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Testosterone Replacement Beneficial for Modern Men?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on February 11th, 2020

testosterone injection 300x200Testosterone Replacement Video Download: Testosterone Replacement Beneficial For Modern Men Video Stream: Testosterone Replacement Beneficial For Modern Men By Dr. Luigi Santorini Testosterone deficiency or androgen deficiency syndrome is a lot more common in people than the detractors of this vital hormone would have us believe. There are many websites and articles to be found in mainstream and scientific journals that claim Hypogonadism (an example being low testosterone, also called hypotestosteronemia) is a "general exaggeration" concerning marketers promoting the concept of "Is it Low-T?" However, for more than 100 years, research has been conducted using injectable testosterone shots on men. In more 10,000 studies on humans (men and women) that have been conducted with this primary androgen hormone, the results definitively prove Testosterone is vital to the health of men and women. The number of Testosterone prescriptions has climbed exponentially in the most recent decades, indicating this is no fly-by-night medical treatment fad. Testosterone Popularity Started in the 1950s Testosterone was first being given to patients in significant numbers during the 1950s; it has, since that time in the middle of the last century, continued to rise in popularity. For a straightforward fact, replenishing testosterone when there are actual clinical … Read more »

Testosterone cream and gel for supplementation treating hypogonadism

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on April 9th, 2019

senior male doctor with arms crossed 300x200Do you suffer from low testosterone levels? How would you know? What would you do if it turned out you were testosterone deficient? Why I went on Testosterone replacement therapy: A lot of middle-aged men like myself are starting to suffer from symptoms of low testosterone. A check at the doctor's office confirmed that my testosterone levels were indeed deficient. I started to research the topic and ways to increase my levels. As you probably discovered, there is a lot of conflicting and confusing information about testosterone therapy. Maybe you are looking for natural ways to increase testosterone, or perhaps you want information about testosterone creams, testosterone gel or testosterone injection supplements designed to boost your body's testosterone levels or HCG injections which can stimulate your body's production of testosterone. Testosterone: What you need to know By the age of 40, a typical man's testosterone level may have dropped as much as 80%. This decline in testosterone occurs gradually, starting as early as his mid-30s, and can result in an increased risk of life-threatening illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Testosterone deficiency can also lead to many disturbing symptoms, including loss of stamina and lean muscle mass, reduced libido, anxiety, … Read more »

Testosterone Creams for Low Testosterone Treatment and Andropause

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2019

Testosterone Creams for Low Testosterone Treatment and Andropause Testosterone Creams are just one of the many effective forms of Testosterone Replacement Therapy available for the treatment of Andropause, and Low T. It is one of the most popular ways to administer this medication. Testosterone Creams are topical medications that are applied to the skin and absorbed directly into the body. A fancy term for the delivery of testosterone using cream via the skin is transdermal. There are a number of Testosterone cream and gel brands available, including Testim, Fortesta, Axiron, and Androgel. Each of these products have their own level of potency. Testosterone Gels and Cream Like all forms of Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy, the goal of Testosterone Creams and Gels is to restore normal and healthy Testosterone Levels for men whose bodies no longer produce enough of the vital hormone. And moreover, this transdermal method of replenishing testosterone in men and women is smoother and more steady, versus the weekly or bi-weekly injection protocol that is most commonly prescribed by endrocrinologists. Low-T Creams are administered once-daily, and provide a day's worth of Testosterone. They are quickly absorbed into the skin in a matter of minutes. Just wake up, take a … Read more »

testosterone cream – Professional Online Poker

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018

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Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018

