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Understanding how Muscle and Fat Impact Body Mass, Weight, and Health

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on April 15th, 2024

man 1282232_640 300x200Reading Time: 5 minutes If you've ever tried to diet in your life, which most Americans have, you've probably felt frustration with the weight scale. You spend two or three weeks working out and eating better only to find that you have just lost a little bit of weight, or perhaps even none at all! Some people even gain a little weight when they start working out. It's important to realize, however, that the scale never tells the whole story of your dieting journey. Most people are somewhat aware of the concept that muscle weighs more than fat, but don't realize the implications. This … Read more »

Low-T Treatment Before and After — How Testosterone Therapy Improves Vitality

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on April 9th, 2024

vitality medical signs 300x160Reading Time: 5 minutes For men with testosterone deficiency, life can feel like walking uphill every day, all the time. It makes it difficult just to keep moving forward with your life, much less maintain your current pace. Testosterone therapy is magnificent because it can put you back in the driver's seat of your own life, not only restoring sexual livelihood but giving you back the strength and energy to make the most of your life. Using Testosterone Safely First, we should note that testosterone should not be used by men with healthy testosterone levels. There are many that turn to testosterone to try … Read more »

Weight Cycling and the Problem with Crash Dieting

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on April 8th, 2024

racing bike 1616963_640 300x200Reading Time: 5 minutes One of the common misconceptions about losing weight is that dieting is the best means by which to do it. Most people also think that dieting is incredibly tricky. While it is true that many struggle with dieting, most people do lose weight when they go on a diet. The problem is that, over time, willpower falls and people go back to their old, poor habits, regaining the weight that they lost successfully. So the biggest problem isn't losing weight for most individuals, it's maintaining and continuing weight loss. This is known as weight cycling. Weight Cycling is defined as … Read more »

Sermorelin Acetate Drug Information

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on April 7th, 2024

buy testosterone gel consultant 300x200Reading Time: 5 minutes What is Sermorelin Acetate? Sermorelin acetate is a recombinant prescription medication designed for the treatment of idiopathic human growth hormone deficiency in children and adults. Sermorelin acetate is often prescribed instead of human growth hormone therapy to elevate and restore ordinary endogenous human growth hormone levels. Sermorelin acetate is a truncated version of a naturally produced hormone known as growth hormone-releasing hormone or GH-RH. How Does Sermorelin Acetate Work? Sermorelin works by correctly copying the effect of GH-RH on the pituitary gland. When the body recognizes a need for human growth hormone, the hypothalamus releases GH-RH to stimulate the pituitary … Read more »

Exercise and Mental Health

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on April 5th, 2024

exercise fitness activities 300x200Reading Time: 6 minutes It's common to emphasize the physical benefits of exercise, but for many people, the psychological benefits of exercise are just as significant, and may even outweigh the importance of losing weight and improving strength and energy levels. It can be hard to establish a diet or exercise plan. Ask anyone that's tried to convert from a sedentary lifestyle to a more thoughtful and active lifestyle. On the other hand, most people that engage in a life of activity seem to feed off of it, and the psychological and physiological changes caused by a good exercise routine are self-reinforcing. Increased energy … Read more »

The Relationship Between Testosterone and Cortisol

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on April 2nd, 2024

the human body 300x211Reading Time: 5 minutes The human body is a complex web of interconnected systems. Hormones are responsible for influencing the way that these systems interact with one another. One category of hormones is known as stress hormones. These hormones are designed to put the body in a state of rapid preparedness and are strongly associated with the fight-or-flight response. One of the most potent and ubiquitous stress hormones is known as Cortisol. The Function of Cortisol Testosterone is the primary hormone of male potency, and it has a complicated relationship with Stress Hormones, notably Cortisol. Historically, humans had to deal with much more dangerous … Read more »

Testosterone Levels Associated with Serotonin Activity in the Brain

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on March 26th, 2024

Testosterone docs looking at a chart 300x200Reading Time: 3 minutes Testosterone and other Androgen hormones have a strong and potent impact on mental function and wellness. There are a wide variety of studies that have investigated how Testosterone affects the minds of both men and women. For example, changing female hormone levels are associated with both premenstrual mood changes and post-partum depression. Of course, not all effects of Testosterone on women are adverse, however. Natural Testosterone Levels benefit sexual desire and emotional health positively for women, in a similar manner as they do in men. There is strong clinical evidence that shows that Testosterone Deficiency is associated with an increased … Read more »

