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Diets are important factors in your Testosterone levels and therefore overall health.. Poor diets, lead to low Testosterone which in turn can lead to low metabolism and weight gain.

Could a Revolutionary Weight Loss Strategy Be on the Horizon?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2019

scale 403585_640 300x199Brown Fat Metabolism-Boosting Method Discovered Obesity is a national epidemic in the United States and a growing problem across the world. As more and more countries are stabilizing their food supplies, they begin to have to deal with issues like overeating and obesity more often. According to the WHO, there are almost 1.5 billion men and women across the world that are clinically obese or overweight. On top of that, there are more than forty million boys and girls under five years old that are at least overweight. Our bodies just aren't designed to withstand obesity, and it incredibly detrimental to our long-term health. For example, the eating habits associated with obesity significantly increase the risk of Adult-Onset Diabetes. Type-2 Diabetes is a form of Insulin Resistance, which reduces the ability of the body to transport energy, in the way of glucose, to target cells throughout the body. Obesity can even lead to infertility or suppressed fertility. Adipose fat encourages the conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen, which can lead to low sperm counts and erectile dysfunction in men. Obesity also increases the risk of heart disease, because poor diet leads to elevated cholesterol levels which increase the incidence of dangerous … Read more »