Testosterone Cypionate Injectable Low-T Treatment

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018
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Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is one of many forms of Injectable Testosterone as well as an ester compound. The Testosterone molecule itself is manufactured via a method known as Recombinant-DNA Technology and is Biologically Identical to the Testosterone that is produced and secreted by your own body. Testosterone is converted into an ester compound using a method known as 17 beta-esterification.

By combining the Testosterone with an ester, it is possible to deliver a week's worth of Testosterone in a single injection, because the Testosterone slowly releases from the attached ester throughout seven days, providing a steady stream of Testosterone to the body. Many patients prefer this to fiddling with patches, gels, or creams on a daily basis and the risk of cross-contamination associated with dermal testosterone therapies.

What is the Concentration of Testosterone Contained in Testosterone Cypionate?

A single milliliter (mL) of Testosterone Cypionate contains 200 milligrams (mg) of pure Testosterone. This Testosterone remains in suspension up to a week after injection, which makes it one of the longest-duration Testosterone Injections available in the United States. This reduces the hassle of treatment, which makes many patients happier.

What is the Difference Between Depo-Testosterone and Testosterone Cypionate?

We hear a lot of questions regarding Depo-Testosterone and Testosterone Cypionate. Both of these forms of Testosterone are identical -- it's just that Depo-Testosterone is a brand name Testosterone Product manufactured and distributed by the pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer.

Depo-Testosterone is delivered in a cottonseed oil suspension. Our clinic prefers Generic Testosterone Cypionate, which is pharmacologically identical to Depo-Testosterone. The only difference is the price. The Testosterone Cypionate we offer is cheaper than the Brand Name Testosterone.

Benefits of Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate provides the same great benefits as other forms of Testosterone and is used to treat Andropause and Low-Testosterone by restoring natural concentrations of Testosterone in the human body. With just a single injection per week, we can bring back youthful Testosterone Concentrations, helping you to live your life with greater vitality and a higher quality of life.

Energy-Boosting Testosterone Cypionate

The first benefits that most patients who use Testosterone Cypionate experience are increased general well-being and energy. It is common that patients experience significant changes in energy level, going from fatigued and lacking in motivation to bright-eyed and prepared for the world.

Relief from Sexual Dysfunction and Enhanced Libido

The next area that Testosterone Cypionate users see improvement is in the field of sexual ability. Erectile Dysfunction and Flagging Libido are some of the most evident and life-altering symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency, and Testosterone injections allow patients to restore both their sexual desire and their ability to engage in meaningful sexual activity. Among the sexual benefits that you may experience are harder erections, more extended sessions of sexual activity, reduced time between orgasms and increased sensitivity. Many of our patients come back to us, telling us how Testosterone Therapy revived a passion in their hearts that they thought was long-lost.

Increased Fat Burning Power and Enhanced Strength and Muscle Development

Testosterone Cypionate BikingTestosterone, at its core, is a metabolic hormone, and in addition to promoting healthy sexual function, it is also one of the most potent anabolic hormones available. The changes in metabolism contribute to stronger, larger muscles, and an enhanced ability to lose weight, especially troublesome weight around the midsection. These changes in metabolism also encourage healthier cholesterol and triglyceride profiles, which improves cardiovascular and heart health.

Enhanced Psychological Profile

Now, after hearing about all of these benefits, it may seem obvious how Testosterone Cypionate can enhance your mood and self-perception, but not all of those benefits are the result of reflections upon your improving physical health. Testosterone plays a significant role in psychological balance and has a positive impact on the chemicals in your brain which promotes happiness.

Testosterone also improves assertiveness and wards off anxiety, because Testosterone promotes a more masculine psychological profile in general.

Side-Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

Many people are under the impression that Testosterone Injections are associated with a high incidence of side effects, but, for patients that actually need Testosterone and don't abuse it, Testosterone Treatments such as Testosterone Cypionate actually have a very low incidence of side-effects, and the benefits of Testosterone Treatment vastly outweigh the small risk of complications.

Most of the more common side effects of Testosterone Restoration with Testosterone Cypionate are associated with the body's natural propensity to turn excess Testosterone in your body into the feminine hormone, estrogen. This can be easily prevented, however, and your hormone doctor may provide you with estrogen blockers to prevent that from happening, especially in the early stages of therapy, when the body may react most strongly to sudden changes in Testosterone Concentration.

Unwanted estrogen in the body can lead to some symptoms associated with feminization, including gynecomastia and increased sensitivity of the nipples. Testosterone Overdose also has a negative impact on cardiovascular health, as opposed to the healing effect of responsible Testosterone Restoration. Excess Testosterone can also lead to increased aggression and anger, but these symptoms are not associated with healthy Testosterone use.

Testosterone Cypionate Injections can also affect the size and firmness of the testicles, as well as suppress your body's ability to produce its own Testosterone and sperm for the duration of therapy. These effects are temporary, but if you are interested in having children in the immediate or near future, it may be best to put off Testosterone Therapy, unless you donate sperm to a sperm bank.

Where Can I Buy Testosterone Cypionate?

Testosterone Cypionate DoctorTo purchase or order Testosterone Cypionate legally, you have to obtain a prescription from a licensed medical professional such as those in our network. It is against the law to purchase, sell, or own Testosterone Cypionate without the approval and prescription of a doctor, and you could get in serious trouble.

Don't trust any website or party that tells you that they can get you Testosterone Cypionate without a Prescription. We can get you approved with the help of a hormone specialist in your area, and we can provide you with Cheap Testosterone Cypionate delivered directly to your home, and you can trust that you'll never be left without your next dose!

So, are you interested in Testosterone Cypionate? Do you want to feel the youthfulness and vigor associated with Testosterone Therapy for Andropause and Low-T? Trust us to fill out all the details and make the process of getting Testosterone Therapy with Testosterone Cypionate as simple, cheap, and comfortable as possible!

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