Testosterone preparations are used in conjunction with their prescribed dosages and frequencies of treatment for the restoration of healthy levels within a regimen commonly known as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). These testosterone preparations serve a variety of different purposes, and come in multiple forms. Testosterone cream has become one of the more popular forms for numerous reasons. For example, many users have replaced their testosterone patch with testosterone cream because it doesn't irritate the skin like the adhesive in patches. There are several testosterone preparations, and many reasons for picking one over another. Regardless of which TRT preparation you select (testosterone cream, orals, pellets, etc.) each provides adequate testosterone replacement, along with its specific pros and cons. The trick is to identify the treatment that best suits your particular lifestyle. Here are some of the more prevalent preparations: The testosterone cream is prepared in different solutions, at varying dosages, and sort of combines many of the positive characteristics of other testosterone preparations. For example, testosterone cream: is absorbed transdermally (through the skin) much like the way patches and gels work; requires frequent, i.e. daily administration like tablets and; swiftly elevates blood serum levels like the aforementioned preparations and intramuscular testosterone … Read more »

Testosterone Cream??? | Yahoo Answers

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018

Hello No, that's not true that with the help of the testosterone cream your penis will grown. There isn't any products, creams or pills until today, which really works or can do it. They're all not approved from the FDA and no clinical tests have been done in long term use. It's a simply fact because they will not work, that's the truth. You can't influence your penissize by your own, it's all genetic and from the nature. The only way which is succesful it's penis surgery, but it has some side effects, too. Testosterone cream or gel can only give you the doctor by prescritpiton, he will give you only if you have low testosterone and not for other use. If you don't need it really, it has the same side effects like testosterone injections. The dosages aren't high as the testosterone injections, but in long term use they are the same. It's better to take it with medical attention. Here some informations about it: Here my experience with Androgel: AndroGel is the first-ever testosterone replacement gel to be approved by the FDA for replacement therapy in men for conditions associated with low testosterone. Low testosterone, also known as … Read more »

The Compounder – Transdermal Testosterone Cream

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018

Transdermal Testosterone CreamLarry Frieders2015-08-13T22:43:53+00:00 Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone and is non-toxic (in normal doses). However, a person can experience some discomfort if the dose is too high. The most notable signs of excess are oily skin, increased acne, and hair growth. All of these are reversed when the dose is reduced. For women, it is good to start with 0.25mg per day applied to the wrists, abdomen, chest, neck, inner thighs, or genital area (the site of application is up to the user but it is recommended that you not apply the cream to the same place every day). Mens doses can be higher than womens can. The testosterone cream is dispensed in a syringe-like device that holds 1ml. For women, start with a compound that offers 2.5mg in each ml. The dispensing device is marked off in 0.1ml increments. Each increment provides 0.25mg. You may increase the daily amount by 0.1ml (0.25mg). After a week to 10 days, you may want to increase your dose to 0.2ml per day (thats 0.5mg). As mentioned above, there is no absolute upper amount that you can use it is determined by your individual response and your doctors order. Women usually … Read more »

Testosterone Cream – Steroid .com

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018

A testosterone cream is simply a form of testosterone medication; while it comes in a cream-like gel substance the active hormonal ingredient is simply testosterone. Be it a testosterone cream or injectable testosterone the bottom line remains the same, however, mode of action, potency, efficiency and overall effectiveness can greatly vary from one to the next. Generally there are two specific testosterone gels worth mentioning and both carry very similar properties with one distinguishing difference. However, while one was created for specific performance enhancing most testosterone cream is used in hormone replacement plans and all are applied in a transdermal form. Without question AndroGel is the most commonly used testosterone cream on the market and one of the primary forms of therapy for those who undergo low testosterone treatment. The application of this hormonal compound is very simple, take it out of the bottle and rub it on the skin; pretty basic but you will normally want to apply it to the upper arms or shoulders and simply allow the testosterone to soak in. It is important you allow ample time for the absorption process to take effect; meaning, you will need to keep the applied area dry after application … Read more »

