Reclaim Your Energy and Sex Drive | Testosterone Replacement …

Recommended by Dr. Michael White, Published on December 21st, 2013

Reclaim Your Energy and Sex Drive Reclaim Your Youthful Energy and Sex Drive!

Low testosterone levels commonly known as Low T, Hypogonadism & Andropause . . . find a doctor. The condition can produce devastating symptoms that include dramatically reduced sex drive, weight gain and a loss of energy and enthusiasm just to name a few.

Just because lower testosterone is associated with natural aging doesnt mean you have to accept a lower quality of life. To reduce or even eliminate the debilitating symptoms of Low T, Dr. Lionel Bissoon evaluates and treats the condition in both men and women.

Although low levels of testosterone are often associated with older men, testosterone levels begin naturally declining at about age 30. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that even younger people can be candidates for testosterone replacement therapy.

One of the first symptoms of lower testosterone is a decrease in libido. Reduced sex drive is a sign that there isnt enough testosterone present in the circulating blood. Unfortunately, patients with decreased libido and other Low T symptoms are often told by physicians that their testosterone falls within normal levels for their age group, and are sometimes denied testosterone replacement treatment.

Theres just one problem with this diagnosis: the difference between high and low normal is significant. Because of this, many men experience low-testosterone symptoms when their testosterone level falls below 50% of the median range for their age group.

Dr. Bissoons approach is to evaluate patients symptoms as well as their blood test results to determine who will benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. In other words, Dr. Bissoon listens to his patients to ensure they live healthier, happier lives.

Testosterone replacement treatment can produce transformative results, assuming there are no other underlying medical problems. Thus, Dr. Bissoon will perform a complete medical evaluation to assess your testosterone (and other hormone) levels.

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Reclaim Your Energy and Sex Drive | Testosterone Replacement ...

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