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Can I Use HGH Injections Mainly for Bodybuilding?

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on March 30th, 2023

can i use HGH injections for mainly bodybuilding purposes 255x300Reading Time: 4 minutes Q: Forget about health! I really just want to try HGH for aesthetic, body-building purposes. Asking for a friend. A: I understand that you may have some curiosity or interest in trying HGH for those purposes. However, you should know that there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. HGH is not approved by the FDA for these purposes and experts recommend against using it unless you really need it – that is, unless you really are being made weak or flabby or aging too rapidly because of adult-onset HGH deficiency. The good news is that, if you really … Read more »

I Want to Get Peak Athletic and Sexual Performance and I Don’t Care How I Get It!

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on March 23rd, 2023

peak athletic performance hormone replacement therapy HRT 300x200Reading Time: 3 minutes QUESTION: "I want to get peak athletic performance. And I don't care if my HGH levels are really low or not. Even if my HGH levels are fine and I do not suffer from adult-onset HGH deficiency, I want to boost those levels anyway. I don't even care if it harms my health a little bit later on. I just want to have peak performance, bigger muscles, and attract girls. And I'll do anything to achieve those goals. What should I do?" ANSWER: As a potential HRT patient, it's important to understand that HGH therapy is a medical treatment that … Read more »

Sexy Partners, Sexy Spouses, and HGH

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on March 17th, 2023

getting sexy with HGH replacement therapy 300x200Reading Time: 4 minutes Proper HGH levels play a significant role in attracting a member of the opposite sex. HGH, or human growth hormone, is responsible for various physiological processes, including cell growth and regeneration. This hormone is produced naturally by the pituitary gland in the brain. However, as people age, their HGH levels naturally decline – and for some people, the decline is much worse than what is normal, which can lead to a wide range of health problems, including decreased energy levels, increased body fat, and reduced muscle mass. In addition to these health problems, low HGH levels can also affect one's … Read more »

Young Adults with Problems; Possible Help via HRT

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on March 8th, 2023

young adults with hormone problems imbalance 300x200Reading Time: 4 minutes Human growth hormone (HGH) replacement therapy has gained significant attention for its potential to help young adults improve their overall physical and mental well-being. Many thirtysomething men and women face unexplained weakness, low energy, excess weight gain, flabby muscles, and poor self-esteem, which can negatively impact their academic/work performance and social life. However, HGH therapy has been shown to help address these issues and improve overall quality of life. For example, Sam, a 31-year-old man, struggled with excess weight and low energy, despite being physically active and following a healthy diet. He had been to multiple doctors, but no one … Read more »

My Sex Story: It was Physical, not Psychological

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on March 4th, 2023

psychotherapist improves sex life with hormone replacement therapy 300x200Reading Time: 3 minutes Emile was a highly qualified psychotherapist in Louisiana. He had been practicing for over 15 years and had built a solid reputation for himself. He was happily married to Clothilde, a wonderful young woman. Emile was proud of his career and appearance, but at the age of 43, he struggled with a lack of energy, flabbiness, and, worst of all, a lack of interest in sex. For a man who had always been fit and handsome, the changes in his appearance were very distressing. Emile's lack of enthusiasm for his work and marriage was even more concerning. As a professional … Read more »

Finding the Origin of Prostate Cancer to Stop Cancer Before it Starts

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 21st, 2023

pink ribbon 1751875_960_720 300x274Reading Time: 3 minutes There was recently an exciting breakthrough in prostate cancer treatment. The ideal cancer treatment should be able to attack the source of uncontrolled cellular division at a minimal risk to the patient. In a new development, scientists have discovered a mechanism by which to eliminate prostate cancer by stopping the activity of just one enzyme known as PI5P4K?. The evidence of their clinical efforts was released in the journal Science Advances. While these discoveries have not reached human trials, their potential is undeniable. Overcoming Treatment-Resistant Prostate Cancer One of the biggest problems with traditional prostate cancer treatment (and most cancers … Read more »

Are You a “Soy Boy”?

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Published on February 10th, 2023

are you a soy boy 300x220Reading Time: 4 minutes "Soy boy" is a term that originated in online communities and has gained popularity on social media and in popular culture. The term is often used to describe men who are perceived as weak, effeminate, or lacking in traditional masculine qualities. The origin of the term is uncertain, but it is believed to have originated from the idea that consuming soy products can have a feminizing effect on men, leading to a decrease in testosterone levels and other masculinizing hormones. However, there is little scientific evidence to support this claim, and many health experts dispute the notion that soy products … Read more »

Get Pro-active, Don’t Depend on a GP only!

