Different Classifications Of Testosterone HRT

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on June 19th, 2020
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If you are considering Testosterone Replacement Therapy, one of the decisions you will have to make is concerning which kind of Testosterone that you are interested in using.

There are some different forms of Testosterone HRT, and they are all useful, even though they may have their own particular benefits and drawbacks.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of Testosterone to enhance your knowledge of the various methods of Testosterone Restoration.

Testosterone Creams

One of the most common forms of Low-T Treatment is the Testosterone Cream. Testosterone Creams are topical formulations which are designed to be applied to the body so that they are absorbed into the skin. Testosterone Creams are white.

Testosterone is applied by gently massaging the medication into particular areas of the body, such as the upper arm, the back, or the shoulders, where it is drawn into the body in the next brief period.

Testosterone Creams are designed to be applied once every 24 hours to provide a steady stream of Testosterone to the body. Patients like Testosterone Creams because they are easy to use, so it's easy to stick to a regimen.

With Testosterone Creams, it is vitally important that other people do not make contact with the area of the body that has been treated before the medication has been fully absorbed, because different individuals that make incidental contact with the drug will absorb the Testosterone into their own systems.

This can be particularly problematic for women or children. Of course, with due diligence, it is easy to prevent accidental exposure.

Testosterone Gels

Low-T Gels are another form of Testosterone HRT which is very similar to the Testosterone Cream.

Both forms of treatment work via the same mechanism of transdermal absorption. The primary difference between the two types of treatment is the rate at which they are absorbed and their ingredients.

Testosterone Gels are generally clear and absorb more quickly than Testosterone Creams.

Some patients prefer Testosterone Creams to Gels because the Gels are more likely to stain clothing if clothing is put on before the gel has been fully absorbed.

Like Testosterone Creams, It is essential to make sure that other people don't accidentally come in contact with the Testosterone Treatment.

Testosterone Injections

Injectable Testosterone was the first form of Testosterone Replacement Therapy available in the United States, but it is still in use and is still quite popular today.

There are some different formulations of Testosterone Injections, which all behave in a unique but predictable way.

Two of the most popular forms of Testosterone Injections are Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate.

Testosterone Injections are almost universally delivered via a method known as Intramuscular Injection.

This means that the injection is delivered directly into muscle tissue, where Testosterone is slowly released from the formulation in a period of days or weeks.

Testosterone Injections are usually delivered in an oil suspension which allows the Testosterone to remain active for a more extended period of time in the muscles.

One of the reasons that Testosterone Injections are popular is that they are the cheapest form of Testosterone available on the market.

You can buy a vial of Bio-Identical Testosterone and ship it to your home, and use a standard needle set-up to inject as needed.

Low-T Injections are also popular because they don't have to be administered as often as other forms of Testosterone Therapy such as Testosterone Patches or Creams.

The most common types of Low-T Injection only need to be injected once every week to two weeks. This is because, in Testosterone Injections, Testosterone is combined with a harmless ester compound which breaks down slowly in the human body, freeing Testosterone at a stable rate for utilization by the body.

Testosterone Patches

Testosterone Patches bear many similarities with Testosterone Creams and Gels. All three are delivered through absorption by the skin. Testosterone Patches, however, deliver a steady stream of Testosterone throughout the course of 24 hours, whereas Testosterone Creams and Gels give the entire dose directly at the time of application.

Testosterone Patches must be replaced every 24 hours to maintain effectiveness, so you will have a patch on your skin at all times if you choose this form of therapy.

A small minority of patients may experience irritation where they apply the patch, but this is generally the result of applying repeated patches at the same location.

It is important to throw away Testosterone Patches securely, because if other people make contact with the medicated strip, they may experience Testosterone Contamination even if the patch has already been used.

For this reason, men with young children may wish to choose other forms of Testosterone.

Testosterone Dermal Implants

Testosterone Implants are the longest-acting single dose of Testosterone, but the application of the treatment is also the most invasive of all forms of Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Testosterone Pellets are inserted directly underneath the skin via an outpatient surgical procedure.

Testosterone Implants are a form of Testosterone generally made at a compounding pharmacy.

Testosterone Implants are tiny pellets or cylinders of Testosterone Treatment that will very slowly and steadily dissolve for 3-5 months, dependent upon the patient and the formulation.

The physician will prescribe local anesthetic, make a small incision, and implant the pellet.

A substantial piece of medical tape is placed over the incision to protect the small wound and encourage healing. Stitches are not required, and there is little to no pain resulting from the procedure.

For patients that want to merely get treatment and don't want to worry about sticking to a regular therapy regimen, this is the ideal form of therapy.

The need for an out-patient procedure increases the cost of this form of therapy somewhat, but many patients prefer this method over all other types of Testosterone HRT.

Sublingual Testosterone

Sublingual Testosterone is an Oral form of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in which a small dose of Testosterone is applied underneath the tongue.

The patient then applies pressure to the dose, which is absorbed into the membranes underneath the tongue and on the floor of the mouth.

The most significant advantage of this form of treatment is absorption-rate. When you use Testosterone Creams or Patches, not all Testosterone is absorbed into the body, there is some inherent waste in these methods.

Almost 100% of the Testosterone delivered sublingually is absorbed into the bloodstream, which means that you use less Testosterone to get the same effective dose.

 So Which Form of Testosterone is Right for You?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is fantastic because you have a wide variety of options available to you for treatment. All are effective, and it is primarily your own preference that establishes which form of Testosterone that you wish to use.

Our physicians will describe to you in detail all of the pros and cons of Testosterone and help you decide which type of treatment fits your needs most suitably.


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