Hormone Restoration Services: Comprehensive Guide

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018
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Comprehensive Hormone Replacement Therapy For Total Hormone Balance

Hormone Deficiency is Best Treated Through Synergistic Comprehensive Hormone Replacement Therapy

Many clinics just perform a small subset of tests in order to strictly monitor for signs of Testosterone Deficiency alone. At our clinic, we understand that the best way to fully enhance your health is to ensure that you receive total Hormone Optimization. As such, we perform comprehensive testing in order to provide a complete picture of your hormone status, not just Testosterone Deficiency Testing.

It takes a lot more than just Testosterone to facilitate optimal health. Our bodies rely on a delicate interplay of hormones to preserve wellness, including Insulin, Human Growth Hormone, IGF-1, and Thyroid Hormone. By performing in-depth testing, we can not only uncover information related to diagnosing your Testosterone Deficiency, we can also see how other hormones may be impacting your hormone health, which may include the suppression of Testosterone.

After we analyze the results of your Comprehensive Blood Panel, we have all of the information at our disposal in order to provide a unique therapy regimen designed to provide complete hormone optimization. Many forms of Hormone Deficiency have overlapping symptoms, and the only way to provide for the best possible health outcomes is to restore all deficient hormones simultaneously.

For example, many patients with Low-T also suffer from Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. In order to monitor for HGH Deficiency, we test both for IGF-1 levels and Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone levels in order to see if your body is struggling with low levels of Growth Hormone. If you qualify for HGH Restoration, we provide both Sermorelin Acetate Therapy and Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone Injections.

Sermorelin Acetate is an alternative form of Human Growth Hormone Restoration, which works by stimulating the pituitary to produce optimal levels of HGH rather than directly replace Human Growth Hormone. It is cheaper than Growth Hormone HRT and provides the same results. For patients experiencing simultaneous forms of deficiency, Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Sermorelin Injections are synergistic forms of therapy that amplify the results of one-another.

Do you find the idea of restoring your fading health and vitality exciting? Are you interested in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy? Don't talk yourself out of a healthier and happier life, do your research, learn about the benefits of the therapies that we provide, and make the decision to start a Quality Physician-Monitored HRT Program today!

Combine Hormone Replacement Therapy Regimens to Maximize Benefits

Many people are under the impression that it is only possible to safely engage in one form of Testosterone Replacement Therapy at a time, for hormone restoration. This is not true. It is perfectly safe to restore multiple aspects of Hormone Balance simultaneously. For example, both Human Growth Hormone Deficiency and Testosterone Deficiency become symptomatic around the same period of a man's life. You can experience significant benefits if you treat HGH or Testosterone Deficiency, but by treating both simultaneously, you can unlock even greater benefits and enhance your quality of life even further.

Are you aware of your hormone balance today? There are so many other aspects of health that we pay close attention to: cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight just to name a few, but so many of us ignore or write off our Hormone Status. Hypertension, high cholesterol, and obesity are all symptoms of Hormone Imbalance. Have you had blood work in the last three months? The last six months?

If you haven't had your Hormone Balance analyzed recently, you may be ignoring a serious medical issue. Call us today to arrange for comprehensive Hormone Evaluation. We have affiliates all across the nation!

Hormone Decline may be Inevitable, but it is not Unavoidable

Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone Decline are a natural part of human life, however detrimental these forms of deficiency may be. Generally, this decline is around 1-2 percent annually dependent upon the time at which hormone levels begin to fade. Human Growth Hormone Levels start to drop around the late-20s or so, and Testosterone Levels start to drop a few years later. Testosterone Levels also drop a bit more sharply than HGH Levels over time.

There are many factors which contribute to the severity of Hormone Deficiency, including Lifestyle, Genetics, and Diet. Luckily, today, there are HRT Treatments which are designed to offset these deficiencies and preserve good health deeper and deeper into the lifespan!

Comprehensive Hormone Therapy for Hormone Optimization

Our clinic specializes in a variety of forms of Hormone Treatment. We use this site to highlight our Testosterone Restoration Treatments, but our Licensed and Board-Certified Hormone Specialists have experience in a number of different forms of Hormone Optimization, and can use their skills and knowledge to ensure that you get amazing treatment at a reasonable price.

If you are interested in Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone or any of the other Hormone Therapy Treatments that we provide, we have a form on this page that we encourage you to fill out. You are also welcome to contact us via the number on this page, and we will get you lined up with an appointment with one of our talented affiliates in your area, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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