The Effects of Beer on Testosterone Production and Gynecomastia

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on March 21st, 2024

friends drinking beer 300x200Reading Time: 4 minutes In spite of the efforts of Prohibition, drinking beer is one of America's most notable pastimes. In the 21st century, things are changing. A market once controlled by large national breweries is now divided into a burgeoning craft beer sector. Unfortunately, excess alcohol consumption has some significant effects on male physiology that can't be ignored. Most people are aware of the dreaded “beer belly,” but there are other issues associated with beer and alcohol consumption as well. Drinking Beer Can Cause Man Boobs One of the more embarrassing problems that can arise when you chronically drink too much beer is … Read more »

The Significance of Telomeres in Stem Cell Treatments

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on March 16th, 2024

stem cell 163711_640 300x169Reading Time: 4 minutes What are Telomeres, and what do they have to do with longevity? In any living organism, including humans, cells divide (or split) into a higher number of cells. This is how our bodies maintain themselves and heal themselves from injury. Within cells are chromosomes. Our DNA patterns are primarily found in chromosomes. Telomeres are located on the ends of chromosomes. They keep the chromosomes from deteriorating, among other things. However, telomeres themselves degrade over time. In the early stages of life, telomeres are long, and they are shortened as a human gets older. When a telomere becomes too short, the … Read more »

The Importance of Proteins, Carbs, and Fats

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on March 11th, 2024

protein veg fish oils 300x152Reading Time: 6 minutes The human body is a beautiful machine that requires a lot of ingredients to function properly and keep you feeling happy and healthy. This article is about the three macronutrients that the body needs to survive: Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats. Each serves a specific need for your body, and each has a life-sustaining role to play. What Are Proteins? Proteins are organic compounds that are comprised of amino acids. To date, there are twenty known amino acids that the body utilizes, eleven of which are made naturally by the human body. This means that nine others must be consumed in … Read more »

The Importance of Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) for Healthy Testosterone Levels

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on March 9th, 2024

testosterone treatments 1 300x200Reading Time: 6 minutes Hormone Balance is the key to maintaining and facilitating optimal wellness. The way that our hormones work is highly complex. When we discuss Testosterone, Estrogen, or Human Growth Hormone Production, this is a short-hand for an entire branch of highly-interconnected processes that lead to the production of a vital hormone. Hormone Replacement Therapy tends to revolve around the replacement of the vital hormone which provides the broadest range of benefits. For example, HGH and Testosterone are both further processed into metabolites which offer the full range of benefits associated with the hormones. The goal of this article is to explain … Read more »

How to Administer a Testosterone Injection — Low-T Injection Guide

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 28th, 2024

prescription form for hormone treatment 300x212Reading Time: 6 minutes Testosterone injections are one of the most popular forms of testosterone therapy available today. In fact, low-t injections were the first treatment available for testosterone deficiency. Initially, testosterone was injected daily, but as recombinant biomedical techniques have advanced, most patients only require one injection every 10-14 days. As of today, Testosterone Cypionate is the most popular form of testosterone HRT injection in the United States. Most typical testosterone shots are comprised of an ester compound melded with bio-identical testosterone to provide a slow and steady supply of testosterone over an extended period. The following injection protocol applies to all testosterone … Read more »

Testosterone for Men

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 20th, 2024

testosterone blue keyReading Time: 4 minutes The androgen Testosterone, called the "male sex hormone," is created primarily by the testes and to a lesser extent the adrenal glands. In the womb, testosterone is needed for the development of the male sexual organs, and during puberty, it is necessary for the growth of male genitalia, along with the deepening of the voice and growth of pubic hair. Testosterone is also vital for the development of muscle mass and ensuring the fat percentage is optimized in the less than 15% body fat range. Testosterone Levels Decline with Age Once you hit the age range of 25 to 30, … Read more »

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Commonly Asked Questions

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 20th, 2024

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why is HRT medication prescribed? Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medicine is prescribed for many reasons, especially to relieve symptoms related to menopause. Here are some typical explanations of why HRT medicine may be prescribed: Menopausal symptoms: HRT is typically prescribed to ease symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, lowered libido, mood swings, sleep disorders, and vaginal dryness Osteoporosis deterrence and therapy: HRT, particularly estrogen treatment, can help women improve their bone density, decreasing the chance of osteoporosis and fractures. Managing premature ovarian failure and primary ovarian depletion: HRT can replace the hormones the ovaries are no longer creating sufficiently. How … Read more »

