Hormone Replacement Therapy Side Effects

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on November 27th, 2023
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Semorlin-004Hormone replacement therapy offers a wide variety of benefits for those looking to undergo the treatment. It is most commonly used to combat the effects of  menopause in both males and females and has proved to be quite effective in doing so. Although menopause is typically only associated with women, it is equally common amongst males as well. Andropause is the term used to describe menopause in males. As with female menopause, Androppause affects middle aged men and is best described as a gradually de-accelerated speed at which our bodies produce hormones. defined by a gradual decrease in the production of hormones. More specifically, it is defined as a decrease in testosterone. Andropause, or male menopause, is something that all men will experience as they continue to age. Considering this information, Andropause is simply a normal part of aging and life.  It is a transition from one's vibrance of youth to their mental and physical deterioration in old age. Fortunately though, this transition is capable of being put on hold as a result of using hormone replacement therapy.

Testosterone-404Hormone replacement therapy, when used correctly, is capable of abolishing symptoms of menopause, such as erectile problems, hair loss, weight gain, and a low sex drive. However, as with any other type of medication, there are certain side effects one should be aware of beforehand. Prospective users can breathe a sigh of relief though, considering the fact that the side effects associated with hormone replacement therapy are all very mild and harmless. For example, acne and/or oily skin is a potential side effect that can be expected. A large portion of the population experience this regularly and chances are, we all have at one point or another in our lives so obviously there is little cause for concern when considering this side effect.


hCG-004Another side effect one can expect to experience during hormone replacement therapy is mild fluid retention. Or more simply put- bloating. Although it is frustrating to feel bloated and uncomfortable, there are many simple remedies to abolish this pesky side effect. For example, drinking an ample amount of water and avoiding sodium will help to keep your bloat under control. Also, over the counter diuretics work great too when used responsibly and in moderation. Although these side effects are easily combatible, human growth therapy is still capable of producing side effects that are somewhat less fixable.

A man's fertility is slightly at risk of being negatively affected when undergoing the hormone therapy process. Decreased sperm counts have been reported so it is important to speak with a physician if this is something that worries you. Examining the benefits and side effects of hormone replacement therapy, it can be logically determined that the pro's outweigh the cons in this particular case. hGH-004

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