Testosterone injection Treatment for American Adult Men and Women

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on November 1st, 2018
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A lot of men have trouble talking about Low-T. Masculinity is a touchy subject, and no man wants to admit that his manhood may be out of his own hands. There's no reason to be embarrassed, however. Millions of men across the country have experienced the fantastic benefits of Low-T Therapy for themselves, and the stigma associated with Testosterone Therapy continues to fade with every satisfied patient.

Testosterone Deficiency: More than Just a Sexual Disorder

An unfortunate number of men are under the false impression that Testosterone Deficiency is merely a disorder which affects erectile function and libido, but it's far more than that. Age-Related Low-T is a condition that affects male health at a visceral level. The following are some of the symptoms of male Testosterone Deficiency:

  • Reduced Energy
  • Loss of Muscle Mass
  • Increased Weight Gain
  • Sleeplessness
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of Confidence
  • Depression
  • Poor Cholesterol Balance
  • Loss of Bone Mineral Density
  • Fading Libido
  • Loss of Fertility
  • Erectile Dysfunction

Male Testosterone Deficiency significantly increases the risk of a variety of medical conditions such as stroke, heart attack, hypertension, and diabetes. If you are timid about seeing your doctor about Low-T, understand that you could be putting your very health and life at risk by avoiding treatment!

Many Forms of Testosterone Therapy Available

One of the really great things about Testosterone Replacement is that there are a wide variety of treatment options that are highly effective at treating Testosterone Deficiency, and you can choose the one that fits your personal needs most effectively. The following are some of the types of Testosterone Replacement Therapy that you have to choose from:

Testosterone Patches for Low-T - Low-T Patches are small patches which are adhered to the skin, which deliver a steady and constant dose of Testosterone for 24 hours. Brands include Testoderm, Axiron, and Androderm. These patches are water safe, and can just be thrown away at the end of the day.

Testosterone Creams and Gels for Low-T - These Low-T Products are massaged into the skin daily, usually in the morning after a shower. Creams are water-based formulations, whereas Gels are oil-based formulations. Both absorb quickly into the skin but should be applied to covered areas to avoid accidental exposure.

Testosterone Injections for Low-T - Before all other forms of Low-T Therapy came along; Injectable Testosterone was the first form of Testosterone Deficiency treatment available on the market. These injections are intended to be delivered intramuscularly, and, dependent upon the formulation, provide Testosterone throughout days or even weeks. The most popular Low-T Injections today are Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate, both of which only need to be injected once every two weeks.

Testosterone Pellets for Low-T - For patients looking for a long-term treatment option, Testosterone Dermal Implants provide enough Testosterone in a single dose to treat Low-T for three to five months. Whereas all other forms of Low-T Therapy can be self-administered, Testosterone Pellets require a simple outpatient procedure in which the Bio-Identical Low-T Pellets are inserted directly below the skin.

Testosterone Therapy for Women

Most people are aware that men have a distinct need for Testosterone, but did you know that women need Testosterone, and many also suffer from Low-T?

Testosterone serves many of the same purposes for women as it does for men. It supports muscle health and encourages metabolism. It sustains sex drive and libido. It even maintains bone health and can ward off Osteoporosis.

Testosterone, Women, and Sex

Estrogen and its relatives may be in charge of female menstrual function, but, like men, Testosterone drives the sexual desire for women, and if they don't produce enough, their desire begins to fade.

In addition to this, Testosterone also amplifies the pleasure associated with sex and encourages proper lubrication and other physiological changes conducive to healthy sexual activity. If you have started to put off sexual activity because of discomfort or pain, or just because you don't get the satisfaction that you did when you were younger, it's very likely that you are suffering from Testosterone Deficiency and can benefit from therapy.

Testosterone and Menopause

Testosterone Deficiency often becomes an issue for women in the years leading up to Menopause. Menopause leads to drastic changes in female hormone balance, and Testosterone Levels are also affected. Did you know that Testosterone Deficiency is one of the main reasons why women experience hot flashes during menopause?

Testosterone Therapy Can Alleviate Symptoms of Menopause

For women, Testosterone Replacement Therapy can restore sex drive and sexual ability, and it can also improve physiological health by warding off frailty associated with loss of bone mineral density and muscle mass. There is even evidence it can improve cardiovascular health among women.

How to Qualify for Low-T Treatment

To get a Testosterone prescription, you must make a medical appointment with a licensed professional. There are hormone clinics all across the United States which specialize in Hormone Replacement Therapy, and even many that can provide you these services online.

All you have to do is set up an appointment and undergo a simple physical and blood test. Because Low-T shares many characteristics with disorders such as HGH Deficiency, the blood test is necessary both to identify your blood concentration of Testosterone and rule out other conditions which could be impacting your health and hormone balance.

If you qualify for treatment, you can talk to your doctor about the options available to you, and he or she will write a prescription that fits your needs and your preferences most effectively.

Clomid Low-T Therapy for Men

At this time, the only effective Low-T Treatment for women is Testosterone Therapy, but men do have some other options on the table. Clomid (clomiphene citrate), for example, has been clinically shown to increase Testosterone Levels in men by inhibiting negative feedback mechanisms in the brain, encouraging a more youthful release of Testosterone by the testes. This also sustains fertility, whereas Testosterone Therapy suppresses fertility. Men that are interested in children would benefit from choosing Clomid over Testosterone.

Testosterone Therapy with Arimidex

When the body produces too much Testosterone, this can cause the body to start producing too much Estrogen. The male body naturally converts some excess Testosterone into Estrogen, which can lead to symptoms like gynecomastia (breast enlargement), while also increasing some risks associated with therapy.

To mitigate these risks, many patients take a combination of Testosterone and an Estrogen-Blocker known as Arimidex. Arimidex prevents excess Testosterone from turning into Estrogen so readily, helping to preserve a more natural hormone balance.

Testosterone Therapy with HCG

As we mentioned above, Bio-Identical Testosterone Treatment does have the unfortunate ability to inhibit fertility. This is because your testes produce less Testosterone to compensate for the increased Testosterone coming from your treatment. This also leads to reduced production of Luteinizing Hormone, which is necessary for the healthy production of sperm.

HCG Injections help sustain the normal function of the Testes, because it imitates the effects of Luteinizing Hormone on the body, supporting fertility and preventing the testicular shrinkage that is also associated with Testosterone Therapy.

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