Injectable Testosterone Andropause Treatment

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on December 5th, 2019
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Testosterone Injections

Injectable Testosterone is just one of the many ways that men can choose to undergo Testosterone Optimization Therapy, and is one of the most popular, although Testosterone Gels and Creams continue to grow in popularity every year. Testosterone Injections are a highly effective way to administer a steady dosage of Testosterone to your bloodstream over time.

How Painful are Testosterone Injections?

Of course, the biggest drawback to this form of Testosterone Treatment is that many people are very wary about needles and injections, but truth be told, the doses are minimally painful, no more irritating than a sharp pinch. The vast majority of patients have absolutely no issues with the pain associated with the intramuscular injection and find it a small price to pay for the fantastic benefits that Bio-Identical Injectable Testosterone for Andropause has to offer.

Expectations Regarding Testosterone Optimization Injections

Doctor doing testosterone injectionsMost patients find that Testosterone Shots start to produce positive benefits over the initial weeks, growing over the following months. A large portion of patients begins to experience increased sex drive, improved energy levels, and enhanced mood in the first 7-14 days. Beyond these initial Testosterone Benefits, it may take a bit longer to see results.

What to Expect in the First Three Months of Low-T Treatment

Throughout the first 30 to 90 days, Testosterone Patients begin to see positive changes in muscle mass, body fat, and overall body composition. The Benefits of Testosterone Restoration are apparent even with no lifestyle changes, but when combined with increased physical activity and a sensible diet, the changes can be enhanced significantly.

Kinds of Testosterone Injections

There are a variety of Testosterone Options and Testosterone Brands when it comes to Injectable Testosterone Shots. Below are just a selection of popular forms of Testosterone:

  • Testosterone Propionate
  • Testosterone Enanthate
  • Testosterone Cypionate

If you still don't think Testosterone Injections are right for you, you have some other options.

Where Are Testosterone Shots Administered

All standard forms of Injectable Testosterone are administered intramuscularly. Across the body, 34 different locations are considered ideal for the safe injection of Testosterone:

  • Two spots on each Calf
  • One place on each Trap
  • Two positions on each Quadricep
  • Three areas on each Pectoral Muscle
  • One location on each Lateral Muscle
  • Three sites on each Tricep
  • Two positions on each Bicep
  • Three spots on each Deltoid

Why is Testosterone Delivered Intramuscularly?

There are some excellent reasons why Testosterone Injections are delivered into the muscles. One reason is that the bigger muscles help reduce the rate of Testosterone Absorption into the blood, which lets you inject Testosterone Ester Formulations which are only delivered once every week to two weeks. These larger muscles are also ideal because they are the least sensitive locations to administer an injection. Even so, it's important to rotate Testosterone Injection Sites, because over-using one particular muscle or position can lead to irritation and soreness.

Most patients choose to deliver injections most commonly to the deltoids and gluteal muscles because those are the easiest locations to self-administer a Testosterone Shot. The thigh muscle is also popular for its ease-of-access as well.

Testosterone Needle Length and Gauge

Injecting the testosterone moleculeBecause each ester compound is different, different forms of Testosterone Injection utilize different needle gauges. The length of the needle, on the other hand, will depend on the muscle you choose to inject, as well as the depth of the body fat covering the muscle.

The majority of men will only need a needle that is 1.5 inches max because this will be more than sufficient to hit the muscle you wish to inject correctly. The biceps, triceps, and deltoids usually require shorter needles.

As we mentioned earlier, the gauge of the needle depends on the Testosterone Type being Injected. Oil-based Injection solutions use larger gauges to deliver the injection more easily. Testosterone given in a water solution utilizes smaller gauges. It is vital to understand that the smaller the needle gauge, the wider the needle's diameter. For example, a twenty-two gauge needle is smaller than a fifteen gauge (which you would never really use for this purpose, given its large size.

In general, Aqueous Testosterone is delivered with a 25 gauge, and Oil-Testosterone Solutions use a 22-23 needle gauge. For Human Growth Hormone Injections and HCG Injections, the needles are much smaller and are nearly entirely pain-free. They use the same needles used to inject insulin, with gauges of 27-28.

Testosterone injections and footballHow to Inject Testosterone

The most effective method for the delivery of Injectable Testosterone Therapy will be described below. The routine is quite simple but should be followed precisely every time.

By sticking to the routine, you make sure you always perform the Low-T Injection correctly, and you ensure proper habits which will aid you throughout your Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Injection Preparation:

  1. Clean your hands thoroughly before every injection.
  2. Sterilize the location where you intend to inject the Testosterone with alcohol.

How to Fill a Testosterone Syringe

  1. Choose a syringe which holds double the volume of Testosterone you intend to inject.
  2. Draw the same amount of air into the syringe that is your intended Testosterone Dosage.
  3. Clean the Testosterone vial with a swab and pierce the vial with a needle. Turn the vial and needle with the base of the vial up.
  4. Push in the air you have in your syringe. This will make it easier to draw out the Testosterone.
  5. Draw the Testosterone into the syringe, careful that the tip stays submerged.
  6. Draw the needle from the vial, point the needle in the air, and evacuate any air trapped in the syringe.

How to Deliver a Testosterone Injection

  1. Find the muscle you are going to use for your Low-T Injection
  2. Breath deeply and relax the chosen muscle
  3. Pierce the skin at a right angle, to about half the length of the needle
  4. Drawback on the plunger to make sure you aren't hitting a vein
  5. Deliver the injection slowly. The slower you inject, the less pain will be associated with the Testosterone Shot.
  6. Draw out the syringe and cover the wound with a cotton pad or ball
  7. Monitor for bleeding or irritation, and use a band-aid if necessary

How Can I Get A Testosterone Prescription, and How Can I Purchase Testosterone?

If you are interested in Testosterone Injections, or any other form of Testosterone Restoration Therapy, we encourage you to fill out the form on this page or contact us at 1-800-469-3343.

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