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Information and Data Collection

There are certain occasions when we will collect data and information from you, such as when you complete a form on our site, fill out a survey, join our newsletter, make an order, or register on our website.

When you register for or order something on our website, you might be asked for the following: phone number, mailing address, e-mail address and name. Of course, you also have the opportunity to visit our website freely as an anonymous user as long as you follow our Terms of Service.

How We May Use Your Information

Information and data that we obtain from you could be used for the following reasons:

In order to enhance our customer service -- The information we collect from you allows us to more appropriately meet your support needs and customer service requests.

In order to enhance our website -- We are always trying to improve what we have to offer to our visitors and customers, and use your data, including your specific feedback, to make what we have to offer serve your needs more effectively.

In order to suit your experience to your needs -- Your information and data enhances our ability to provide you a quality product.

In order to fill out orders and transactions -- We utilize your information to complete the requests and transactions that you come to us with.

In order to send emails and updates -- When you provide us with your e-mail address, we use that email to help complete orders and provide documentation related to that order. We may also provide service and product information, as well as updates and news related to our company.

In order to follow through with any survey, promotion, or contest we offer -- We may also use this information in accordance with other features on our site.

Understand that we do reserve the right to sell or share your information without your approval to 3rd parties for marketing or other reasons we choose.

What Steps Do We Take to Safeguard Your Information and Data?

We utilize a variety of tools and protocols to protect the personal data that you submit to our website, including the time that you enter the information and any time your information is accessed.

Does Your Website Use Cookies?

Cookies are tiny files that a service provider or website saves to your web-surfing device, via your Internet browser, that allows service providers or sites with the ability to record and remember specific data associated with your visit. Most browsers allow you to turn off cookies if you wish. Our website does utilize cookies.

The reason that we utilize cookies is so that we can record your preferences for subsequent visits, collect data regarding those that visit our site and our site's general traffic patterns and usage, and to monitor advertisements. We do this so that we may understand our visitors more completely, and so we can enhance our website experience for our visitors. In collecting or assessing your data, we may utilize 3rd party services in order to meet the needs and goals of our website. The only authorization that these service providers have is to collect and analyze our data expressly to enhance our business and help us do business more effectively.

What Outside Parties Do You Share My Data With?

We utilize the personal information we collect from you to get you in touch with physicians in your area.

3rd Party Links

If we so choose, we may offer or include 3rd party services or offers on this website. These 3rd party sites are beholden to their own independent and separate privacy policies and terms of use. We assume no liability or responsibility for the activities and content offered on these sites. In spite of that fact, we still wish to preserve our website's integrity and will consider any feedback sent to us regarding these sites.

Compliance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act

Your privacy is important to us, and it is for that reason that we make special efforts to remain compliant with the California Online Privacy Protection Act. With deference to that act, we do not send your personal data to 3rd parties without your express consent.

Also, in order to meet this legal standard, we allow all those that utilize our website the opportunity to alter their information at their leisure simply by accessing their profile and making their intended changes by visiting the "Edit Profile" page.

Compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Act

In order to ensure that we remain compliant with COPPA provisions, we do not knowingly gather information from children younger than 13, and the services and products we offer are intended for the use of individuals 30 or older, far and above the 13 and older intended by the legal act.

Terms and Conditions

For further information regarding the appropriate use of our site, and how we manage our site, we urge you to read our Terms and Conditions, which lay out the limitations of liability, disclaimers, and your usage rights with regard to this site.

By Utilizing this Site, You Agree to the Terms Set by Our Online Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to alter this Privacy Policy whenever we choose, and it is your responsibility to remain up-to-date with these changes.

This Policy was last updated on 10/8/2018

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