Is It Low T Quiz Was Written on Toilet Paper

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Who knows how many men or their spouses or significant others have visited the marketing and propaganda site: Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions?

The site is funded by a pharmaceutical company, AbbVie (which was recently spun off from Abbott Laboratories). AbbVie manufacturers the most popular testosterone replacement therapy drug, AndroGel, with more than a billion dollars in sales in a year.

But you wouldnt know it by looking at the Is It Low T website. The only reference to AbbVie is some fine print on various pages, such as at the top of the page that says merely, Supported by AbbVie.

Theres no reference to AndroGel at all. Obviously, the site is designed to sell AndroGel, but only indirectly. What the site is really designed to do issell the disease.

Its whats known as an unbranded site. The sole purpose is to convince you that you (or the man in your life) has this disease called Low T.

And the site provides a handy little quiz so you can self-diagnose and ask your doctor about this disease. But it turns out that this handy little quiz was created in 20 minutes while the author, Dr. John E. Morley, was in the bathroom (yes, in the bathroom for 20 minutes) and authored scribbled the quiz on toilet paper, which he gave to his secretary to transcribe (editors note: Ewwww).

For this, Dr. Morley was paid $40,000 by the Dutch drug company that commissioned the test.

Oh yeah and the quiz was designed so that you would fail. Just take a look.

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Is It Low T Quiz Was Written on Toilet Paper

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