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Posted: 11 Oct 2012 by valsully Topics: androgel, hypogonadism, hypogonadism - male, male


My boyfriend and I almost split up because of his mood swings last year. He is not the same man that I fell in love with when he is on Androgel as he is when he is off of it... I don't know what to do... I don't want to leave him but, I don't know if I can take the major mood swings he is having. Is this normal and will it go away? I don't want to give up on the man I love but, at this point it is looking like if he stays on it I will have too. Please help 🙁

14 Oct 2012

No he refuses to get counseling... his testosterone levels are so low that it will take forever for them to be in the normal range. I am afraid of him getting worse before he gets better with taking it. The mood swings he was having were so sever he was pushing everyone away from him and becoming very isolated and distant from everyone. I personally don't think that is normal... but wanted others perspectives. Thanks for reading.

11 May 2013

LOW T levels can also be very dangerous... My Dr told me that I had a more of a chance of having a heart attack with low T (150) than a similar aged man that smoked two packs a day all his adult life. O.o Get it corrected and ENJOY LIFE! The transition is nothing short of amazing!

14 Oct 2012

Hello, It won't take forever to get to a normal level. If you're in the USA you will have different drugs sold under different names. Here in England I'm prescribed a gel in a sachet to rub on each day. I'm not on the full dose yet, because you do need to increase slowly. I started on half a sachet and my mood improved in three days.

13 Oct 2012

I was really irritable when my T levels were low and on the way down. Now they're normal I'm happy. Are your boyfriend's levels stable and in the right range? When mine were I was fine. Have you asked him to get counselling too? There is hope!

14 Jan 2013

Here's what likely happening. When introducing exogenous testosterone to the body, the body will shut down its natural production to counteract this in an effort to get the testosterone levels in the body back to homeostasis (what the levels were before treatment). Now, with gels, many people have difficulties, either with absorption or aromatase (turning the testosterone into estrogen-which will def make him crabby). In fact, many times because of these issues, coupled with the natural shutdown of testosterone, many times when guys go back to re-test their levels, they will be lower than when they 1st started, which I am assuming is what's going on here. Go and have his levels re-tested, including estrogen (E2). If the gel doesn't have his testosterone levels in the high-normal range (upper 1/4 of the normal range), then switch to injections.


You will want to inject approx once a week, possibly even twice a week with anywhere from 100-200 mg/wk testosterone cypionate (the higher end of that range usually produces best results). In addition to this, you will want to incorporate hCG, and will also probably need an aromatase inhibitor like Arimidex.

I hope you see this and are still together.

Best of luck!

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I just started using androgel this week. I am 67 years old and doctor prescribed for low t level. I frequently travel to Florida and visit beaches ...

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