Testosterone Pellet Implants for Testosterone Optimization

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 27th, 2018
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Most people have heard about Testosterone Injections, Creams, and Patches, but did you know that you can also have Bio-Identical Testosterone implanted directly into your sub-dermal tissue? This may sound complex, but it is actually a straightforward procedure, and it is one of the most effective ways to supply a steady and constant stream of Testosterone, which can significantly improve the lives of men (and women) that are having issues related to Low-T and Testosterone Deficiency.

What You Should Know About Testosterone Therapy!

How Can Testosterone Pellets Improve my Health and Wellness?

Testosterone Dermal Implants provide the same fantastic benefits as any other form of Testosterone for patients that are dealing with Hypogonadism or Andropause. Testosterone Pellets can enhance sex drive, improve protein synthesis for muscle building, enhance memory, burn calories, and enhance energy levels.

It is estimated that somewhere between twenty and forty percent of aging men experience significant issues relating directly to Age-Related Low-T, and Testosterone Pellets can help mitigate the life-draining effects of Low Testosterone for these patients.

Understand the Side-Effects of Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Any form of Testosterone Treatment carries some inherent risks, however minimal the severity or threat may be. Some issues that you may experience related to Testosterone Restoration are shrinkage of the testicles, gynecomastia, breast tissue tenderness, reduced fertility, acne, sleep apnea, and increased Red Blood Cell count.

To minimize the risks associated with Testosterone Optimization, and provide the most effective therapy with the least chance of side-effects, it is essential to provide an ideal and measured dose which is designed to get Testosterone Production back to typical levels. There are a variety of ways to do this, one of which is Testosterone Pellet Therapy.

For patients that have established their long-term need for Testosterone Replacement, Testosterone Pellet Therapy is often the best solution to provide the steadiest stream of Testosterone with a minimal amount of hassle and risk of overdose.

Perfecting Testosterone Replacement with the Right Dose

Most Hormone Physicians that prescribe Testosterone start with the lowest dose that they feel will treat the patient's symptoms, and work their way up if necessary. It can sometimes take a bit of time to establish the exact and ideal needs of the patient. Too little Testosterone won't provide optimal benefit, and an overdose of Testosterone significantly increases the risk associated with this otherwise reasonably safe treatment option. To get your dosage perfect, it will take ongoing blood testing, generally every six months to one year.

Testosterone Patches, Gels, and Creams may seem easy, but there are some inherent issues with these sorts of medications. For example, it's up to you to apply the drug daily. Otherwise, your treatment will be in jeopardy. Also, these forms of Low-T Therapy open up the risk of exposing your children or your partner to the Testosterone, which can have adverse effects.

Testosterone Injections resolve the issue of cross-contamination and daily administration, but you still have to deal with regular intramuscular injections, which many people prefer to avoid. Another problem with Injectable Testosterone is that the Injections sometimes irritate the area around the needle.

Some Forms of Testosterone do Not Effectively Provide a Constant Flow of Testosterone

Another issue with some forms of Testosterone, especially Testosterone Injections, is that they don't provide a sufficiently steady stream of Testosterone in a single day or multiple days. Because of this, your body can experience abnormally low levels of Testosterone at times, as the injection loses its potency. As a result of this, patients can start to experience issues related to temporary Testosterone Deficiency, including fatigue, loss of libido, and mood instability.

Testosterone Injections can also temporarily lead to elevated Testosterone Levels, even though, on average, you are getting the amount of Testosterone that you need over time. This is primarily an issue as the Low-T Injection becomes maximally active, and this can lead to such problems as excess Estrogen production and elevated Red Blood Cell Count. These issues can be resolved through Estrogen Blockers and Blood Donation, but they can be mitigated or eliminated via the more steady stream of Testosterone that is provided by Testosterone Implant Pellets.

What Are Testosterone Pellets?

Testosterone Dermal Implants are tiny pellets of crystallized Testosterone that are surgically inserted into the skin. The body slowly breaks down the Testosterone Pellets over time, providing a steady stream of Testosterone throughout months. A single Testosterone Implant can provide enough Testosterone to last up to six months!

The Testosterone Implant Procedure is a straightforward outpatient surgery that involves a single cut under local anesthetic. After the pellet is inserted you don't even need stitches, just a piece of medical tape to seal the wound for a few days. Usually, the Testosterone Pellet is implanted below the waist on the side of the hip.

Testosterone Pellets are ideal for many patients because they are so easy to deal with. No daily routine, no injections, just a simple appointment two to four times per year.

How Are Testosterone Pellets Inserted?

At first glance, this process might seem a bit arduous, but it's actually quite simple and almost entirely painless. Generally, you can be done with the whole ordeal in about ten minutes. Your operating physician will clean and disinfect the area where he will perform the procedure and will apply a local anesthetic. Then just one small cut! The physician will use a tool called a trocar to deliver the pellets into the incision. Generally, it will take ten to twelve pellets to provide the ideal amount of Testosterone to the body.

There are only two issues associated with the procedure. 8.3% of patients experience an effect known as extrusion, where some of the pellets naturally come out to the skin. Infection is infrequent, with only six out of a thousand experiencing infection.

Drawbacks of Testosterone Implants

For many patients, Testosterone Implants do an excellent job of providing effective and efficient Testosterone Restoration, but there are some issues to consider. Of course, the slight risk of extrusion and infection are worth considering, but more importantly, you should know that it is difficult to alter the course of therapy once the pellets have been implanted. They will continuously release Testosterone until they either dissolve or they are surgically removed.

Testosterone Dermal Pellets are best for patients that have already established their needs via other forms of therapy, such as Testosterone Patches or Gels. Once you and your Hormone Replacement Physician have a solid idea of your needs, Testosterone Pellets will become much more desirable and optimal.

Can Women Use Testosterone Pellets?

Yes. Women that can benefit from Testosterone Therapy can use Testosterone Implants. There has been much success using Testosterone to treat the symptoms of menopause and low libido, although women need to take low-dose Bio-Identical Estrogen to maintain optimal hormone balance.

Evidence strongly supports that Testosterone improves sexual satisfaction, sensitivity, and libido, and there is also evidence that Testosterone can potentially benefit women concerning cardiovascular health, cognitive ability, bone density, and muscle mass.

The issue with Testosterone for Women is in providing the ideal Low-Dose Low-T Treatment needed to get Testosterone Levels to exemplary concentrations. Testosterone Pellets are an excellent way for women that have an established need for Testosterone to get the exact and ideal level of Testosterone necessary to promote healthy and normal function.

Testosterone Pellets for Women are not FDA-Approved but are frequently prescribed by physicians that have experience with Testosterone Therapy.

Are Testosterone Pellets Right for You?

If you are interested in Testosterone Pellets or any other form of Testosterone, we can get you in touch with one of our affiliate hormone doctors in your area to help you discover whether Testosterone Optimization can help change your life!

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