Testosterone Patches vs. Testosterone Gels and Creams

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 1st, 2020
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If you have been approved for Testosterone Restoration Therapy, your next step will be to choose what kind of Testosterone Treatment would best fit your needs and preferences with regard to therapy. If you are interested in Topical Testosterone, you have two different categories of Testosterone Treatment: Testosterone Patches and Testosterone Creams and Gels.

Both of these categories offer their own Testosterone Benefits and Drawbacks, and we will explain those Testosterone Pros and Cons to give you a better perspective regarding which form of treatment that you would prefer. In the end it will simply be up to you which you would prefer, though certain side-effects may necessitate a change in therapy.

What Are Some Common Brands For Testosterone Gels and Creams?

There are a number of topical formulations of Testosterone, made by a variety of pharmaceutical manufactures. The Three Most Common Brands of Testosterone Creams and Gels Are:

  • Testim (created and distributed by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals)
  • Fortesta (created and distributed by Endo Pharmaceuticals)
  • Androgel (created and distributed by AbbVie, Incorporated)

What Are Some Common Brands For Testosterone Patches? 

Like Testosterone Creams and Gels, there are also a number of options available to patients interested in Low-T Patches. The Three Most Common Brands of Testosterone Transdermal Patch are:

  • Testoderm (made by Alza Pharmaceuticals)
  • Axiron (made by Eli Lillyand Company)
  • Androderm (Made by Actavis Pharmaceuticals)

What Are the Benefits of Testosterone Patches?

Testosterone Patches are great because they provide a very steady stream of Testosterone over time. You apply one patch per day, and it slowly emits Testosterone to the body throughout the entire day. These patches are generally intended to be kept on 24/7, but can be concealed quite effectively. With Testosterone Patches, you can get the Testosterone that you need with minimal fear of accidentally contaminating those around you through direct contact. Also, because Testosterone Patches are water-tight, you can shower or swim while using these patches with no issues, whereas, you have to wait two hours after applying Low-T Topical Creams and Gels before entering water.

What Are the Benefits of Testosterone Gels and Creams?

Low-T Creams and Gels are applied once daily, and provide an instant dose of Pure Bio-Identical Testosterone that invigorates the body and promotes positive Hormone Balance. These Low-T Gels and Creams absorb quickly, over the course of 5-15 minutes dependent upon the formulation. The Transdermal Testosterone Dose must be applied once daily in order to sustain the effects. Topical Low-T Treatment is great for patients that want an easy and no-nonsense way to engage in Testosterone Therapy

Why Would Someone Choose Testosterone Gels and Creams over Patches?

Some people don't like the idea of wearing patches every day, and those people would prefer Topical Gels and Creams for Testosterone. Also, There is a slightly higher risk for skin irritation with Testosterone Patches, because they provide Testosterone more consistently across the day. People also like Low-T Topical Gels and Creams because they absorb quickly, whereas you must keep the Low-T Patch on for 22-24 hours at a time.

Why Would Someone Choose Testosterone Patches over Gels and Creams?

Testosterone Patches have their own unique set of benefits over Gels and Creams for Low-T. For one, there is a lower chance of accidentally transmitting Testosterone to those around you. All someone has to do is touch the area where you applied the Testosterone in the 5-15 minutes after Topical Testosterone is applied, and they will accidentally absorb Testosterone which can lead to adverse consequences. Testosterone Patches, on the other hand, deliver Testosterone to a sealed area of the body which limits its accessibility and therefore reduces the risk of contamination.

Testosterone Patches also provide a steadier stream of Testosterone than Testosterone Creams and Patches, which reduces the chance of side-effects (besides skin irritation) because the body is receiving a more titrated dose of medication. This also helps sustain normal hormone balance, which can both enhance the effectiveness of therapy and reduce the risk that the body develops a resistance to the Testosterone.

So, Which Testosterone Treatment is Right for You?

As you can see, both Testosterone Patches and Transdermal Creams and Gels both provide effective treatment, and have specific advantages over one another. Your decision between these two categories is almost completely dependent upon your personal preference, and one of our Board-Certified Hormone Replacement Doctors would be more than happy to help you get the effective Andropause Treatments that you need in order to bolster your health and vitality.

Our Hormone Specialists can talk to you about these Testosterone Treatments and other treatments available to you, such as Testosterone Injections, Sublingual Testosterone, and Low-T Pellets. If you are interested in Testosterone, there's no sense in putting it off any longer. Find out if you qualify for restorative Testosterone Therapy. You can set up an appointment with a simple phone call, and we can arrange an appointment with an affiliate professional in your area that can perform the preliminary physical needed to get you started.

We offer the best prices for Low-T Patches, Creams, and Gels, and can provide you with complete diagnostic evaluation to make sure you get exactly the treatment that you need to restore your health and vitality with Testosterone!

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