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Shorter course of ADT for high-risk prostate cancer patients yields improved quality of life

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 20th, 2024

a happy testosterone doctor with a stethoscope  272x300Reading Time: 2 minutes High-risk prostate cancer patients who receive radiation therapy (RT) and an 18-month course of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) recover a normal testosterone level in a shorter amount of time compared to those who receive a 36-month course of ADT, thus resulting in a better quality of life (QOL) and without detriment to long-term outcomes, according to research presented today at the American Society for Radiation Oncology's (ASTRO's) 56th Annual Meeting. Researchers analyzed data from 561 patients with high-risk prostate cancer from a multi-center, randomized phase III trial in Canada (PCS IV clinical trials, Gov. # NCT 00223171). The patients received … Read more »

Should middle-aged men consider ‘low T’ treatment?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 20th, 2024

a female testosterone doctor shows a sign okay isolated on white background  221x300Reading Time: 2 minutes Q: As a middle-aged man, I'm considering a "low T" treatment. Is it as good as it sounds? A: Treating "low T" or low testosterone has become a multibillion-dollar industry promising men more energy, more muscle, increased libido, and better performance by restoring testosterone to youthful levels. Testosterone declines approximately 1 percent annually in men after age 30. However, what is normal varies from one man to another. A true androgen deficiency is a medical condition diagnosed by both a low testosterone level and deficiency symptoms and is appropriately managed with testosterone therapy. The "low T" industry, however, targets common … Read more »

Commando claimed PTSD gave him low testosterone

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 20th, 2024

camouflage 3774818_960_720 300x200Reading Time: < 1 minute An Australian commando who claimed post-traumatic stress disorder gave him low testosterone has failed to prove he has an "injury or disease" recognised for compensation. The war veteran, who cannot be named, served in the army for six years from 2004 to 2010, deployed in East Timor and Afghanistan as a commando. He returned from each of his deployments anxious, stressed and quick to aggression and anger. The veteran put his fist through a wall, destroyed things in the house, became distant from his wife, lost his libido, slept a lot and was described as "washed out". Advertisement After his … Read more »

Beefy Wall Street Traders rub on testosterone

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 20th, 2024

hypermasculine 8199530_960_720 300x300Reading Time: 3 minutes Traders on Wall Street are always looking to get an edge and pull ahead, especially in this catch-a-falling knife market. The latest secret weapon isn't some complex trade or computer algorithm, it's something more primal - testosterone. Testosterone has been blamed for many a bar fight but for some aging traders and executives - and aging on Wall Street means 30 and up - who feel these young kids breathing down their necks and the economic screws tightening, say boosting their testosterone levels has helped them get their edge back. Testosterone levels in men tend to be anywhere from 150 … Read more »

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Commonly Asked Questions

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 20th, 2024

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why is HRT medication prescribed? Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medicine is prescribed for many reasons, especially to relieve symptoms related to menopause. Here are some typical explanations of why HRT medicine may be prescribed: Menopausal symptoms: HRT is typically prescribed to ease symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, lowered libido, mood swings, sleep disorders, and vaginal dryness Osteoporosis deterrence and therapy: HRT, particularly estrogen treatment, can help women improve their bone density, decreasing the chance of osteoporosis and fractures. Managing premature ovarian failure and primary ovarian depletion: HRT can replace the hormones the ovaries are no longer creating sufficiently. How … Read more »

Overland Park Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Posted by Tempcities, Updated on February 20th, 2024

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The Intersection of Testosterone, Body Fat, and Weight

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 20th, 2024

overweight and obesity 300x200Reading Time: 3 minutes As men get older, it becomes more difficult to stay in shape. It's common (and unfortunately natural, to a certain extent) for even relatively fit men to struggle to maintain their fitness as they get older. Hormone Imbalance is perhaps the most powerful contributing factor to age-related issues with body composition. While declining Growth Hormone Levels and Increasing Insulin Resistance can play a role, declining Testosterone Production creates a huge roadblock for men looking to get fit or stay fit. Testosterone is a potent anabolic steroid that contributes to men's heightened basal metabolism. While women also produce Testosterone, the much … Read more »

San Jose Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Posted by Tempcities, Updated on February 19th, 2024

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The Effects of Testosterone on Asthma Prevalence Among Men and Women

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 19th, 2024

low testosterone therapy 300x200Reading Time: 4 minutes Testosterone is a potent Hormone that has huge effects on human physiological function. Most people are aware of the impact that Testosterone has on sexual function, strength, and body composition, but Testosterone also affects pulmonary health as well. These effects can be seen concerning both gender differences and about the impact of Low-T on male health. Women Are More Prone to Experience Asthma than Men Because Women Produce Less Testosterone Though our understanding of Testosterone's many functions has grown tremendously in the past generation of medical study, there is still so much to learn. Just this year, new research was … Read more »

Oregon Testosterone Clinics For Low-T And Hormone Therapy

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 18th, 2024

oregon hormone medical clinics 300x300Reading Time: 4 minutes There is little more precious to a man's well-being than his sexual health. Low-T represents a direct physiological assault on libido, desire, and pleasure. With bio-identical testosterone, it is possible to restore and preserve sexual function by boosting testosterone to more youthful and healthy levels. By restoring testosterone levels, you also safeguard your health in other ways. You can increase muscle mass, lose weight, have more energy, and just all-around “feel” better! Our board-certified hormone clinic offers low-T treatments for men thirty and older, and we also offer many other trusted and highly regarded hormone optimization treatments, including human growth … Read more »

