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It’s True: Men Today Have Less Testosterone Compared to Men a Generation Ago

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on July 14th, 2021

testosterone levels in men the lowest ever seen 200x300According to Forbes, “you’re not the man your father was.” Yikes, that’s harsh. But it may actually be terms of testosterone levels. Testosterone therapy has been on the rise over the past two decades or so, but it’s not all due to the increase in marketing campaigns and advertising towards men to boost their testosterone with supplements and therapy. There actually is a medical phenomenon going on today with modern men. In fact, across the population, men have less testosterone than men of the same age just one generation ago. Why is this? The answer is pretty complicated. Research … Read more »

Low Testosterone Linked to Depression and Suicidal Ideation

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on July 5th, 2021

low testosterone linked to depression and suicide 300x225In previous studies, as well as with anecdotal evidence, low testosterone (low-T) has been linked to depression and behavior changes in men. Low testosterone is increasingly common, especially in the male population of the United States, and causes multiple health issues for men including erectile dysfunction, low muscle mass, low libido and depression/anxiety. It’s no wonder that along with low testosterone, rates of depression have also been on the rise. Every day, thousands of people are being diagnosed or treated for depression with anti-depressant medications. Could depression sometimes be caused by hormone imbalance? Let’s read into a recent study involving … Read more »

BPA Here, BPA There, What’s the Reason for the Scare?

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on June 29th, 2021

plastic water bottles possible source of BPA 300x200You’ve surely seen the labels “BPA free” on some products and food items. What’s that all about? What is BPA and why would some people go out of their way – and maybe even spend more – to avoid it? Let’s find out! First, BPA is an abbreviation for “bisphenol A,” which is an industrial chemical that is used for making resins and plastics that are, in turn, often used for food packaging and home storage or consumption. It’s been in use for about 80 years. Around 8 million tons of the stuff are produced every year, making it among … Read more »

Testosterone Therapy Could Help Quell Your Asthma Attacks

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on June 20th, 2021

testosterone could help suppress asthma attack symptoms 300x200Yes, you read that right. Testosterone may actually help with your asthma and subdue the symptoms of it. Asthma is a fairly common disease in today’s world and it could only get worse with increasing air pollution in our cities around the world. It is a disease that is very easy to treat but there is no actual cure for it. Unfortunately, it can cause many different problems for the patients who suffer from asthma. However, recent research has shown some promising results with the use of testosterone to subdue the symptoms of asthma. What is Asthma? Asthma is a … Read more »

Non-Stop Cravings for Protein? Blame it on Your Gut Hormones!

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on May 30th, 2021

protein cravings blamed on gut hormone 300x200Our bodies are truly amazing when it comes to communication between cells, organs, tissues, etc. Not only are our bodies complex with millions of unseen chemical reactions taking place, but these reactions tell our brains what we need – including cravings for certain foods. A new study, that we will discuss here, reveals the “cross talk” between our gut and brain that persuades our brain to crave more protein when the gut detects a protein deficiency. Hormone in Gut Triggers Craving for Protein Our bodies use hormones to communicate between cells and organs, such as from the gut to the … Read more »

Breaking News: Testosterone May Be the Answer to Autoimmune Diseases

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on May 18th, 2021

testosterone and autoimmune diseases 300x200Have you noticed that people developing autoimmune diseases seem to be on the rise? And especially among women? Lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis...the list goes on. Many of these diseases leave their sufferers bedridden, unable to work, in severe pain, and just plain miserable, even suicidal in some cases. Doctors have figured out ways to mitigate symptoms and pain, but few have figured out how to cure many of them. Recent research is pointing to a hormone, testosterone, possibly being able to “put the brakes” on the immune response. Testosterone Could Protect Men From Stomach Inflammation The … Read more »

Both High and Low Levels of Testosterone Correlate With Cardiovascular Issues in Men

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on May 5th, 2021

low testosterone associated with cardiovascular issues hypertension 300x200As men age, hormone levels tend to decline or become imbalanced. The majority of hormones tend to decrease, but occasionally levels are seen to be too high. For example, this includes testosterone, growth hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), etc. All of these hormones (and more!) play essential roles in our bodies – roles that need to be continued if one wants to live a long and happy life. A hormone of major interest to most men is testosterone. As men age, testosterone tends to decline by about 10% a decade after he reaches 30 years of age. Unfortunately, we are … Read more »

Your Birthplace Heavily Influences Your Future Testosterone Levels

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on March 6th, 2021

birthplace heavily influences testosterone levels 300x225We know that a lot of what determines our health and longevity is based on genetics, but lifestyle factors, which include environmental factors, also play a huge role as well. Obviously, if you have genes that tend to keep you slim and muscular for the most part, but you end up eating tons of fat and junk food, you’ll end up gaining weight. On the other hand, some people have a tough time staying slim most of the time, but with the right diet and exercise, it’s not so difficult. The same kind of example can be said about a … Read more »

Hormone Levels in Men – Testosterone Injections

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 13th, 2020

  For men, the levels of their main hormones can mean the difference between a life full of energy, potency, and contentedness and a life of obesity, sloth, and disease. I know this sounds dramatic, but it really is true. As your testosterone and growth hormone levels decline so does every masculine trait that defines being a man. If you want to maintain a fulfilling life where you're ready to take on any challenge and pursue any opportunity you need to address the inevitable decline of hormone levels that occur in men as they pass 30 and enter mid-life. Normal … Read more »

Human Growth Hormone May Actually IMPROVE Quadricep Strength After Reconstruction of Torn ACL

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on July 2nd, 2020

torn acl knee hgh 225x300In addition to the recent exciting news about Mark Cuban's research showing that HGH can significantly improve the recovery process from a sports injury, as well as maintain the patient's athletic performance, now we have more good news about human growth hormone (HGH). The good news is in regards to quadriceps strength after the reconstruction of a torn ACL – a serious surgery that can impact a patient's future sports performance forever. A torn ACL is one of the worst diagnoses an athlete will hear in their lifetime. It could mean their career. Thankfully, we have HGH to the rescue! … Read more »