Natural Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on December 2nd, 2023
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hCG-003Testosterone is a potent androgen- a masculinizing hormone that influences the development of male sexual characteristics. Testosterone is also classified as an anabolic steroid since it promotes the growth of bones, organ systems, and muscle tissue. More simply put, it enhances the overall bodybuilding function. . However, testosterone is more than just an anabolic steroid. It also plays a key role in maintaing a man's general health and well-being. Normal testosterone levels in a man ensure optimal cardiovascular function, maintains healthy blood sugar levels, enhances insulin sensitivity, allows for a healthy metabolism, improves muscle to fat ratios, burns excess fat, and helps aid weight loss. In addition, normal testosterone levels in men help prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and provide mood support. As a result, this lessens an individuals chances of becoming depressed, all the while decreasing their risk for Alzheimer's disease. Among the many roles it carries out in the body, testosterone plays a vital role in maintaing one's sexual health. This includes a healthy libido, normal sexual function, and healthy fertility. Normal testosterone levels in men are also essential when trying to prevent erectile dysfunction.

hGH-003Whether your ultimate goal is to improve the current stay of your health, or to simply find treatment alternatives for existing ailments, it would unarguably be in your best interest to spend time researching the topic of natural hormone replacement therapy. Through the effective implementation of natural therapies such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, natural testosterone replacement, and bioidentical hormones, it is now possible for men to regain the vitality of their youth. Testosterone plays a key role in a man's life and well-being. Every year, a man's production of testosterone will decrease by roughly 2%. Since this specific hormone is vital to a man's health, this decrease of production is capable of having many significant side effects. These diminished levels of testosterone also coincide with an increased amount of Sex Binding Hormone Globulin (SHBG). This is what allows for a male version of menopause to take place.

Semorlin-003This male menopause is commonly referred to as "Andropause" and is the direct effect of low testosterone levels.  Andropause is responsible for a number of symptoms. A man experiencing Andropause will notice a diminished amount of hair on his body and face.  He will also be subject to a decrease in the muscle mass he once had in his youth. While both these side effects should come as no surprise to an aging man, depression, experiencing hot flashes, and seeing an increase in their breast size are usually lesser known symptoms. However. men today are fortunate enough to have a safe and effective way to combat the side effects associated with male menopause. Natural testosterone replacement therapy has the ability to regain a man's normal testosterone level production.   The therapy begins with a reliable testing process to identify two things in a patients body. The first is the current state at which one's testosterone levels are at, and the second is to find out whether or not there may be other hormones that are causing the symptoms/problems reported by the patient.   A customized testosterone hormone therapy regimen will be prescribed by a physician to those who appear to have low testosterone levels. Injections under the skin or a special kind of testosterone cream are typical forms of treatment.  In addition, a patient is advised to undergo a specific diet and exercise regimen.

Testosterone-403This is basic maintenance for one's new hormone balance. It is important to consider the fact that, although we cannot prevent ourselves from getting older, we have been given the privilege to keep our aging process at bay. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and choosing the right products, it is possible to expand the look and feel of our youth longer than ever before. Thanks to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, there are a number of undesirable symptoms one may be able to avoid. For example, hair loss is a common and embarrassing side effect of aging that is able to be combatted with this therapy. Decreased sex drive and erectile dysfunction are also uncomfortable symptoms that can be avoided.  As with most treatments or regimens, testosterone replacement therapy is generally very safe when used properly. However, It is common knowledge that any form of medication is going to come with some possible side effects. The side effects associated with testosterone replacement therapy are generally very mild though. Experiencing acne or an oily complexion has been reported, as well as slight fluid retention (bloating) and a lower sperm count. In other cases, it was reported that some patients experienced enlarged breasts and a decrease in the size of their testicles.

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