Increasing Testosterone Production Naturally

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 2nd, 2020
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Testosterone Deficiency Drastically impacts male health. Don't let yourself become a victim to the negative health effects of Low-T. Although our clinic offers highly effective Low-T Treatments such as Testosterone Injections, Gels, and Patches, we recognize the benefits in delaying the need for Testosterone Therapy as long as possible.

When we are young, the healthy body is designed perfectly to provide for hormone balance, but aging affects this balance, and causes hormone levels to become imbalanced. Improving one's habits and living a conscientious lifestyle can extend this healthy period of hormone production.

We also understand that many patients are interested in the benefits of Testosterone Replacement before their levels are actually low enough to be approved for therapy. Here are some tips that can help you sustain healthy Testosterone Levels as long as possible, and how you can mitigate negative influences on your Testosterone balance.

Lose Weight to Increase Testosterone

One of the strongest negative influences on your Testosterone Production is your body fat. The more that you weigh, the less Testosterone that your body can produce and utilize. The effect is actually quite stark. The rule of thumb is that four points of BMI equals ten years on your life when it comes to Testosterone Levels. Say you were 5'10 - 4 Points on your BMI is the equivalent of about thirty pounds of weight. So if you have a BMI of 29, your Testosterone Levels are like someone with a BMI of 25 that is ten years older.

The reason for this is that Adipose Fat tissue, that stubborn fat around your thighs, waist, and hips, has the nasty ability to convert Testosterone into fat. Some Estrogen is necessary for healthy function, but an excess disturbs this balance and suppresses Testosterone Production.

Build Muscle to Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is the primary metabolite that encourages enhanced muscle mass. This is a two-way street, however. If you don't work out your muscles, you won't produce as much Testosterone. Research shows that men who work out regularly produce significantly more Testosterone than men that live a sedentary or low-activity lifestyle.

One study even discovered that regular weight training can increase Testosterone Levels by almost 50 percent! In order to experience the benefits of weight lifting for Testosterone, you need to engage in anaerobic exercise at least two times per week, but we encourage you to lift four times per week to experience the best health benefits.

Testosterone and muscle go hand in hand. The amount of Testosterone that your body releases depends heavily on your activity level, and your muscle mass depends on access to Free Testosterone to help you stay strong and tones.

Lose Weight, but Don't be Afraid of Fat!

The proper diet is also important if you are looking to maintain optimal Testosterone Production for your age. This may be surprising to you, but the same fat that restricts Testosterone when it hangs off of your bones can promote Testosterone when its consumed in your diet.

This is because the main ingredient of Testosterone is cholesterol, which you get from the fat in your diet. The best diets limit carbohydrates to promote weight loss. Don't go overboard with fats, but make sure you get a good portion of your calories from fat, especially monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Be careful with saturated fats, because too much of these can negatively impact your cholesterol balance.

One of the big myths being perpetuated these days is that eating fat is why we get fat. Sugars and carbohydrates are a much larger obesity threat. It is true that eating too much of the wrong fats can endanger the heart, liver, and cardiovascular system, but by maintaining a healthy balance of fat intake, one can protect the heart.

Limit Your Intake of Alcohol to Increase Your Testosterone

Excessive alcohol consumption is a direct contributor to Testosterone Deficiency. One study showed that men that consumed a moderate level of alcohol for 21 days saw their Testosterone Production drop by around 7%. You can avoid or limit this decline by drinking no more than two alcoholic beverages per day.

This is because Alcohol naturally has the ability to encourage the process which encourages Testosterone to convert into Estrogen. This is one reason, even on top of poor nutrition, why men that drink too much get a beer belly. Estrogen encourages body fat to collect around the waist, leading to the signature physical symptom of alcohol abuse.

Alleviate Stress in Your Life to Increase Testosterone

Physical and psychological stress have the ability to quickly and chronically deplete Testosterone Levels. Cortisol is the primary hormone which regulates stress, and it is made up of the same cholesterol molecules that your body uses to make Testosterone. When you're stressed, your body uses more cholesterol to make Cortisol, which leaves less available to sustain healthy Testosterone Production.

Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to get your blood pumping and alleviate stress. You can also engage in meditation, yoga, or even prayer if you are spiritually inclined. Remember that physical and psychological stress are interconnected. If you take steps in your life to control psychological stress, you won't experience as many physical effects.

Sleep Better to Increase Testosterone

Make sure you get the natural amount of rest that your body needs in order to experience Optimal Testosterone Levels. Your body actually only secretes Testosterone while you sleep, primarily in the period before REM-Sleep begins. Get yourself comfortable, take steps to normalize your sleep schedule, and get 7-9 hours per sleep per night!

It's also important to take steps to sleep as soundly as possible. In order to facilitate optimal sleeping habits, make sure you get in bed at a good time every night. A few steps we recommend are to avoid caffeine and carbohydrates before bedtime, light-proof your room, and to preserve the relaxing qualities of your bedroom by not working or playing in bed (outside of romance, of course, which is another wonderful way to encourage healthy sleep).

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