Testosterone Pills and Supplements Are Scams

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018
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Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is becoming more and more popular every day. Any time there is a prescription medication that offers impressive benefits like Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy, there are going to be people looking to exploit that popularity for their own financial gain.

To avoid getting ineffective treatment, or treatment that can even possibly cause you medical harm, it is essential to be an informed consumer so that you know why you should only turn to legitimate pharmaceutical Testosterone.

Testosterone Scam Sites Are Everywhere Online

If you've engaged in any online research regarding Testosterone, you have undoubtedly come across a variety of websites that sell Testosterone Pills, Powders, and OTC Supplements. These suppliers will tell you that the products they sell are just as effective as Prescription Testosterone at improving natural Testosterone Production and counteracting the effects of Andropause, Hypogonadism, and Premature Aging. Understand that this is just not the case.

Real Testosterone Replacement Therapy is capable of providing practical and significant benefits to patients suffering from Hypogonadism and Andropause, but these Over the Counter products will not offer nearly the same benefit if they contain any benefit at all beyond placebo.

Testosterone Therapy Only Legal with a Prescription

Let's make this perfectly clear. Testosterone is only available legally through the prescription of a licensed medical professional such as those associated and affiliated with our hormone medical clinic. Testosterone is a scheduled therapeutic drug that is only intended for the treatment of a legitimate medical disorder. Many men are interested in Testosterone because of its anabolic effects, but it is illegal to use Testosterone without a prescription and can be harmful if used for long periods of time by patients with healthy Testosterone Levels.

Don't Trust Testosterone Pills and Powders

Any Testosterone Pills and Powders you see online without a prescription are scams. Often, they are loaded full of Amino Acid compounds known as Testosterone Releasers, which are supposed to enhance your Testosterone Levels. Taking Oral Testosterone Releasers is highly ineffective. It may provide limited benefits, but the body is not designed to absorb Testosterone or high concentrations of amino acid fragments through the digestive system, which can cause damage to your liver, especially throughout weeks or months of steady use.

Don't Trust Sites that Try to Sell "Real" Testosterone Without a Prescription

Other websites are going to offer Bio-Identical Testosterone Patches, Creams, Gels, and Injections online, claiming that they are available without a prescription. Understand that the sale of Pharmaceutical Testosterone without a prescription is illegal, and you can get in real and serious trouble if you buy or Sell Testosterone online without a prescription or a proper medical license. There is a large black market for Anabolic Steroids out there, including Testosterone, but you shouldn't trust these shady dealers no matter how good the deal sounds.

Online Sites Often Lie About their Testosterone and Hormone Products

You may not be getting what you pay for. Often, black-market dealers will advertise their products as Testosterone when they are indeed other anabolic steroids which will not treat your Hormone Deficiency and may even cause physical harm to you. These anabolic drug dealers also often cut their Testosterone Treatments with other products, either reducing the potency of the treatment or actually putting your health at risk, especially with Black Market Injectable Testosterone.

Only Use Testosterone if You Have Been Properly Diagnosed

The only way to get Real Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy legally is with a prescription, and after you have undergone a diagnostic evaluation to prove your need for the treatment. Any website that lets you just throw Testosterone in your virtual shopping cart and check out with a credit card is either selling you an ineffective supplement or illegal and illicit Testosterone.

Testosterone Supplements are Ineffective

It's also not a good idea to buy Testosterone or Human Growth Hormone Booster supplements, because there is no FDA regulation of the supplement market and product manufacturers can outright lie to you and face little repercussion, there is really no way to effectively and steadily elevate HGH and Testosterone Levels with supplements, no matter what it says on the back of the bottle. About Testosterone and HGH Releasers, they aren't even obligated to tell you what's really in the bottle.


Don't Buy Illegal Testosterone at the Gym

The Illegal Testosterone Trade is not only online, but in gyms and fitness clubs as well. You should immediately beware of any person that tells you that they can sell you Anabolic Testosterone on the spot, because you could get in serious trouble, and if you are busted, you'll face significant fines, and you may even have to spend some time in jail. Some places in the country consider Anabolic Steroid Possession without a Prescription a felony!

Foreign Testosterone is Often Counterfeit

Another issue with Black Market Testosterone and HGH is that they often come from shady foreign sources such as Mexico, China, and Eastern Europe. Many of these groups have criminal operations explicitly designed to produce knock-off, fake versions of Prescription Testosterone Therapies. What looks like Androgel may be nothing but skin cream!

Be Smart, Choose Your Hormone Treatment Provider Responsibly!

Remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't get caught up in Illegal Hormones. Only go with a medical treatment provider that you can trust. If you are interested in Testosterone Optimization and feel that you may be suffering from Testosterone Deficiency, we can help direct you to a real doctor in your area that can get you Real Recombinant  Bio-Identical Testosterone. We also offer some of the best prices in the business! Just fill out the form next to this article, or just pick up the phone and dial 1-800-469-3343!

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