Hypogonadism No Moustache! No Beard!!

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Solutions for less moustache and Beard growth

I am 21, but I dont have enough moustache and beard d in my face, how to grow it up, is there any medicines for it? My friends tease me.

I scared of getting married since my moustache and beard not developed. Would it affect my personal life?

Normally boys show their growth between the ages of 13 to 16 years. The secondary sexual characters like hair growth, starts from above the upper lip, chin and body. Only the sexual hormones bring these changes. Serum Testosterone is the authority for Masculine features. How Moustache and Beard develope?

Normally when the boy attains puberty, possible between ages of 13 to 16 years, the hair growth starts from above the upper lip, chin and body. This happens when the male sex hormone Testosterone is secreted from the testes. When a boy attains puberty, a centre in the brain called Hypothalamus, stimulates the Pituitary gland, which secretes two important hormones. The FSH ( Follicular stimulating hormone) stimulate the special cells in the Testes to produce sperms and the another hormone LH ( Luetinizing Hormone) stimulates the special cells to secretes the testosterone hormone. Testosterone is responsible for sudden growth in males with good musculature and bone density . The changes would lead to deepening in voice and enlargement of penis

Hair grows from hair follicles within the skin. There are about 50 million hair follicles covering the body of which one fifth is located in the scalp. Only the soles and palms are free of hair follicles. As long as follicles are not destroyed, hair continues to grow even if it is plucked, depilated or removed in any other fashion.

Various hormones control hair growth. Thyroid hormone and growth hormone affects hair growth. The most important hormone controlling growth are "androgens" commonly known as male hormones. Except in the scalp, androgens cause hair to change from "vellus" to "terminal". All women have terminal hair in some parts of the body, specifically the scalp, pubic and axillary area. A few hairs around the nipple or over the thighs may be normal. Hirsutism or excess body hair in women is the presence of thick, dark hair over the face, chest, abdomen, upper thighs or upper arms. It occurs when the androgenic hormone rises in some conditions.

The most important is Testosterone, one of a group of hormones called Androgens, which are responsible for "male" characteristics such as hair patterns and deeper voices. Hirsutism occurs when hair follicles become unusually sensitive to normal androgen levels in the blood, or when Androgen levels rise.

Every boy has same number of soft light colored hair on face in beard moustache area and other part of body. These are called vellus hair they are soft and light in colour , so that they are less easily visible. At the time of puberty and. beginning of genital development male hormone testosterone act on the various sensors in the hair roots of face and other parts of body. The blood supply in the hair root increases and hair grow from each follicle resulting in faster, darker and stronger hair. Thus in normal boys in two to three years full beard and moustache develops. When serum testosterone falls down the hair follicle fails or shows less growth

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Hypogonadism No Moustache! No Beard!!

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