A powerful Testosterone Booster Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has proven to be the most efficient method of raising testosterone levels in men suffering from hypogonadism (low testosterone, aka “low-T”). Our clinic is proud to offer the latest, safest, most cutting-edge testosterone restoration available. We have decades of experience in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), and we are confident that we provide our clients with the best medical supervision possible while they are undergoing our testosterone regimen. In addition to our prescription testosterone treatment, we also offer several additional programs designed to ensure our clients receive the maximum benefit from our … Read more »

Men Want to Know – Free Testosterone versus Total Testosterone

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on January 2nd, 2023

free versus total testosterone 200x300Reading Time: 3 minutes When you come in for your testosterone test at our clinic, many of you will get two numbers for your testosterone levels, not just one. The first is total testosterone, and the second is free testosterone. What’s the difference? And what does it all mean for my overall physical and mental health and sexual function? Not all testosterone in your body is bioavailable – that is, able to enter cells when needed. The most bioavailable testosterone is called “free” testosterone because it is not bound to any proteins in the bloodstream. Testosterone that is tightly bound – not free – … Read more »

Testosterone as a Truth Serum

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 2nd, 2023

truth 257160_960_720 300x225Reading Time: 2 minutes Testosterone is the number one male hormone. It is what is thought of when considering an individual's masculinity, and is normally associated with aggression. A new research study from the University of Bonn has also found a surprising attribute that can be attributed to testosterone. It fosters social behavior. Individuals with increased levels of testosterone were shown to lie less frequently than their counterparts with a lower levels. In an incredible twist, the hormone known for increased libido and muscle building, risky behavior and macho posturing, is now also known for telling the truth. Lead author, Dr. Matthias Wibral stated … Read more »

Low on Testosterone? No Problem!

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on December 24th, 2022

man grabbing fat rollsReading Time: 4 minutes Signs of Low Testosterone Some men have a lower-than-normal testosterone level without signs or symptoms. For others, low testosterone may cause: - Changes in sexual function. This may include reduced sexual desire, fewer spontaneous erections -- such as during sleep -- and infertility. - Changes in sleep patterns. Sometimes low testosterone causes insomnia or other sleep disturbances. - Physical changes. Various physical changes are possible, including increased body fat, reduced muscle bulk and strength, and decreased bone density. Swollen or tender breasts and hair loss are likely. You may experience hot flashes and have less energy than you used to. … Read more »

Stomach Inflammation: Another Ailment That Testosterone Can Stop in its Tracks

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on December 19th, 2022

testosterone and stomach inflammation 300x201Reading Time: 3 minutes Hormones play so many key roles in our bodies such as fertility, puberty, growth, etc., so it’s no wonder that scientists believe hormones play a big role in the inflammatory response as well. Researchers have looked into the role that hormones play in both male and female inflammatory responses. They found some interesting results regarding testosterone and stomach inflammation, believe it or not. It appears that testosterone may be able to protect against stomach inflammation. Autoimmune Diseases More Prevalent in Women Unfortunately, autoimmune diseases are more prevalent in women, and this could be due to differences in inflammatory responses between … Read more »

The Healthy Skeptic: Products make testosterone claims

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on December 16th, 2022

testosterone 2901425_960_720 300x241Reading Time: 4 minutes Testosterone levels in men drop as they grow older. Age is just a number. But for men, that number says a lot about what's going on in their bodies. Starting at about age 30, men start producing less testosterone, the hormone that helps spark sex drive, build muscle and stoke energy, ambition and aggression. In short, it helps men feel manly. For all of the talk about "male menopause," the loss of testosterone isn't anything like the hormonal nose dive that women go through. Instead of essentially disappearing all at once, testosterone levels usually decline by about 1% every year … Read more »

MOTS-c Therapy To Improve Body Composition

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on December 15th, 2022

woman 4618189_960_720 300x169Reading Time: 2 minutes If your goal is to cut body fat and develop more lean muscle, MOTS-c Peptide Treatments are a potent option at your disposal. While men with Low-T will likely benefit best from Testosterone Therapy, we understand that men have different health needs and fitness goals. Our HRT Specialists have extensive training in the use of peptides, hormones, and elite nutrition strategies designed to help get you to your best self. We will work with your needs and budget to develop a next-level therapy program. MOTS-c is a naturally produced peptide that is emitted by our mitochondria in order to facilitate … Read more »

Attention Baby Boomers — Could Testosterone be the Modern Day “Fountain of Youth?”

