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Testosterone Replacement Beneficial for Modern Men?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on February 11th, 2020

testosterone injection 300x200Testosterone Replacement Video Download: Testosterone Replacement Beneficial For Modern Men Video Stream: Testosterone Replacement Beneficial For Modern Men By Dr. Luigi Santorini Testosterone deficiency or androgen deficiency syndrome is a lot more common in people than the detractors of this vital hormone would have us believe. There are many websites and articles to be found in mainstream and scientific journals that claim Hypogonadism (an example being low testosterone, also called hypotestosteronemia) is a "general exaggeration" concerning marketers promoting the concept of "Is it Low-T?" However, for more than 100 years, research has been conducted using injectable testosterone shots on men. In more 10,000 studies on humans (men and women) that have been conducted with this primary androgen hormone, the results definitively prove Testosterone is vital to the health of men and women. The number of Testosterone prescriptions has climbed exponentially in the most recent decades, indicating this is no fly-by-night medical treatment fad. Testosterone Popularity Started in the 1950s Testosterone was first being given to patients in significant numbers during the 1950s; it has, since that time in the middle of the last century, continued to rise in popularity. For a straightforward fact, replenishing testosterone when there are actual clinical … Read more »

New Research Shows that Testosterone Therapy is Not Associated with an Increased Prostate Cancer Risk in Patients with Low-T

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2019

Research regarding the effects of Testosterone Deficiency and Testosterone Treatment for men with Low-T has ballooned in recent years, as the number of male patients that have sought out Testosterone Treatments such as Testosterone Injections and Patches has grown into the millions. There have been questions about Testosterone with regard to its safety, however. For one, there has been some evidence that suggests that Testosterone Replacement Therapy increases the risk of Prostate Cancer and other Reproductive Cancers. Based on new research published by The Journal of Urology, however, the risk of Prostate Cancer that has been previously associated with Testosterone Therapy is overstated, and may not increase the risk of the form of cancer at all. What is Hypogonadism, and How is Low-T Therapy Used to Treat Hypogonadism? Hypogonadism refers to any health issue that leads to reduced levels of Testosterone. Many men suffer from Primary Hypogonadism, a class of conditions in which the testes are not able to sufficiently produce Testosterone to meet the needs of the body. Most men that experience Testosterone Deficiency, however, suffer from Secondary Hypogonadism, a class of conditions in which issues upstream, related to the production of precursor hormones such as Leutenizing Hormone and … Read more »

Statins Have a Negative Effect Upon Testosterone Levels

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2019

negative statins 1767735_640 298x300How Do Statins Cause Low Testosterone? Statins are an effective means to improve mortality rates due to elevated cholesterol, but they are not a perfect solution, as few medications truly are. One of the most notable issues caused by the use of Statins is Testosterone Deficiency, also known as Low-T. Cholesterol is one of the primary building blocks of Testosterone, and one of the reasons why some cholesterol is absolutely necessary to maintain good health. Unfortunately, elevated Cholesterol Levels are very dangerous, which often necessitates the use of Statins and other treatments to reduce cholesterol. One problem with Statins is that they can often suppress Cholesterol Levels to an extent to which the body no longer produces enough Cholesterol to meet the needs of the body, which can lead to Hormone Deficiencies such as Testosterone Deficiency. Low-T is most recognized for its effects upon sexual function, such as reduced libido and erectile function, but it also leads to other issues, such as lack of energy, depression, poor sleep, anxiety, and cognitive decline. Men on Statins often turn to Low-T Treatments such as Testosterone Patches, Creams, and Gels in order to supplement their Statin Drugs and preserve the benefits of Testosterone … Read more »

LPCN 1021 Oral Testosterone Therapy Currently in Stage Three FDA Clinical Trial

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2019

As of today, there is no oral Testosterone Product available on the market which is FDA-Approved and effective for relief from Testosterone Deficiency. There are a number of reasons for this. Oral Testosterone products available in the past have been bad for the liver, because of the way that the digestive system metabolizes Testosterone, for example. Most products that purport to provide Testosterone-Boosting power are over the counter supplements which contain amino acids which have been shown to increase Testosterone Levels, but again, these are largely ineffective as compared to Prescription Testosterone Products, as well as more dangerous, because these Testosterone Releasers also negatively impact liver function. Researchers have long been trying to create an effective Oral Testosterone Therapy medication, because the benefits of the oral route outweigh those of any other form of Testosterone Administration, if the medication can deliver the Testosterone safely and efficiently. Downside of Common Testosterone Therapy Options Testosterone Injections were the original form of Low-T therapy available, but most men would prefer to avoid using needles in lieu of other options. Testosterone Creams and Gels provide Low-T Treatment effectively, but are somewhat messy, and can transfer Testosterone to others via physical contact with the area … Read more »

Ten Ways to Manage Cholesterol and Testosterone Levels

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2019

Cholesterol blood test 300x200Cholesterol and Testosterone Cholesterol is one of the building blocks of human life and a precursor to testosterone, but it is also one of the most dangerous health factors when cholesterol Levels fall out of balance, especially with regard to LDL Cholesterol, VLDL Cholesterol, and Triglycerides. The older that we get, the more vulnerable that we become to high cholesterol, that translates primarily in the forms of cardiovascular conditions, which can seriously impede health and wellness, including Atherosclerosis, Heart Attack, Stroke, and Heart Disease. Too little Cholesterol and the body can not properly produce androgen hormones like Testosterone for instance. Cholesterol can be determined with a blood test Cholesterol Levels are one of many factors that our hormone doctors will analyze in your annual checkups. Every person has their own specific healthy range of Cholesterol, dependent on a number of factors, including current health status, as well as genetic and family history of cardiovascular disease. For example, there are a number of lifestyle and health factors which can increase the dangers of high cholesterol, including smoking, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Be aware of your own family history of Cholesterol and be very conscious of your diet. Obesity causes a decline … Read more »

Testosterone Treatment Clinic for Men: Your Source for Affordable Testosterone Prescriptions and Treatment

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2019

testosterone injections treatments 199x300We thank you for your interest in the Testosterone Treatment Clinic for Men. We have a licensed and qualified staff of Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctors which specialize in the treatment of various Hormone Deficiencies, including Low-T, Andropause, and HGH Deficiency. Testosterone Restoration Therapy is a Revolutionary Medical Breakthrough Physicians and other medical specialists have researched and studied the benefits of Testosterone Therapy for over one hundred years, documenting the pros and cons of Low-T treatment, as well as vastly improving our knowledge regarding the way the Testosterone benefits the health of both men and women. Although Testosterone Therapy has historically had its ups and downs, physicians are highly experienced with the treatment today, and it is now one of the safest medical therapies available to patients. As medical scientists have continued to perfect the techniques of Testosterone HRT, it has truly become one of the most life-changing medical treatments for patients suffering from Andropause, or Age-Related Testosterone Deficiency. Hormone Scientists and endocrinologists have spent their entire lives developing Low-T Therapy, and there are hundreds of thousands of men across the United States that have benefited from their efforts. Low-T Treatments started with Therapeutic Testosterone Injections, and these injections are still … Read more »