The Effects of Testosterone on Asthma Prevalence Among Men and Women

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 19th, 2024

low testosterone therapy 300x200Reading Time: 4 minutes Testosterone is a potent Hormone that has huge effects on human physiological function. Most people are aware of the impact that Testosterone has on sexual function, strength, and body composition, but Testosterone also affects pulmonary health as well. These effects can be seen concerning both gender differences and about the impact of Low-T on male health. Women Are More Prone to Experience Asthma than Men Because Women Produce Less Testosterone Though our understanding of Testosterone's many functions has grown tremendously in the past generation of medical study, there is still so much to learn. Just this year, new research was … Read more »

Testosterone Promotes Bone Health and Can Help Treat Osteoporosis

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 15th, 2024

Andropause explained 300x200Reading Time: 4 minutes Testosterone Replacement Therapy provides a wide variety of benefits to aging men suffering from the effects of Andropause. Many of these benefits are well-known, especially those related to body composition, mood, and sexual appetite. There are many obscure benefits to Low-T Treatment, one of which is improved Bone Mineral Density. Dr. Robert Ashley has worked with patients suffering from Low-T and Osteoporosis for years. He explains that research has shown that Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy for Andropause improves not only sexual desire and libido while increasing energy and helping patients lose weight, but also has positive effects on bone health. Should … Read more »

4 Foods to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 7th, 2024

garlic food 300x200 5386Reading Time: 4 minutes Simple Dietary Changes to Battle Low-T Modern-Day Society is Stealing Your Testosterone Fact: Higher testosterone levels mean more muscle mass, lower body fat, and stronger bones. Additionally, optimum T levels indicate healthy libidos, improved cognitive abilities, and (naturally) higher levels of sports performance. Fact: your natural testosterone production is under attack. Here's a brief list of things that can negatively affect T levels, ranging from dietary/lifestyle choices to environmental factors: Extreme low-calorie diets. Very low-calorie diets used to melt fat or followed by athletes desperate to make weight. Tobacco smoke, both direct and second-hand. Cigarette smoke contains a toxic substance … Read more »

Testosterone Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 6th, 2024

frequently asked questions about testosterone 300x206Reading Time: 4 minutes There are plenty of Testosterone Frequently Asked Questions. Such As... How can low testosterone replacement treat andropause? Depends on the individual, Height, Weight Age, Life Style, and so forth, and so on.  Andropause, or male menopause, is caused by low testosterone levels in men. Testosterone levels begin declining in men at around age 27 to 30; it can be unhealthy for men to have a low testosterone level. Some studies show that a high percentage of men who have heart attacks or cardiovascular disease have Low Testosterone, too much or too little Testosterone works against your body, the goal is … Read more »

The Link Between Testosterone and Lower Rates of Autoimmune Diseases Among Men

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 30th, 2024

masculinity hormone non soy milk drinker 199x300Reading Time: 4 minutes Though we ultimately associate Testosterone with libido, masculinity, and sexuality, Testosterone plays an influential role in maintaining and optimizing health. The influence of Testosterone has a significant effect on the incidence and prevalence of a variety of diseases and conditions. For example, men are less prone to osteoporosis than women, because the influence of Testosterone directly contributes to stronger and healthier bones. It also appears that Testosterone has a strong influence on the prevalence of auto-immune disorders. Women only produce about 1/8th of the Testosterone of their male counterparts, and medical research shows that this leaves women significantly more at … Read more »

Does Ibuprofen Contribute to Low Testosterone?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 27th, 2024

Ibuprofen 300x200Reading Time: 5 minutes In recent years, there have been increasing concerns regarding the effect of Ibuprofen on Testosterone Levels. There have recently been some scaremongering articles that suggest that Ibuprofin use can have a disastrous impact on Testosterone Levels. It's important to recognize that news magazines have pressure to sensationalize stories to draw readers. On the other hand, there is often a grain of fact behind the shocking headlines. Let's delve deeper and work toward the truth. In a recent study, researchers gathered evidence from both laboratory analysis and human trials to investigate the effects of Ibuprofen on Testosterone Levels. While it's true … Read more »