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 31st, 2022

the fountain of youth 300x225Reading Time: 6 minutes Over the last hundreds or thousands of years, beginning with Ponce de Leon, adventurers and explorers have been on the lookout and risking their lives in seek of what we now call the "fountain of youth." The legend is similar to its portrayal in the whimsical movie Everlasting Tuck, where there is a source of water or fountain that, once drunk from, will bring immortality or endless vigor to the curious seeker. In the movie, it's debatable whether this is a curse or a blessing... Does this "fountain of youth" actually exist? What is the source of its healing and … Read more »

New Research Proves Testosterone Replacement Therapy is Safe for the Heart

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 31st, 2022

shutterstock 565787896 300x200 8109Reading Time: 9 minutes Testosterone Replacement Therapy DOES NOT Increase Heart Attack Risk Recently, the mainstream media began sounding dire warnings about Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). A recent study was published by the non-profit journal, PLOS One, claiming that in the initial three months of TRT, men were more likely to experience a heart attack if they have previously experienced the cardiovascular disease. However, when looked at unemotionally and in detail, the study appears to have overlooked several key factors. This is just one of a barrage of studies that have employed questionable methodologies but used shock value and fear tactics that resulted in … Read more »

Testosterone’s Surprising Link to Men’s ‘Love Hormone’ Oxytocin

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 31st, 2022

shutterstock 651194746 1 300x214 4896Reading Time: 8 minutes After Testosterone Blast of Hunting, Men’s ‘Love Hormone’ Rises When They Return Home Testosterone. It fuels the drive of hunters, athletes, traders in the financial markets and other so-called “Alpha males.” And regardless of their differences, they all tend to have one thing in common: they are all ultra-competitive and possess an almost superhuman drive to succeed. As a result of this drive, their testosterone levels are off-the-charts, primarily when they are engaged in the high-level competition of their brutally Darwinist fields. But There is Another Side to This Story The Chinese call it Yin/Yang. In Viking times, it was … Read more »

Blocking Testosterone to Defeat Melanoma

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2022

cancer 389921_960_720 300x198Reading Time: 3 minutes While Testosterone is essential to peak male performance, there are times during which Testosterone and other androgens can actually create a hindrance to health, healing, and recovery. Androgen blockers are often necessary to help survive potentially life-threatening conditions like cancer, for example. Prostate Cancer is one of the most well-known medical conditions requiring Testosterone Blockers to ensure the patient's survival. Researchers worldwide are searching for new and effective treatments and cures, and Androgen Blockers have their place in the medical toolbox. Testosterone Interacts with the Immune System While Testosterone is most strongly associated with virility and muscle development, the masculine … Read more »

Study Finds that Testosterone Boosts Memory for Uncontrolled Diabetics

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on July 11th, 2022

brain memory and testosterone 300x216Reading Time: 3 minutes While most people associate Testosterone most strongly with libido and strength, the masculine hormone has wide-ranging effects on male physiology. While Testosterone is widely used to help men overcome fatigue and sexual dysfunction, new studies continue to reveal further benefits for men with Low Testosterone. There is a growing body of research that studies how Testosterone affects cognition and emotion. There's a strong link established that Testosterone positively impacts feelings of confidence and assertiveness. Testosterone also appears to positively impact memory. Testosterone Deficiency Often Concurrent with Other Medical Conditions Low-T does not occur in a vacuum. Testosterone Levels are strongly … Read more »

Causes of Low Libido – Could It Be Low-T?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on June 24th, 2022

man 2037255_960_720 300x190Reading Time: 3 minutes Low Libido is a common concern for men. While everyone experiences a lapse in sex drive now and then, for some guys, the problem crops up frequently. It may even be chronic. Your sexual desire is largely connected to your interpersonal circumstances, but low sex drive may also result from problems under the hood. Testosterone Deficiency Kills Libido Testosterone is the key to male sexuality. Without Testosterone, men can't even generate an erection. Testosterone is critical to body composition, strength, bone mineral density, as well as sexual function. Low Libido is one of the primary symptoms of Low-T and can … Read more »

