What is Testosterone and How Does it Impact Health?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 25th, 2018
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Testosterone is a hormone. It belongs to a class of chemical messengers designed to amplify the health of the body. Testosterone is derived from cholesterol and is what is known as a steroid hormone. Testosterone is present in all reptiles, birds, and mammals.

Testosterone also belongs to a class of hormones and pharmaceutical medications known as Anabolic Steroids. These treatments all have a powerful effect on the body's ability to build muscle and grow stronger. Of course, the anabolic effects of Testosterone are only part of the story. Testosterone also impacts potency, meaning that it maintains and stimulates masculine characteristics. This says that Testosterone simultaneously encourages strength and metabolism, but it also promotes and sustains "maleness."

Women produce much less Testosterone than men. They provide enough to benefit from the anabolic effects to a certain extent, but not enough to encourage the development of male characteristics.

Testosterone is Important Throughout Our Entire Lives

Testosterone performs many important functions all throughout the human lifespan. In the prenatal stage, Testosterone is responsible for the formulation of male primary sex characteristics. Testosterone is what influences the formation of the penis, the testes, and all the structures related to male sexuality.

At puberty, Testosterone encourages the development of secondary sex characteristics. Testosterone causes body hair to increase, it deepens the voices, and it leads to highly developed muscles, just to name a few features.

Testosterone is vitally essential to the health of adult males, and the body is designed to function with ideal concentrations of Testosterone in the body. Testosterone sustains muscle health, keeps body fat in check, sustains assertiveness, and promotes many characteristics associated with the alpha male. Testosterone is actually the reason why men have a lower body fat percentage than women, and why men are put at higher health risk than women when they carry extra padding.

How Does Andropause Degrade Health and Wellness?

Age-Related Testosterone Decline, also known as Andropause, has a devastating effect on male health. Without sufficient Testosterone, both body and mind begin to suffer. You may start to feel emotionally distant, anxious, defeated. BMI starts to change rapidly as the body loses its ability to burn fat and build muscle. As your body loses its resiliency, men often begin to suffer more acutely from routine wear and tear and experience higher levels of pain. Testosterone Deficiency directly causes us to lose our identity, that which makes a man a man.

Without Testosterone, health starts to degrade, as the anabolic effects of the hormone have less and less of an impact until a man begins to struggle with their loss of manhood and starts to fade physically, sexually, and psychologically.

How Does Testosterone Replacement Treat Andropause?

There is no reason to resign yourself to Testosterone Deficiency, however. Modern medicine has offered men around the world the means to combat Low-T, in the form of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Today, there are more than thirty million men around the world that have utilized Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy as a means to restore their manhood and preserve their health. For men suffering from Andropause, there is just no better treatment available on the market, and there are millions to attest to the efficacy of the procedure.

Testosterone Therapy works by directly replacing the Testosterone that your body no longer makes efficiently with Bio-Identical Testosterone that is physiologically the same as that which is produced by your own body but created in a safe and sterile laboratory environment. There are a wide variety of viable treatment options when it comes to Testosterone. There are Testosterone Gels and Creams which are massaged into the skin. There are Testosterone Patches that deliver a slow and steady stream of Testosterone hour by hour. There are even Testosterone Injections and Pellets for patients that don't want to deal with daily treatments and would rather wait weeks or even months between treatments!

All of these various forms of treatments are viable, and it's up to your personal preferences concerning which treatment is right for you!

Don't Be Afraid to Seek Out Hormone Restoration

One of the most significant problems with men when it comes to health care is that they don't seek out treatment until they are already suffering from significant health issues. The same is true for Testosterone. Men wait until the symptoms become overwhelming before they overcome their pride to seek out treatment. Still worse, some men never seek out treatment, and resign themselves to a fate of premature aging and vastly increased mortality risk. Don't be ashamed, talk to a professional.

There's no reason to be timid about Low-T. If you truly are suffering from the condition, then things are only going to get worse over time. Better to get yourself checked now and know where you stand about your Hormone Status then to wait until your body declines further as a result of an entirely treatable and preventable condition like Andropause!

Testosterone Deficiency Testing is covered under a wide variety of Health Insurance Plans, but most physicians don't consider measuring your Testosterone Levels until it's absolutely necessary. Broach the topic with your doctor; it could be one of the smartest health decisions you've ever made in your life. Every man reacts to Low-T in their own unique way. This is why the most crucial factor when diagnosing Testosterone Deficiency is the display of symptoms.

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