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Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 24th, 2015
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BENEFITS OF TESTOSTERONE THERAPY AND BENEFITS OF HCG THERAPY TO INCREASE NATURAL TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION IN MEN Increased male sex drive Improve male sexual performance Enhance mood in men Reduce depression in men Increased energy and vitality Increase male bone density Improve male fertility Increases production of sperm cells Increased strength and endurance Regulate distribution of body fat Increase body hair growth Reduce risk of heart disease Develops lean muscle mass HCG THERAPY TO INCREASE NATURAL TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION IN MEN

Male patients with low testosterone and LH blood levels undergoing HCG Therapy to Increase Natural Testosterone can generally achieve testosterone levels within the normal reference range comparable to those testosterone levels patients would achieve on testosterone hormone replacement therapy.

National Medical physicians recommend and prescribe Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) for men undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. HCG prevents the loss of natural testosterone production and testicular atrophy from occurring during the course of continuing testosterone replacement therapy for men with low testosterone. This combined therapy program provides a balanced hormone level for men and is designed to avoid adverse side effects that otherwise occur with continuing testosterone therapy.

National Medical Clinic, Inc. ("NMC") and American Medical General, Inc. ("AMG") are national patient medical services management corporations with access to member physicians located in a number of states. NMC and AMG contract with physicians, diagnostic medical laboratories, medical laboratory services resellers and other patient service providers to assist patients in securing a wide range of medical services. The cumulative total of the fees attributable to the complete treatment process for a specific medical treatment determines the medical treatment retainer fee payable by a patient. This includes the cost for searching and locating a physician in an area where there is no existing NMC network physician to examine, evaluate and provide medical care to a patient for the treatment sought.

Patients seeking medical treatment through NMC/AMG are referred to physicians who are members of the 'Physician Referral Service' of the National Organization of American Physicians ("NOAP") in the process of securing patient medical services.

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