Five Kinds of People that Have a Lot of Sex!

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on April 11th, 2024
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Over the last decade, there has been an explosion of scientific articles and research dedicated to sex, over a dizzying array of categories. What researchers have found is that there are certain groups of people that just have sex more often.

Certain choices, some of which may seem completely arbitrary at first glance, do appear to have a statistically significant effect upon sex drive and sexual desire.

The following are five groups of people that have sex more than the average person. If you are interested in a fun and interesting way to spice up your own love life and adopt some new habits, consider making some changes to your lifestyle according to these scientific findings!

People that Drink Red Wine are More Likely to Have High Libidos

A survey of almost eight hundred women has shown that women that drink a modest amount of red wine regularly are more likely to have greater than average libido, even compared to women that prefer white wine.

Women that enjoyed wine of any kind in this particular study were found to be more amorous than those that did not drink at all. It's important to realize that a little wine can go a long way, and too much wine, especially too much too frequently, can dampen libido.

Further studies would do well to compare feminine (and male) libido to different kinds of alcohol, including wine and beer. Also, broader, cross-cultural studies could provide greater power to the results of this study.

People that Sleep More Have More Sex

Getting a good night's sleep is one of the most important aspects of living a healthy life and maintaining a healthy body, and these benefits persist even (or perhaps especially) in the bedroom.

Sexual research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that a good, long night's sleep was correlated with greater levels of sexual activity. In this study, which evaluated 171 women attending college, each average hour of sleep increased the odds of the woman having sex by fourteen percent!

Men and Women that Can Run Further Have Better Sex

Study after study has shown that physical performance is associated with sexual desire and ability. One area where this link appears to be strongest is in the area of long-distance running.

A recently published study showed that the ratio of finger length between the index and the ring finger was associated with not only pre-natal Testosterone Levels but also with one's ability to engage in long-distance running.

On top of this, those that are able to engage in vigorous physical activity not only perform longer in the bedroom but also have stronger libidos.

Physical exercise encourages the production of Testosterone, so even if you didn't win the prenatal lottery, some time at the gym can produce significant benefits to your sex-life and sex-drive.

People that Watch Porn Are More Likely to Experience Higher Levels of Sexual Pleasure

It has long been believed that watching too much porn is associated with reduced libido and sexual desire, but recent data released by the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that the opposite may be true.

The research shows that men that like to view porn tend to experience greater sexual pleasure when they decide to get intimate in real life. The data for this study was collected from 280 males.

One researcher associated with the study explained that the more porn that a person watched, the stronger that their libido became, not only in regard to their desire to achieve sexual satisfaction but to do so with a companion. Pornography appears to act as a form of long-term foreplay in that sense.

Grilled Cheese Lovers Love More Sex!

This fifth category may seem like a joke, but survey data does indicate that people that love a good grilled cheese sandwich were most likely to have frequent sex among those surveyed with regard to their sandwich habits.

A popular romance and networking application, Skout, collected data from 4,600 users and discovered that people that love grilled cheese sandwiches were 32% likely to have sex more than 6 times each month, whereas the average user that preferred any other type of sandwich enjoyed sex with such frequency only 27% of the time.

Furthermore, those that love grilled cheese were 75% likely to get laid once per month, whereas only 63% that did not have an affinity for the grilled cheese had such luck.

Who knows why that is, but you may want to learn to appreciate the simple pleasure of the grilled cheese sandwich if you want a low-effort means to boost your sex drive!

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