Testosterone Gels and Creams vs. Testosterone Patches

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on April 15th, 2021
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There are a lot of fantastic ways to undergo Hormone Restoration Therapy with Testosterone. Two of the most common and most popular forms of Testosterone Therapy are Testosterone Patches and Testosterone Gels and Creams. At first glance, these two forms of treatment may seem like they are nearly identical, but there are some subtle differences between the two types of Hypogonadism Andropause Treatment that may sway your decision.

What Are Testosterone Patches?

Testosterone Patches are a Transdermal Testosterone Therapy that is delivered via a medical patch adhered to the skin. Testosterone Patches give medication directly through the skin over time to provide the optimal Testosterone needed to restore the patient to clinically normal and youthful Total and Free Testosterone Levels.

What Are Testosterone Creams and Gels?

Testosterone Creams and Gels are Topical Testosterone Treatments that are massaged into the skin to provide the patient with a burst of Testosterone that fulfills their hormone needs to increase serum Testosterone Levels back to normal to improve physiological health.

How Are Testosterone Patches, and Testosterone Creams and Gels Similar?

There are a lot of things about these two Testosterone Therapy Treatments that are the same. Both can effectively treat Low-T and Andropause, boosting Testosterone Levels back to healthy and youthful levels. Both Testosterone Products also deliver the medication through skin absorption. A third similarity between these forms is Testosterone Optimization is that they all require daily applications to be effective.

What Are the Benefits of Low-T Patches vs. Low-T Creams and Gels?

There are many people that like Andropause Patches more than Andropause Creams and Gels. Many people like the patches because they aren't as messy. You just apply the patch and go about your day, and then take it off the next day and apply a new, fresh patch. Testosterone Creams and Gels are water and oil-based suspensions, respectively, and they require you to massage the treatment in and wait for it to be fully absorbed and dried in.

Testosterone Creams and Gels can also stain clothing, particularly Low-T Gels because they are oil-based. Since Testosterone Patches are covered, there is no risk of medication getting on clothing. Also, because the Testosterone Patch is included, the risk of contamination is reduced significantly.

Transdermal Testosterone Treatments absorb readily into the skin, and if someone makes incidental contact with the area where the Hypogonadism Cream or Gel was applied, they can accidentally be exposed to the treatment. This can even lead to issues such as early puberty if your son or another boy accidentally absorbed Testosterone! For this reason, many men with children prefer Testosterone Patches to Low-T Creams and Gels.

Finally, Testosterone Patches deliver a small dose of Testosterone continually throughout the day, whereas Topical Testosterone gives a whole day's dose at once. For this reason, Testosterone Patches have a slightly lower risk of side effects, because the treatment is administered more slowly and steadily.

What Are the Benefits of Low-T Creams and Gels vs. Low-T Patches

Of course, for many people, Testosterone Gels and Creams are still clearly a valid option, even in the face of the potential drawbacks listed above. There are also some reasons why one might choose Topical Testosterone Therapy over Low-T Patches, however.

For one, Testosterone Patches can lead to skin irritation, because the treatment is active on the skin constantly, rather than being absorbed all at once, as is the case with Topical Low-T. The adhesive bandage itself can also lead to skin irritation if the patient has sensitive skin.

Many people also don't like the idea of wearing a visible patch around all day, and would instead administer the treatment and get on with their day. For these people, Topical Testosterone would be preferable to Andropause Patches.

Our Hormone Specialists Can Help You Get Low-T Patches, Topical Testosterone, or Any Other Form of Physician-Monitored Testosterone Therapy

So, if you had to choose between a Testosterone Patch or a Testosterone Gel or Cream, which one would you want? They are both pretty simple, and there isn't a whole lot to worry about either way. With just a few minutes of your time each day, and conscientious use of the medication, you can get all the Testosterone that you need to restore your sexual, physical, and emotional vitality.

Studies prove more benefits and increase our awareness of its safety profile on a yearly basis, and it's just a matter of talking to a licensed medical professional to experience the benefits for yourself.

In the end, it just comes down to preference! That's what's so great about Low-T Treatment. You have a wide variety of options available which are designed to tailor treatment specifically to your needs and desires!

If you are interested in Testosterone Therapy of any kind, our Board-Certified Hormone Physicians can help you find out if you qualify. If you do, we can arrange for Quality Testosterone Treatments to be delivered straight to your door.

We also offer a variety of other hormone treatments such as Sermorelin Therapy, HCG for Weight Loss, and Human Growth Hormone Injection Therapy. An appointment is just a call or clicks away! Our Licensed and Board-Certified Hormone Doctors have helped thousands of men and women across the United Experience improve their lives with Hormone Therapy and Restoration.


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