Testosterone Pellet Implants for Treating Low T and Hypogonadism

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 1st, 2020
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Most people are aware of Testosterone Creams, Gels, Patches, and Injections, but did you know there is another highly effective form of Hypogonadism Therapy that only requires treatment once every three months at most? They are called Testosterone Pellets, and they are a fantastic way to experience all the great benefits of Low-T Treatment without having to worry about injections or remembering to apply a patch or topical treatment every single.

Testosterone Implants have been around for quite awhile, but have been experiencing a surge in popularity in recent years, as more and more men and women have become interested in Testosterone Restoration for Hypogonadism and Low-T.

Testosterone Implants are particularly popular among women, because many Testosterone products aren't specifically formulated for women, but Low-Dose Testosterone Pellets can fulfill that gap while providing the same quality of treatment.

How Do Testosterone Pellet Implants Work?

Testosterone Pellet Implants are really quite simple. In a simple, fast out-patient medical procedure, your physician will make a tiny incision into your skin and place tiny cylinders of pure Testosterone into the incision, using a medical tool called a trocar. These pellets are designed to slowly release Testosterone into the blood stream over the course of three to six months, based upon the size of the pellets. The procedure is nearly painless, because your Hormone Physician will deliver a dose of local anesthetic to deaden the area before inserting the pellets.

Testosterone Pellet Implantation does not require stitches. Because the cut is so small, the wound will simply be sealed tightly with adhesive medical tape, which you will be required to keep on the skin for a few days, until the skin has had a chance to heal up. It's important to be cautious in the few days after Testosterone Pellet Insertion, because vigorous physical activity can prevent the wound from closing as fast as possible, and in rare cases, can lead to extrusion, an issue in which the pellets will work their way out of the skin.

How Can I Get Approved for Testosterone Pellet Implants?

The approval process for Low-T Implants is exactly the same as it is with any other form of Andropause/Hypogonadism Therapy. You go see a medical specialist, have your Hormone Levels checked, and if diagnostic tests show that you are clinically deficient in Testosterone, you can just set up an appointment for the procedure.

You can also arrange for treatment online. Our clinic can get you in touch with an affiliate that can take the blood sample and perform the physical needed to get you set up for treatment, and we can also get you in touch with a physician that specializes in the procedure to implant the pellets!

Are There Any Additional Risks Associated with Testosterone Pellet Implants as Opposed to Other Forms of Testosterone?

There are only two issues to look out for with regard to Low-T Implants. For one, there is a very minor risk of infection associated with the implantation process, but well under one in a hundred patients experience any form of infection. Second, there is some risk that some of the Testosterone Pellets may work their way out of the skin. This is slightly more common than infection, but still rare. This generally occurs very early after the Low-T Pellets are implanted, before the wound heals completely.

To reduce the risk of the pellets dislodging, patients are recommended to abstain from vigorous activity for a few days after the procedure in order to give the pellets time to settle and heal.

Testosterone Pellets with Arimadex

You can also get Testosterone Implants with Estrogen Blockers (Aromatase Inhibitors), in order to prevent the body from converting excess Testosterone into Estrogen, which reduces the risk of many of the side-effects associated with Testosterone Treatment of any kind. When you engage in Low-T treatment, some Testosterone can potentially be converted into Estrogen, especially if you are overweight or obese. Arimadex can ensure that you get the maximum benefits from therapy.

Why Would a Patient Choose Testosterone Implants over other forms of Testosterone?

  • More time to focus on life, rather than remembering when to administer the next dose of Testosterone.
  • Provides a long-term, steady stream of Testosterone, minimizing the risk of side-effects and providing effective low-dose therapy.
  • Is an option available to women, unlike Testosterone Patches and some other forms of Testosterone.

Who Should Wait Before Turning to Testosterone Pellets?

Testosterone Pellets are best for patients that have already established their personal, clinical need for Testosterone Therapy. Because Testosterone Implants are delivered via surgical procedure, it would require another surgery to remove the pellets if the patient received a dose which was too high and produced side-effects.

When first starting out on Testosterone, it's important to have the easy opportunity to adjust therapy to meet the ideal needs of the body. Starting out with Testosterone Patches, Creams, Gels, or Injections allows patient and physician the leeway to find the perfect dose to suit the needs of the patient.

After you have established your Testosterone Deficiency Treatment and your body's sensitivity to that treatment, then it is the perfect time to turn to Testosterone Implants, because once you and your hormone doctor figure out how much Testosterone you need, you can safely fulfill that need for an extended period of time with Testosterone Pellets.

Are You Interested in Testosterone Pellet Therapy?

If you are interested in Testosterone Implants, our medical specialists can discuss the pros and cons of Testosterone Pellets in greater detail, and answer any questions that you may have. We can also help you discover if you qualify for Low-T Therapy and, if so, arrange with an affiliate physician in your area that can perform the procedure.

We also offer all popular forms of Testosterone Restoration, including Testosterone Gels, Testosterone Creams, and Testosterone Injections, and we can provide Brand Name or Generic Testosterone at highly competitive prices designed to provide you with the best Testosterone at the best prices!

We can also establish your need for other forms of Hormone Treatment, including Injectable HGH Therapy for Adult Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency or Hypopituitarism, injectable Sermorelin Acetate Growth Hormone Alternative (Acting as a secretegogue), injectable HCG Weight Loss Therapy, and Combination HCG-Testosterone Therapies! Contact us and ask us about our Bioidentical Hormone Therapies.

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