Testosterone Boosting Exercises

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 26th, 2018
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Testosterone Boosters

Exercises that Can Naturally Enhance Testosterone Levels

For patients that are interested in Bio-Identical Testosterone Treatment, there are a lot of ways that you can increase Testosterone Production naturally, to boost your Testosterone Levels until you can be approved for Bio-Identical Testosterone Restoration.

1. Squats are a fantastic exercise which can spur Testosterone Production. At first, practice squatting without weights until you can do so with good form. Once you can perform squats in this manner, start adding weight and go through the same body motion. Dip your body deeply and use your thighs and glutes to stand. Don't over-exert yourself and always warm up properly.
Testosterone Booster Exercise

2. You can also engage in a squat variation using resistance cables or bands. Hold them in your hands, and pull them upward to simulate added weight. Testosterone Stimulation through Exercise is correlated with the number and size of the muscle groups that you work out, so by pulling upwards; you work out your core and shoulders in addition to your legs.

Stand with legs apart, one foot forward, one foot back. Take dumbbells and lift them from your sides to your shoulders. Hold the weights at the pinnacle and drop them slowly. Drop your thighs down to put pressure on your legs when weights are down. Lift up with your glutes as you rise. Always keep your feet set.

3. Cardiovascular exercise can also play a significant role in enhancing your body's natural Testosterone Production. The best strategy to use is High-Intensity Interval Training. This means that you go at a healthy pace, but periodically you push your body to the limit for fifteen to thirty seconds or more. This adds a powerful anaerobic element to your cardio which stimulates the production of Testosterone. This can be done on an elliptical or a bike or even on foot. We suggest that for your cardio you add ten of these high-intensity periods into your Testosterone Exercise Routine.
Testosterone Booster Doctor4. Simple deadlifts are an effective way to stimulate large muscle groups and raise your Testosterone Production through the roof. Deadlifts are an exercise where you have a loaded barbell on the ground, and you lift up with your knees and your arms to bring yourself to a standing position.

Then you hold yourself in an upright position for a few moments before oppositely lowering yourself and dropping the barbell. These movements stimulate a variety of large muscles in your arms, shoulders, core, and legs, which are associated with high levels of Testosterone Release resulting from the vast volume of muscles being worked.

5. Utilizing Olympic lifts are another way to stimulate your body to release Testosterone. We suggest only turning to these lifts after you have mastered Dead Lifts and Squats because they are challenging to pull off without good weightlifting form. Olympic lifts are similar to deadlifts, but rather than draw the weight in a clean motion; you lift the load from the floor with power and authority, then you lift the weight over your head and hold it in place, before returning the barbell to the ground. Even if you consider yourself strong, it's essential to start with lower weights and work your way up to make sure you don't hurt yourself to increase your Testosterone and strength.

6. In addition to incorporating High-Intensity Interval Training into your workouts, consider simply running sprints. Sprinting is the core anaerobic activity, and will help your body by providing a burst of Testosterone. Sprints are a great way to start training because it just uses your own body as resistance to provide significant muscle mass gains, which can also improve your Testosterone Levels even as you age.

Testosterone Booster Molecule7. Polymetric exercises are effective at boosting Testosterone. Polymetrics are exercise routines which incorporate jumping and leaping as forms of natural resistance training. Polymetric exercise is also referred to as Plyos or Jump Training. These exercises provide an effective anaerobic workout because they are all about explosive releases of energy to strengthen the muscles in the legs, arms, core, or back, depending on the exercise.

8. Get the most Testosterone out of your standard lifts by going slow. The best way to build muscle mass is by lifting the highest weight that you can safely lift 4-6 times, and making your body perform the lifts in a slow, measured way. More, faster reps with lower weight are good for endurance and tone, but it won't provide nearly the same Testosterone Enhancement through exercise.

9. Small Reps in Multiple Sets for Max Testosterone Boosting. Even though it is best to engage in relatively short sets for the best Testosterone Enhancement, it's also important to go through multiple sets with each muscle group. Most physical trainers and Hormone Specialists recommend 3-4 sets per exercise to stimulate optimal muscle growth and Testosterone Production.

Remember: These are only suggestions, and before altering your workout routine, you should always seek the guidance of a physical training professional! Happy lifting, and enjoy the benefits that Natural Testosterone Boosting Exercises have to offer you.

Is Anaerobic Exercise No Longer Providing the Same Benefits? It May Be Time to Turn to Bio-Identical Testosterone

These exercises, also with good eating and sleeping habits, are a great way to keep your Testosterone Levels running strong, but eventually, even the best practices and lifestyle routines won't be enough. If you are starting to have issues with Testosterone Deficiency, it may be time to see a doctor about Physician-Monitored Testosterone Replacement Therapy. We have specialists on hand to take your call!

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