American Urological Association Clinical Low-T Diagnosis Guidelines 2018

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 18th, 2024

Hypogonadism medical condition low t 300x200Reading Time: 4 minutes To provide the best possible HRT Care, available treatments must be prescribed with the latest in medical research in mind. Earlier this month, the American Urological Association released updated guidelines regarding the diagnosis and treatment of Low-T and the ongoing assessment of men taking Prescription Testosterone. While Testosterone Deficiency is a widespread medical issue, it is essential to make sure that Testosterone is only prescribed to those that have a demonstrative need for Hypogonadism Treatment. It is best practices for patients taking Testosterone to undergo periodic evaluation. Still, this part of the process is frequently overlooked, which may be detrimental … Read more »

Cheyenne Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Posted by Tempcities, Updated on February 17th, 2024

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cheyenne ( shy-AN or ) is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Wyoming and the county seat of Laramie County. It is the principal city of the Cheyenne, Wyoming, Metropolitan Statistical Area which encompasses all of Laramie County. The population was 59,466 at the 2010 census. Cheyenne is the northern terminus of the extensive and fast-growing Front Range Urban Corridor that stretches from Cheyenne to Pueblo, Colorado which has a population of 4,333,742 according to the 2010 United States Census. Cheyenne is situated on Crow Creek and Dry Creek. The Cheyenne, Wyoming Metropolitan Area had … Read more »

Twenty Facts You May Not Know About Testosterone

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 17th, 2024

Testosterone gelReading Time: 7 minutes Testosterone is more popular than ever in the United States. Though the hormone is widely known and recognized for its benefits to men with Testosterone Deficiency, most people still have a lot of questions about the hormone. The goal of this article is to explain some lesser-known facts about Testosterone—How Testosterone is Made, Why Testosterone is Important, and more. Where is Testosterone Produced? Most people know that Testosterone is produced by the Testicles, but did you know that Testosterone is also provided by other parts of the body as well? In addition to the Testicles, Testosterone is also secreted by … Read more »

Spokane Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Posted by Tempcities, Updated on February 16th, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes Spokane ( (listen) spoh-KAN) is a city in Spokane County in the state of Washington in the northwestern United States. It is located in eastern Washington along the Spokane River adjacent to the Selkirk Mountains and west of the Rocky Mountain foothills—92 miles (148 km) south of the Canada–US border, 18 miles (30 km) west of the Washington–Idaho border, and 279 miles (449 km) east of Seattle along Interstate 90. Known as the birthplace of Father's Day, Spokane's official nickname is the "Lilac City". A pink, double flower cultivar of the common lilac, known as Syringa vulgaris 'Spokane', is named for the city. … Read more »

The Relationship Between Digestive Health and Testosterone Levels

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 16th, 2024

the human body 300x211Reading Time: 4 minutes The human body is an intricately designed system — the result of millions upon millions of years of evolution and specialization. The different aspects of human physiology often interact in surprising ways. For example, digestive health has a strong connection with the expression of Testosterone in men. While it's long been known that women experience significant changes associated with hormonal changes during menopause, men also experience issues related to age-related Hormone Imbalance. The period in a guy's life when declining Testosterone Levels lead to symptomatic health issues is known as Andropause. What are the Warning Signs of Andropause and Low-T? … Read more »

Winston-Salem Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Posted by Tempcities, Updated on February 15th, 2024

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Testosterone Promotes Bone Health and Can Help Treat Osteoporosis

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 15th, 2024

Andropause explained 300x200Reading Time: 4 minutes Testosterone Replacement Therapy provides a wide variety of benefits to aging men suffering from the effects of Andropause. Many of these benefits are well-known, especially those related to body composition, mood, and sexual appetite. There are many obscure benefits to Low-T Treatment, one of which is improved Bone Mineral Density. Dr. Robert Ashley has worked with patients suffering from Low-T and Osteoporosis for years. He explains that research has shown that Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy for Andropause improves not only sexual desire and libido while increasing energy and helping patients lose weight, but also has positive effects on bone health. Should … Read more »

Garden Grove Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Posted by Tempcities, Updated on February 14th, 2024

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More Sex: A Better Way to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 14th, 2024

man and woman enjoying sex 300x200 7599Reading Time: 3 minutes Contrary to popular belief, a study suggests the relationship between the two works the other way FRIDAY, March 13, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Experts have long believed that as a man's testosterone level plummets, so does his libido. But a new study determined that the reverse may be the case. "Most people in or out of medicine assume that a lowered serum testosterone may cause reduced sexual activity. But our study questions, if not entirely refutes, that assumption and suggests it is the other way around," said Dr. David Handelsman, a researcher at the University of Sydney, in New South … Read more »

Utah Clinics For Low Testosterone and Hormone Therapy

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 13th, 2024

male vitality testosterone hormones 300x200Reading Time: 4 minutes One of the critical aspects of maximizing male vitality is maintaining optimized Testosterone Levels. Men thrive when their bodies produce sufficient Testosterone. Most guys only consider the sexual elements of Testosterone Deficiency and Andropause, but Low-T is a multifaceted medical condition which suppresses various aspects of male wellness. We can help you determine if Age-Related Low Testosterone Levels or Hypogonadism are diminishing your virility and welfare. Our Licensed and Fully-Certified Utah Men's Clinic is highly experienced in the diagnosis and verification of various Hormonal Disorders, including Testosterone Deficiency. Our Clinical Staff has spent their careers working with men just like … Read more »