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on February 8th, 2023

be proactive and do not rely just on your general practitioner 200x300Reading Time: 3 minutes Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has become increasingly popular in recent years. Yet, many family and general practitioners are still not well-versed in the intricacies of hormone deficiencies and modern HRT treatments. This lack of knowledge can fail to recognize when a patient would benefit from a referral to a specialist and can limit the options available to patients seeking treatment. In this article, we will explore why this knowledge gap exists and why proactively seeking the advice of a specialist – like the ones at our clinic – can lead to better outcomes. One of the reasons why general practitioners … Read more »

How I Almost Failed in Life – Until I Discovered HGH

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on February 6th, 2023

successful lawyer HGH replacement therapy testimonial 300x225Reading Time: 3 minutes I'm Kyle. I’m a 33-year-old successful lawyer. I've always considered myself a high-functioning individual with a 145 IQ and a passion for my work. However, a few years ago, I noticed something wasn't right. I was experiencing several symptoms that seemed to be impacting my work and my personal life. I was always tired and lacked motivation and focus, and my sex drive had decreased significantly. I was also struggling to maintain muscle mass and had gained weight quickly. I went to my primary care doctor, thinking I might have a thyroid problem or another issue causing these symptoms. However, … Read more »

Magnesium and Preventing Kidney Stones

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on January 27th, 2023

magnesium and kidney stones 300x201Reading Time: 4 minutes Hey there everybody! Let’s talk about kidney stones. Now, I know that the topic of kidney stones might not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but trust me, preventing them from happening is definitely worth paying attention to. So, what are kidney stones? They're these little buggers that form inside your kidneys when certain substances in your urine get too concentrated. They can vary in size from a grain of sand to a golf ball; passing one of those bad boys can be extremely painful. But don't worry; there are things you can do to prevent them … Read more »

Our Understanding of How Testosterone Affects Prostate Cancer is Radically Changing

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 17th, 2023

smoking 707214_960_720 300x169Reading Time: 3 minutes For decades, medical professionals have urged extreme caution against the use of Testosterone Therapy for men with prostate cancer or at high risk of the disease. However, as we learn more about how to treat deadly diseases like metastatic prostate cancer, we gather greater insight into how Prescription Testosterone impacts physiology. Dr. Mohit Khera is a doctor specializing in urology and is affiliated with the Baylor College of Medicine. He spoke at the most recent Society for Urologic Oncology meeting in 2022 to explain how ideas are changing around Prostate Cancer and Bio-Identical Testosterone. Bipolar Androgen Therapy Could Benefit Some … Read more »

The Testosterone Controversy: To Take or not to Take?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 17th, 2023

how testosterone chart to treat low levels 300x300Reading Time: 5 minutes That is the question. Here’s the answer! It’s a fact. Men’s testosterone levels are plummeting at an alarming rate. The number of men in America suffering from anxiety, depression, or other mental disorders has skyrocketed to more than 20 million. Is it too much of a stretch to connect both of these developments? Of course not! More than 2,500 years ago, the ancient Greeks understood that the body and mind are one unit. If the body is not healthy and vigorous, the mind will follow – or the other way around. Mental health disorders are routinely treated with pharmaceuticals to … Read more »

Kevin Nash Defends The Rock’s PED Use after Joe Rogan’s Comments

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 17th, 2023

Dwayne The Rock Johnson 240x300Reading Time: 4 minutes Kevin Nash has responded to recent accusations from Joe Rogan, who wanted The Rock to confess he uses steroids to maintain his phenomenal physique. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a former pro wrestler and a current top-notch actor. At age 50, he is in incredible shape, even better than his wrestling days decades ago...and that’s saying a lot, considering his muscle mass then. Among those who noticed this extraordinary condition was a popular podcaster, Joe Rogan. Last week Rogan mentioned The Rock needed to “come clean” about steroid usage: “The Rock should come clean right now. He should make a … Read more »