Reduced testosterone tied to endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on June 17th, 2022

bottle 2032980_960_720 300x166Reading Time: 2 minutes Men, women and children exposed to high levels of phthalates -- endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in plastics and some personal care products -- tended to have reduced levels of testosterone in their blood compared to those with lower chemical exposure, according to a new study published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM). Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men. It contributes to a variety of functions in both sexes, including physical growth and strength, brain function, bone density and cardiovascular health. In the last 50 years, research has identified a trend of declining testosterone in … Read more »

Testosterone Therapy and Androgen Deficiency Guide

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on November 29th, 2021

andropause male menopause 300x200Reading Time: 6 minutes Testosterone Therapy and Androgen Deficiency Guide Testosterone Deficiency goes by a number of names, including Low-T and Hypogonadism. When Low-T is the result of the aging process, it is known as Andropause or Age-Related Testosterone Deficiency. As a whole, Low-T is a syndrome, which means that it represents a collection of symptoms rather than a simply definable medical condition with a consistent cause. A number of issues can lead to Low-T, from genetic defects to surgery and radiation-related to injury and cancer. It is also often simply the result of the body slowly losing its ability to produce sufficient Testosterone … Read more »

Testosterone shown to help sexually frustrated women

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on November 28th, 2021

doctor female holding blue stethoscopeReading Time: 3 minutes Several weeks ago, my column, Do you want better sex? struck a resounding note not only with female readers but also with many husbands who wish their wives to have fewer headaches. The general response was, Please write more about testosterone and how it can increase female libido. Testosterone, the male hormone, has been called the hormone of desire. In males, the Big T builds muscle for boys and ultimately turns boys into sexually well-functioning men. Women also produce testosterone during puberty, but only about one-tenth as much as males. Later in life, they produce less, and this is why … Read more »

Manhood Washed Away: You Could Unknowingly be Annihilating Your Testosterone

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on November 28th, 2021

bar soap 9612Reading Time: 4 minutes The sweet-smelling soap you're using to wash your hands and body could be wiping out your testosterone. In fact, multiple studies are linking low testosterone to two insidious chemicals: Triclosan and Triclocarban. These compounds are found seemingly everywhere, from bar soap to toothpaste, and even in some kitchen supplies like cutting boards and sponges. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the middle of what's called a monograph, which means they're investigating the safety of the chemicals. And the companies that make antibacterial soaps will have to prove that the benefits of their products outweigh the health risks. "Both … Read more »

Fortesta Brand Testosterone Therapy

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on November 28th, 2021

Fortesta testosterone gelReading Time: 5 minutes Fortesta Brand Testosterone Therapy Fortesta is one of many brands of Testosterone Therapy available in the United States for the treatment of Low-T, also known as Hypogonadism or Andropause. Fortesta is a product of Endo Pharmaceuticals. Fortesta is a topical gel that is designed to be applied to the skin in order to deliver Testosterone directly to the bloodstream. Fortesta contains two percent Testosterone and is intended to be administered to the thigh area. If you are suffering from Low-T, Fortesta Testosterone can significantly enhance your Testosterone Levels with just a single daily application. If you are interested in Fortesta, … Read more »

How Testosterone Affects the Skin of Men

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on November 28th, 2021

testosterone and male skin 300x200Reading Time: 3 minutes Research points to the effects of testosterone on men’s skin and how it will impact skincare products' efficacy. Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals, a pioneer in professional skincare, has introduced RAW skincare for men based on research of men’s skin and the male hormone, testosterone. Efficacy of Cosmetic Procedures for Men is Affected by Testosterone Minimally invasive skin treatments and fillers among men are up 200% percent from a decade ago as males of all ages increasingly seek out cosmetic procedures to correct certain features and address skin aging.  Men want to look like healthy young adults too. However, recent research into … Read more »