Testosterone eye cream The Dry Eye Zone

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018

I've seen a few responses in other posts from people who have tried the eye cream and think it has had limited results. Would love to hear from everyone who has tried it and the results they have seen. I am interested, with or without a heavy beard! LOL I'll try just about anything. And what type of dry eye did the people have who said the eye cream had limited results? Since there are many different types of dry eye. I could see a treatment like testosterone working for some, but not for others. Kinda like with Restasis, or plugs. That is assuming the research is sound on testosterone and tear gland function. Though I also wonder if the length of time of having dry eyes affects at to what level of relief one could get from say the testosterone cream. i.e. damage already too far advanced. Though on the other hand, it could be one of those things, depending on the individual, that it could take time for it to work. i.e. time to repair damage or allow damage to heal. So, if that is the case, people could give up on it before it's had time to … Read more »

Testosterone Cream for Women – Get Free Offer Today

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018

Most of the women who have passed the age of menopause always loose their sex desire. The testosterone cream is used in order to raise the level of sexual desire in women. Women who have used birth control pills for a long time have their hormones become imbalanced thus the need to balance the hormones using the testosterone cream. In order to balance the estrogen and the testosterone hormones, testosterone cream is used as part of testosterone therapy process. We have different range of the testosterone cream. We have both the topical and also the generic kind of testosterone. The women testosterone cream has different level of strength and each patient is prescribed the level of testosterone cream according to the level that she is missing in the body. We have the mild testosterone cream that has the least level of strength and it is prescribed for those who need just a small boast of the testosterone hormones. The strong testosterone cream is used for those who need a very high level of the testosterone hormones level. There are many causes of testosterone becoming low or becoming imbalanced in women. The main reason is when a woman reaches the age … Read more »

testosterone booster , testosterone cream for women , testosterone booster for women – Video

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018

testosterone booster , testosterone cream for women , testosterone booster for women Pro Testosterone is backed by proven herbal science with research to back it up. This has combined to create a completely natural supplement than can help you... By: Vale Elaw More here: testosterone booster , testosterone cream for women , testosterone booster for women - Video … Read more »

Testosterone Cream for Women (LE) –

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on November 25th, 2018

Important Update: Testosterone Cream for Women has a new name and a new label. Due to recent FDA regulations non-prescription products can no longer have the word "Testosterone" included in the name or the ingredients. If you have tried this product before, IT'S THE SAME GREAT PRODUCT! No ingredients have been changed! If you are new to this product, please read the reviews to help make your decision. Otherwise, please call or email with any questions. As a woman, you may have experienced at one time or another, undesirable symptoms relating directly to very low levels of the hormone testosterone. Low levels of testosterone can leave you feeling self-conscious, uncomfortable, or even a little down. Individual women may have specific issues depending on their lifestyle and health situation, but the fact is that many women face any one of these symptoms and may not know the culprit. The good news is that if you feel like you have some of these symptoms, there is something you can do about it. Get back to feeling like yourself with the help of Testosterone Cream for Women. Yes, even women can benefit from this powerful and vital hormone. Its not just all about … Read more »

Testosterone cream for low sex drive? | Go Ask Alice!

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018

Dear Alice, Is it true that women can apply testosterone cream to their vaginal area to increase sex drive? Dear Reader, While some studies suggest that testosterone cream might increase sex drive in women, it is not FDA-approved and it may not work for all women. The risks and side effects can be significant and unpleasant, so women experiencing low sex drive may want to consider alternative, less-risky treatments instead of topical hormone therapies. For many women, their low sex drive is a tough nut to crack. It is important to note that a low sex drive is a complex issue affected by physical, psychological, social, and/or hormonal causes. Women may experience challenges during any of the stages of sexual response, including sexual desire and arousal. These issues can occur in all women at any stage in life, although they occur more frequently around hormonal events (such as after having a child or during menopause) or after an illness. Common experiences include: There are medical and non-medical treatments that may increase sex drive: Non-Medical Treatment Options: Medical Treatment Options: If you are considering medical treatment, you should think about discussing your symptoms with a health care provider. Columbia students may … Read more »

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