Punicalagin: A powerful Testosterone Booster

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 17th, 2023

booster 366372_960_720 300x199Reading Time: 4 minutes Punicalagin: A powerful Testosterone Booster Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has proven to be the most efficient method of raising testosterone levels in men suffering from hypogonadism (low testosterone, aka “low-T”). Our clinic is proud to offer the latest, safest, most cutting-edge testosterone restoration available. We have decades of experience in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), and we are confident that we provide our clients with the best medical supervision possible while they are undergoing our testosterone regimen. In addition to our prescription testosterone treatment, we also offer several additional programs designed to ensure our clients receive the maximum benefit from our … Read more »

How Testosterone Benefits Your Life

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 16th, 2023

testosterone 2901425_960_720 2 300x241Reading Time: 7 minutes   Injectable Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) What is Testosterone? Testosterone is a powerful male hormone that is created mostly by the testes in men and in far lesser amounts by the adrenal glands. Testosterone is also produced in women, primarily by the adrenal glands and the ovaries. Testosterone is primarily responsible for the development of male primary and secondary sexual characteristics but also has many other life-enhancing roles. Having testosterone levels that are too low or too high can lead to symptoms that have an adverse effect on one's life. Testosterone is what makes a man a man. It gives … Read more »

Two Food Compounds can reduce Alzheimer’s Risk!

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 16th, 2023

eat more fruit 300x200Reading Time: 5 minutes Two Food Compounds can reduce Alzheimer's Risk! At our clinic, we specialize in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). We offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy, Sermorelin Therapy, and several other hormone treatments designed to restore our client's hormones to a youthful, healthy level. But we don’t stop with HRT. That’s right. Our treatment regimens included scientific nutrition and what foods to eat and not eat, how to control stress, what proper hydration means, what supplements you should take, the proper exercise routines that reduce injury and promote longevity, creating a toxin-free environment, and the latest research … Read more »

Can Low Testosterone cause brain fog or other mental problems?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 16th, 2023

obese man trying to move 225x300Reading Time: 3 minutes Many of the symptoms of low testosterone levels (aka “Low-T”) are well-known: no energy and constant tiredness; weak, shrinking muscles, an ever-growing accumulation of pounds and flab, especially around the belly; a sunken libido; worsening joint aches and pains, insomnia, and depression over the adverse health developments that aging and Low-T bring. But there is a lesser-known symptom of Low-T: Brain Fog Brain fog? Mental confusion? Difficulty concentrating? Are these unwelcome guests possibly a result of lower testosterone levels? YES! Here’s why. While the main reasons for men seeking Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) are to pump new life into a … Read more »

The Link Between Low Testosterone and Depression

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 16th, 2023

happy senior citizenReading Time: 4 minutes The Link Between Low Testosterone and Depression Aging is inevitable and is considered by some people to be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing is that older people become wiser, more tranquil, and more patient and can use their experience as a yardstick to measure people, situations, and circumstances. Also, many older folks have a deep philosophical and spiritual foundation that enables them to experience the vicissitudes of aging with a peaceful acceptance. However, there are many downsides to aging: • Loss of muscle size and strength. • Stiffness that makes moving more challenging. • Persistent pain from … Read more »

Think Testosterone is for Men Only? THINK AGAIN!

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 16th, 2023

strong man deadliftingReading Time: 3 minutes Testosterone. Most people immediately think of several words and images when that word is mentioned. The manly hormone. Big, powerful, muscular men. Bravery. Machismo. Masculinity. Toxic-masculinity. Testosterone rage, fueled by testosterone-loaded men. Confidence bordering on cockiness. Aggression. Risk-taking. All of these words can and do apply to men. And it’s true. Excess testosterone can, in some men, be detrimental. But in the vast majority of men, testosterone is a force for good. Protecting the vulnerable, erecting skyscrapers, building businesses, exploring all four corners of the planet, and being a strong and steady influence for their families and communities are all … Read more »

Testosterone: The Key to Male Longevity!

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 16th, 2023

Testosterone sign image 300x200Reading Time: 3 minutes A recent study linked testosterone to a lower risk of fatal heart attacks in men. Higher levels of the male hormone testosterone appear to protect men from fatal heart attacks or strokes and death from all manner of causes, researchers in Britain said on Monday. But the researchers cautioned men not to begin testosterone supplementation based on the results of this 10-year study, saying the benefits and risks are unclear. The role of testosterone in men's health is controversial, with the relationship between men's natural testosterone levels and overall health not well understood, according to the researchers. But this study … Read more »