A Great Way to Boost Your Testosterone? Get Married!

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on December 17th, 2023
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Finally some positive news about marriage? According to Australian researchers at the University of Adelaide, men who are married have higher testosterone levels than men who aren't. Maybe it's time to re-think your bachelor status after all!

Many people think that testosterone levels in men drop due to age alone – that it's inevitable. But a lot of it has to do with a man's lifestyle and behavior. Evidence of this was presented at the ENDO 2012: The Endocrine Society 94th Annual Meeting by Dr. Andre Araujo. According to the findings, evaluating a total of 891 men, those who underwent a year-long lifestyle modification program experienced an almost 50% increase in their testosterone levels.

The study was funded by the National Health Medical Research Council of Australia.

The program involved calorie and fat reductions as well as 150 minutes of exercise a week. Their weight loss also contributed to preventing type 2 diabetes or delaying the onset. Both obesity and type 2 diabetes have been correlated with low testosterone levels in men.

In addition to these lifestyle changes mitigating obesity and type 2 diabetes, a new lifestyle change can be added to the list: marriage. The Australian scientists studied over 1,500 men in their study. Their testosterone levels were measured once and a second time five years later.

When the data was analyzed by subgroups, certain factors were found that were linked to lower testosterone levels at five years than at the beginning of the study. Over the five years between the baseline testosterone sample, unmarried men had a significantly greater yearly decline in testosterone levels as compared to the married men.

These yearly drops in testosterone were also found to be much larger in men who were overweight, suffered from depression or were recent smokers. Dr. Gary Wittert, co-author of the study and professor of medicine at the University of Adelaide, was quoted as stating, “Men who had declines in testosterone were more likely to be those who became obese, had stopped smoking or were depressed at either clinic visit. While stopping smoking may be a cause of a slight decrease in testosterone, the benefit of quitting smoking is huge.”

This study backs up the previous statement in this article: that low testosterone cannot just be attributed to aging and lifestyle factors are also involved. “It is critical that doctors understand that declining testosterone levels are not a natural part of aging and that they are most likely due to health-related behaviors or health status itself,” Wittert stated.

He is also not surprised by the finding that married men had higher levels of testosterone than those unmarried. This correlates to past research that showed married men tend to be healthier and happier than unmarried men. Men who are married tend to be held more accountable for their actions as they impact another person, or even several, if children are involved. Married men tend to be more conscious of any weight gain, especially if their spouse oversees what they are eating.

In addition, Wittert states, “Also, regular sexual activity tends to increase testosterone.” In general, relationships and marriage tend to encourage good mental health.

In conclusion, the main takeaway from this article is that low testosterone levels cannot be attributed to aging alone. Lifestyle factors have a significant impact as well. If you think you may be suffering from low testosterone, consider evaluating your diet for weight loss, stop smoking and get married already!

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Dr Manny: Want to boost your testosterone? Try getting married


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