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Testosterone Impacts Behavior Based on Social Context—An Animal Study

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on September 25th, 2022

While Testosterone can strongly influence human and animal behavior, this influence is complex and cannot always be easily predicted. Environment and context play a huge role in how Testosterone manifests itself in an individual's thought and action. While Testosterone is strongly associated with aggression, this is not always the case based on social context. In some cases, Testosterone promotes antisocial demeanor, but in other circumstances it can lead to social bonding. A study involving gerbils was conducted to explore this dichotomy and was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Married Couple Studies Bonded Gerbils This study was … Read more »

Testosterone Lowers Insulin Resistance in Obese Men

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 25th, 2022

smiling male doctor in white coat pointing finger up isolated 260349455 300x300Testosterone Lowers Insulin Resistance in Obese Men According to the results of a recent study, testosterone, metformin, or a combination of both lowered insulin resistance in obese men. The link between obesity and diabetes has been established. For men suffering from both of these afflictions, the result is often lower testosterone levels. So the questions are: Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) lower insulin resistance as well as boost testosterone back to a more normal level? What about the combination of TRT with metformin, a commonly-prescribed drug for diabetics? Or what about either testosterone or metformin alone? To answer those questions, … Read more »

So Many Questions About HGH and Hormone Therapy!

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on September 21st, 2022

so many questions HGH therapy 300x165Once you’ve been tested and it’s been determined that you are suffering from abnormally low HGH levels in your bloodstream, a lot of questions are bound to occur to you. Should I inject HGH directly? Should I use sermorelin instead of HGH to increase my HGH levels by triggering my body to make more HGH? Can anyone do that, or do some people definitely need the direct HGH injections? What are the risks of injectable HGH, and the possible side effects? And what risks and side effects are possible trade-offs with sermorelin? How much HGH/sermorelin do I need every month? … Read more »

6 Warning Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

Posted by Jessica Mendez, Published on September 14th, 2022

6 Warning Signs of Low Testosterone in Men 2 300x200Testosterone is one of the overall most important hormones for men. As soon as a male body experiences a lack of the hormone, problems start to pop up. The trouble is, it can often be hard to diagnose low testosterone levels just based on symptoms. To this end, we’ve put together 6 warning signs of low testosterone in men! Nerve pain and numbness One of the most alarming signs of low testosterone in men is suddenly experiencing nerve pain and numbness. It can start subtly, with just tingling in your fingers and a slight loss of feeling. However, if you … Read more »

Testosterone for TRT Could Someday Be Supplied from a Single Skin Cell

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on September 13th, 2022

stem cells testosterone producing cells 300x199The title of this article sounds pretty bizarre, but it is true, nonetheless. Researchers have figured out how to grow testosterone-producing cells in the laboratory that could be used in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to treat low testosterone, or hypogonadism, with personalized replacement cells. It’s pretty wild to think about, and here are the details of this breakthrough research and development. The research was published in Proceedings from the National Academy of Sciences and focused on turning stem cells into fully functioning Leydig cells. In men, these cells within the testes manufacture testosterone, a sex hormone. Why Men Need Testosterone … Read more »

Could Low-T Affect Employment Status?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2022

termination 2473879_960_720 300x158Testosterone plays a clear role in how we think and feel. It inevitably affects the choices we make and the opportunities that we create for ourselves. Endocrinologists, sociologists, and other researchers continue to explore how Hormone Balance impacts life and livelihood for men affected by the effects of Testosterone Deficiency. Past studies have shown that Testosterone is linked to confidence, assertiveness, competitiveness, and even financial success. A study published this year examined how Testosterone affected men's ability to bounce back from unemployment after being laid off the job. The 21st century has thus far had its share of problems involving … Read more »

Keto Diet for Weight Loss and Low-T Relief

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2022

For a long time, people have understood nutrition as a simple calories-in, calories-out equation, with a consideration for adequate vitamins and minerals. Over the last generation, we've really begun to dig into the complexities of how what we eat affects our bodies. The bread/starch-laden food pyramid of the past is obsolete, and it's important to change our habits in the face of new science and research. A recent study showcased at the annual European Congress of Endocrinology provides evidence that the ketogenic diet may greatly benefit obese and overweight men with Low Testosterone. Italian researchers studied how men are impacted … Read more »

