What are the Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018
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Increased Muscle Mass

Testosterone Deficiency drains the body of its ability to build and sustain muscle mass. Patients that utilize Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy restore muscle mass to more youthful levels and their bodies are more responsive to exercise, which causes muscles to grow more readily.

Testosterone is an Anabolic Hormone, which means that it encourages the body to build rather than break down. Regarding the muscles, Testosterone stimulates individual muscle cells into growing larger and stronger more quickly and enhances the recovery process that takes place as a direct result of exercise and anaerobic activity.

Reduced Fatigue

Testosterone stimulates the metabolism of the body, which increases the amount of energy available for both the body and mind. This means that you'll be able to work out harder and longer, and it also means that you'll have more energy to get through the day, and you'll be more mentally focused because of your increased overall energy!

The anabolic effects of Testosterone cause the body to break down stored energy and distribute energy from nutrition more effectively. This has the effect of mitigating physical and psychological fatigue. More energy means, a higher capacity for living your life to the fullest!

Enhanced Fat-Burning Power

Because Testosterone increases metabolism, you'll also burn off calories more quickly, which will make it easier to lose weight and keep it off. Testosterone restores standard body composition and fat balance. Your increased muscle mass will further stimulate your metabolism, helping you to be leaner and more fit.

Without sufficient Testosterone, catabolic processes become more dominant. Rather than breaking down fat and using energy, the body starts to store fat, especially around the stomach and midsection. This form of fat is known as Adipose Fat, and increased body fat around the waist is correlated with some dangerous health conditions, such as diabetes, heart attack, hypertension, and stroke.

testosterone therapy doctorsImproved Assertiveness

As Testosterone is the hormone which is the embodiment of manliness, many traits associated with masculinity also become more apparent when taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The most noticeable of these is assertiveness. You'll find that you are less anxious about making decisions and more confident in your day-to-day life. Testosterone Abuse is associated with aggression and irritability, but Testosterone Restoration does not generally cause these symptoms, and only promotes positive traits of manhood.

Men with Testosterone Deficiency often report losing their dominant characteristics, which leads them to become less confident and in control of their own life.

Stronger Bones

Long-term Testosterone Deficiency can cause reduced bone mineral density which can lead to Osteopenia and Osteoporosis over time. Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy increases the rate at which bone recycling and remodeling occurs, strengthening the bones and warding off frailty.

In particular, Testosterone increases the activity of Osteoblasts, which are the cellular formations which are responsible for the anabolic processes which encourage bone health. As Testosterone Levels decline, Osteoclasts become dominant, which causes the body to leech bone mineral density faster than it can remodel bone tissue. Women are at higher risk of Osteoporosis than males because they don't produce as much Testosterone, which means their bones aren't as strong, and they suffer from this process more quickly.

Increased Erectile Function

Testosterone is the central hormone when it comes to sexual function. The release of Testosterone causes a cascade of biological reactions which lead to the male erection. Men without enough Testosterone have trouble generating and sustaining erections. Testosterone HRT can restore sexual ability and get you back in the saddle.

In particular, Testosterone facilitates the release is Nitric Oxide, increases blood flow to the penis, which directly leads to the male erection. Without Testosterone, the penis does not receive sufficient signal, which leads to issues with erection formation, erection duration, and erection strength.

Boosted Sex Drive

In addition to stimulating sexual ability, Testosterone also promotes sexual desire in general. Men with Testosterone Deficiency often have trouble finding interest in sex, which can significantly hinder relationships and reduce the quality of life in general. With Testosterone, you can restore the spark in your sex life and rekindle the love that you were once able to generate and share.

Testosterone Deficiency can be dangerous for even the most loving of relationships because it can create a rift between partners when there is a gulf in sexual interest. Loss of sex drive is also a symptom of Female Testosterone Deficiency. Testosterone is the dominant hormonal force which encourages sexual desire among women, and women that suffer from Low-T can also benefit from Testosterone Restoration.

testosterone benefits coupleImproved Cardiovascular Health

Testosterone strengthens the heart and the cardiovascular system when used in restorative doses for the treatment of Low-T, reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis, while improving cholesterol balance.

There are some studies that clearly show that men with more Testosterone have healthier hearts, even when controlled for factors such as age and lifestyle. In the past, there were some articles which suggested that Low-T Therapy could increase heart risk, but as newer studies with improved methodologies and improved controls have become available, it is becoming increasingly clear that Testosterone Replacement can enhance heart health, even for at-risk patients.

Reduced Depression

The physical decline caused by Testosterone Deficiency can significantly hinder one's ability to enjoy his life. Testosterone also has a protective and ameliorating influence on the brain chemistry which promotes positivity and happiness at a biological level.

Testosterone increases the activity of hormones which foster happiness and positive attitudes, and as Testosterone Levels Decline, this affects the balance of these mood-hormones. Men that take Testosterone Injections, Testosterone Patches, and Testosterone Creams frequently report an improved outlook on life, even before the physical changes of hypogonadism treatment become readily apparent.

Better Sleep

Testosterone and sleep are intricately interrelated. If you don't get enough sleep, your body doesn't produce enough Testosterone. If you don't have enough Testosterone, it's much harder to fall and stay asleep. With Testosterone Replacement Therapy, you can improve your sleeping habits and wake up more refreshed and invigorated!

During Andropause, men often literally start losing sleep, which exacerbates the grouchiness, grumpiness, and fatigue associated with the condition. By replacing Testosterone, it becomes possible to sleep more comfortable, and patients report deeper and more restorative sleep.

Could You Benefit from Testosterone Therapy?

If you are over the age of thirty, and you feel that hormone decline is weighing you down, you may be a prime candidate for Testosterone Therapy for Andropause. Our clinic offers high-quality Testosterone Treatments for men and women suffering from Testosterone Deficiency. Our Hormone Specialists can analyze your Hormone Status, and get you back on track in the game of life!

Our Hormone Doctors also offer HGH Injections, HCG for Weight Loss, Sermorelin Acetate, and a variety of other Hormone Regimens designed to improve and facilitate better health!.

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