HCG Testosterone Therapy Supplementation

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018
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HCG and Testosterone

What is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, also referred to as HCG, is a biological hormone that is secreted during pregnancy by women. This hormone is produced naturally by the placenta. HCG is very biologically similar to Luteinizing Hormone, which is released by the pituitary gland. This hormone is often referred to by the abbreviation, LH.

Even though this hormone is produced only by the female body, it can deliver significant benefits in the male body, because its similarity to Luteinizing Hormone means. This means that it can effectively promote increased Testosterone Production by the testes.

When used in combination with quality Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy, the mixture can simultaneously increase Testosterone Levels in the human body and help prevent the suppression of Biological Testosterone Production by the testes that are associated with Testosterone Treatments alone.

Why Do People Take HCG with Testosterone?

When you are using Prescription Testosterone Treatments of any kind, including Testosterone Gels and Testosterone Injections, your body experiences a rush of Testosterone which restores your youthful hormone balance. The problem is that this new hormone homeostasis that is caused by Recombinant Testosterone Therapy takes the pressure off of your testes to produce Testosterone naturally.

This causes your body to lose its ability to produce Testosterone through the course of therapy, which, if you don't take efforts with HCG, you will need more and more Testosterone over time until your testes no longer produce much Endogenous Testosterone at all! The body responds to this influx of Testosterone by vastly slowing down the secretion of Luteinizing Hormone from the pituitary. Bio-Identical HCG Injections keep the testes functioning at the level they were before treatment was initiated, and makes it easier to restore normal Testosterone Synthesis between cycles.

The Effect of Testosterone Replacement on the Testes

When the body stops producing Luteinizing Hormone, this has an impact on the form and function of your testes, even when your body has enough Testosterone to meet its other vital needs, including preserving metabolism, enhancing muscles, and improving sexual desire and function.

One of the primary side-effects of Testosterone Replacement without HCG is that the testicles will shrink in size. Luteinizing Hormone is also responsible for the healthy formation of sperm, and Testosterone alone cannot create sperm.

This is another side-effect of Low-T Treatment without HCG—declining fertility. Testosterone gets your sex drive running on all cylinders and cures erectile dysfunction, but Testosterone alone has a negative impact on fertility.


By taking Testosterone with HCG, you can simultaneously preserve your fertility, maintain the standard form and function of your testes, and get all the benefits of Pharmaceutical Bio-Identical Testosterone.

Preventing Estrogen Production While on Testosterone

Testosterone Replacement Treatments can also produce Estrogen as a by-product, especially early in therapy if your Testosterone Levels are raised just a bit too high. For this reason, we often recommend combining Estrogen Blockers to slow down the conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen and limit the emasculating effects of Estrogen as well as the harmful cardiovascular effects of the feminine hormone.

Before you begin therapy, we will perform a battery of tests to determine which combination of hormones will best fit your needs as a patient! Part of this is up to your personal preference. Some patients are fine with the prospect of receding testes and significantly lowered fertility, whereas other patients wish to preserve their standard form and function as thoroughly as possible.

How is HCG Administered?

Like Human Growth Hormone, HCG is administered through subcutaneous injection. You likely know that Testosterone is delivered intramuscularly, but you may be surprised that HCG is provided differently. Injectable HCG is injected using a much smaller needle than Testosterone, through the skin into the fat layer just beneath the skin. Even if you use Testosterone Patches or Creams, you'll still have to deliver HCG via injection.

Some might be concerned at the prospect of taking multiple injections daily (if you take Bio-Identical Low-T Injections), but HCG injections are virtually pain-free, even easier to deliver than a Testosterone Shot. Even though the injections sound even simpler than Testosterone Injections, it's important to treat them with the same respect and always to use an appropriately sterile protocol.

You can still use Testosterone Creams, Gels, and Patches with Injectable HCG. You don't have to inject Testosterone just because you are using HCG Therapy.

HCG and Testosterone DoctorEstrogen Blockers for Testosterone Replacement

For many patients, combination Testosterone Replacement with both HCG and Arimidex is the best way to optimize hormone health HCG Injections, and Estrogen Blockers counteract all of the main issues that arise when utilizing Recombinant Testosterone alone, maximizing the benefits of therapy and reducing many of the aesthetic and physiological problems associated with treatment. Your testes will remain healthy and functional. Your fertility will be preserved, and you can experience the fantastic restorative benefits of Testosterone for Andropause.

Arimidex enhances Testosterone Therapy because it prevents the conversion of excess Testosterone into Estrogen, one of the primary causes of Gynecomastia, where the patient develops increased breast tissue resulting from the Testosterone conversion process.

If you are transitioning from Testosterone Therapy or utilize the treatment in cycles, HCG is a vital aspect of treatment, because HCG Injections can help boost the normal function of your testes while you are between cycles, and your body can more quickly acclimate to a period with no Bio-Identical Testosterone.

Other Uses for HCG Therapy

HCG Weight Loss Therapy

In addition to being a useful tool for patients that are looking to supplement their Testosterone Therapy for optimal effectiveness, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin has also been shown to be a highly useful tool to encourage weight loss. Injectable HCG stimulates and facilitates weight loss by making it easier to diet, and by supporting the right type of weight loss.

The HCG Diet has worked for thousands and thousands of people for whom regular diets had failed in the past. When combined with caloric restriction, HCG Therapy promotes weight loss by mitigating the feelings of hunger and craving associated with such diets. Most patients fail in their diets because of their inability to resist temptation, but HCG mitigates that desire, making it easier to deal with smaller portions.

Also, HCG discourages the body from breaking down muscle tissue for energy, because of its anabolic influence. As such, it encourages the body to burn fat more readily, freeing up energy that the body can use. A side-effect of freeing up this energy is that the dieter avoids the fatigue and exhaustion associated with similar diets.

Usually under caloric restriction, significantly reduced caloric restriction causes the body to burn its own muscle, which inhibits strength and vastly reduces metabolism and energy. Because of this, even if a patient lost weight successfully, he or she will be much more likely to gain the weight back, because their metabolism is suppressed due to reduced muscle mass.

Are You Interested in HCG Therapy? We Can Help!

Our Hormone Clinic specializes in Hormone Therapy and Optimization, and whether you are interested in Testosterone with HCG, HCG Weight Loss Therapy, or any other of a variety of HRT Services, we can help find out if you qualify for treatment, as well as ship treatment directly to your door!

All you have to do is fill out the form on this page or give us a call, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. At our clinic, we have streamlined the process of diagnosis and treatment, making it easier to acquire Hormone Therapies like Testosterone with HCG and HCG for Weight Loss than ever before!

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Ask About Clomiphene Citrate Therapy!

Some patients may also qualify for Clomiphene Citrate, an oral alternative to Testosterone Therapy with HCG which increases Testosterone Levels naturally while also preserving the normal physiological function of the testes.


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