Aging and Testosterone Deficiency Treatment for Men

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 30th, 2018
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Aging and Testosterone Deficiency Treatment

What is Aging? For all of human history, scientists and philosophers have attempted to answer that question. For most of that history, we have had to resign ourselves to the idea that aging is inevitable, and that it will slowly deteriorate our mind, body, and our ability to enjoy our lives.

The Medical Science of Hormone Therapy

As our medical knowledge continues to grow, however, we are starting to learn more about the mechanisms by which the aging process occurs, and ways that we can potentially mitigate the aging process. Many of these ways to slow down the aging process are only theories and hypotheses, but there is one way in which you can mitigate the effects of the aging process today -- Hormone Restoration. Hormones are chemical messengers which are designed by evolution to keep our bodies running in peak condition. You see, hormones are part of the lifeblood which contributes to our health and wellness, and as we grow older, many of these hormones start to go into decline -- most specifically Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

How Can I Learn More About Testosterone and Hypogonadism?

The goal of this website is to provide our visitors with biological and medical knowledge regarding Testosterone, and how Testosterone Optimization can help treat the symptoms and issues related to Low-T, also known as Hypogonadism or Testosterone Deficiency. With our help, you can become fully informed regarding Testosterone, so that you can take control of your health, and, if you do indeed suffer from low Testosterone Levels, you are armed with the knowledge you need to seek treatment, whether from our Hormone Replacement Clinic or from another qualified medical professional.

The Importance of Testosterone for Good Health

Testosterone MoleculeTestosterone is one of the most important hormones for men. Without it, the body goes into a disastrous spiral over time. Testosterone is the manliness hormone, and, when you are an adult, it preserves your normal function in a number of ways, from sexual health, to cardiovascular health, to muscle health, and even to psychological health! It's true that women also need Testosterone, and can also suffer from Testosterone Deficiency, but men need the male hormone in much greater abundance, and in order to preserve their identity and health as men.  

How Does Testosterone Influence Human Development?

Testosterone levels spike during puberty, leading to the fast and stark changes that occur when a boy develops into a man. The muscles become stronger, hair starts to grow on the face and body, and the sex organs become fully functional. Human Growth Hormone may contribute to the male growth spurt, but all sexual differentiation occurs as a result of the flood of Testosterone during this important period of life.

Testosterone Production Drops with Age

Rejuvenated man on testosterone Testosterone levels plateau at the end of puberty, and remain quite high throughout the next ten or fifteen years. Around the age of thirty, however, the male body starts to roll back the production of Testosterone, and this decline is inevitable. Of course, there are steps you can take to keep your Testosterone Levels optimized for your age, like eat well, sleep well, and exercise regularly and vigorously, but the overall tendency toward Testosterone Decline in unavoidable.

How Can I Prevent Low-T?

Some people seem to be okay with this decline, accepting the fact they are growing older at face value, but, if you could slow down this decline and add happy and healthy years to your life, why wouldn't you? Our clinic believes that Testosterone Replacement Treatments are an effective and worthwhile means to improve health and foster wellness and that men should not only consider Testosterone Restoration for reasons of vanity, but also in consideration for their health. We believe that men should take the steps necessary to fend off the aging process for the good of themselves and those that they love and make a proactive stance against their changing biological chemistry.

Treating Low-T With Bio-Identical Hormones

With the amazing advances in modern endocrinology and health science, men have an opportunity that they've never had before in human history: the opportunity to overcome Age-Related Testosterone Deficiency. There are multiple forms of treatment available, from Testosterone Patches and Creams, and even to Testosterone Dermal Implants and Injections. Injectable Testosterone is delivered intramuscularly into the larger muscles, where it is slowly transported to the bloodstream for days or weeks, depending on the formulation. Testosterone Injections are formulated by combining Bio-Identical Testosterone with molecules known as esters, which slow down the absorption of the Testosterone by the body. Every form of Testosterone has its own benefits and costs, and we discuss some of those pros and cons elsewhere on our site. Of course, this site should only be intended as a guide, and you should always review these opportunities with your prescribing physician.

Ask Yourself: Am I Ready for Testosterone?

The folks behind have made an effort on your behalf to locate the best Hormone Specialists in the United States to help you get the Hormone Therapy treatment you desire and need to optimize your life. If you feel that Andropause ofrLow-T is bogging your life down, preventing you from living your life to the fullest, we encourage you to complete the form on the side of our page.

How Can I Find Testosterone Doctors in My Area?

We can direct you to a highly qualified and trustworthy doctor near you with experience in Hormone Restoration, who will help you develop a Testosterone Treatment plan that will help you to restore your physical, cognitive, and psychological health so that you can enjoy life more like you did when you were in your prime! Don't delay; there's no reason to put off a happier and healthier life!

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