Five Myths About Vasectomies

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2022

The reversal of Roe V. Wade has led to a dramatic increase in interest regarding Vasectomies. In an America where millions of women find it increasingly difficult to get an abortion, many men are taking it into their own hands to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Vasectomies are a significant surgical event, however. A lot of men are misinformed about Vasectomies, which make them sound even scarier when men shouldn't be overly intimidated by the procedure. Vasectomies are usually done via a Urologist, a physician specializing in treating the urinary tract and reproductive function. It's believed that Vasectomy inquiries are at their … Read more »

Blocking Testosterone to Defeat Melanoma

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2022

cancer 389921_960_720 300x198While Testosterone is essential to peak male performance, there are times during which Testosterone and other androgens can actually create a hindrance to health, healing, and recovery. Androgen blockers are often necessary to help survive potentially life-threatening conditions like cancer, for example. Prostate Cancer is one of the most well-known medical conditions requiring Testosterone Blockers to ensure the patient's survival. Researchers worldwide are searching for new and effective treatments and cures, and Androgen Blockers have their place in the medical toolbox. Testosterone Interacts with the Immune System While Testosterone is most strongly associated with virility and muscle development, the masculine … Read more »

Guide to Boosting Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Posted by Jessica Mendez, Published on August 16th, 2022

Guide to Boosting Your Testosterone Levels Naturally 1 300x169When it comes to male hormones, testosterone is the most important one. It regulates many critical bodily functions, including sex drive and sperm production, fat distribution, muscle mass, and strength. The higher your natural testosterone level, the better you will feel. Natural testosterone levels in the body can fluctuate dramatically. It will peek in the morning and dip in the evening. Also, as you age, your body's level of testosterone decreases. This is normal and the primary reason most men become increasingly tired and weak as they age. However, this does not imply that there is nothing you can do … Read more »

Testosterone and Human Behavior: Hormone Promotes Prosocial Behaviors

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on August 15th, 2022

testosterone promotes prosocial behavior in new research 300x205Have you ever thought about what your hormones, such as testosterone or estrogen, are actually doing in your body? They actually are involved in a lot of different processes, probably much more than you think. For example, testosterone plays a significant role in human behavior, especially male human behavior and how men respond to different scenarios in their life. Previously, scientists believed that testosterone heightens aggressive behavior (think steroids and “roid rage”) and reduces prosocial behaviors. But continuous research always seems to change things and brings new (and sometimes confusing!) data to light, and the case is no different here: … Read more »

Low Total Testosterone in Men Linked to Chronic Diseases

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on August 11th, 2022

low testosterone linked to chronic disease in young men 300x225More men are experiencing less-than-optimal testosterone levels than ever before, leaving scientists baffled. In addition to this relatively concerning news, researchers have found that the suboptimal levels are linked to chronic disease, putting men around the world at risk for increased mortality risk and low quality of life. And this isn’t just older men we are talking about – men 40 years old and younger may be affected as well. Chronic Disease is on the Rise in Older Men Especially in the United States, men and women just seem to be getting unhealthier as the decades go on, beginning in … Read more »

Stomach Inflammation: Another Ailment That Testosterone Can Stop in its Tracks

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on August 3rd, 2022

testosterone and stomach inflammation 300x201Hormones play so many key roles in our bodies such as fertility, puberty, growth, etc., so it’s no wonder that scientists believe hormones play a big role in the inflammatory response as well. Researchers have looked into the role that hormones play in both male and female inflammatory responses. They found some interesting results regarding testosterone and stomach inflammation, believe it or not. It appears that testosterone may be able to protect against stomach inflammation. Autoimmune Diseases More Prevalent in Women Unfortunately, autoimmune diseases are more prevalent in women, and this could be due to differences in inflammatory responses between … Read more »

Inflammatory Foods Linked to Low Testosterone

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on July 31st, 2022

inflammatory foods linked to low testosterone 300x190A man’s diet is even more important than you might think. Sure, following a healthy or somewhat healthy diet will help keep excess fat off and maintain good muscle mass, especially if he regularly goes to the gym. But does it maintain hormone balance? Are the foods you’re eating affecting the hormones in your body...specifically testosterone? Testosterone is the essential hormone for a man, affecting many body processes. Recent research suggests that specific diets can actually lower testosterone in men. Proinflammatory Foods Lower Testosterone Levels in Men The diets we are talking about here contain proinflammatory foods. Eating these foods … Read more »

Study Finds that Testosterone Boosts Memory for Uncontrolled Diabetics

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on July 11th, 2022

brain memory and testosterone 300x216While most people associate Testosterone most strongly with libido and strength, the masculine hormone has wide-ranging effects on male physiology. While Testosterone is widely used to help men overcome fatigue and sexual dysfunction, new studies continue to reveal further benefits for men with Low Testosterone. There is a growing body of research that studies how Testosterone affects cognition and emotion. There's a strong link established that Testosterone positively impacts feelings of confidence and assertiveness. Testosterone also appears to positively impact memory. Testosterone Deficiency Often Concurrent with Other Medical Conditions Low-T does not occur in a vacuum. Testosterone Levels are strongly … Read more »

Frustrating Factors That Suppress Testosterone Levels

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on July 10th, 2022

Healthy older manTestosterone is intrinsically essential to men's health. In fact, Low Testosterone is connected to a wide range of physical and mental health issues which deplete the quality of life and increase the risk of early mortality. Testosterone plays an indispensable role in sexual function, skeletal strength, immune health, memory, confidence, and more. Most people easily comprehend the sexual importance of Testosterone and how it stokes libido and supports erectile health. Men also understand that Testosterone is linked with strength and muscle mass. Without enough Testosterone, you not only lose lean muscle and struggle with sexual dysfunction but are also at … Read more »

Human Growth Hormone HGH Biological Function

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on July 10th, 2022

How growth hormone impacts the body, and how it is released video. … Read more »

Testosterone, Memory and Diabetes: What’s the Link?

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on July 9th, 2022

testosterone diabetes and memory 300x214If you’ve been reading our website on a consistent basis, then you know that testosterone deficiency is on the rise in men across the United States. Unfortunately, with low testosterone usually comes type 2 diabetes, another ailment that is increasing across the country. Thankfully, both of these are easily cured with hormone therapy, lifestyle changes, and/or diet changes. Recent research has shown that men who have uncontrolled diabetes could benefit from testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) with improved memory and cognitive function. Men Performed Better on Memory Tests When on TRT Testosterone replacement therapy is necessary for men who are suffering … Read more »

Male Birth Control Gel on the Road to FDA Approval

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on June 24th, 2022

contraceptive pills 849413_960_720 300x173Women have always been put at an unfair disadvantage regarding contraception. The Birth Control Pill has been obtainable since the 1960s, but there's still no equivalent medication for men. For now, the condom is a man's best tool for contraception, but times may finally be on the verge of changing. Researchers have been working on an effective and safe male contraceptive for decades, and there is a prospective treatment on the horizon. Many women are unable to safely take birth control for health reasons. Women also have much more complicated hormonal cycles than men. Many believe that male birth control … Read more »

Testosterone Increases Tenacity and Persistence In Spite of Long Odds

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on June 24th, 2022

casino roulette table SBI 302132258 300x169Sex Hormones have a tremendous effect on psychological function. Testosterone not only impacts male physiology, but it has a significant impact on decision-making. There is a big trend in research to explore the behavioral effects of Testosterone via Hormone Replacement. A study recently released in the clinical journal Psychoneuroendocrinology uses Testosterone to explore how the hormone impacts men's ability to stand up in the face of defeat. Testosterone and Social Rank In animals, Testosterone Levels are often associated with pecking order. Dominant males tend to have higher Testosterone Levels than subordinates in the group. Earning one's place at the top … Read more »