Relieve Fatigue and Increase Energy with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 16th, 2024
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Testosterone deficiency is a multifaceted medical condition which has a widespread impact on human function.

Most people are acutely aware of the sexual issues related to andropause and low-t, but other symptoms are less widely known and understood by the average person. One of the many symptoms which deflate quality of life for men with testosterone deficiency is fatigue.

For men, testosterone plays a distinct role in metabolism and energy availability. When testosterone levels fall to those associated with low-t, this can lead to extreme fatigue and diminished aerobic capacity.

It makes you feel like the world is dragging you down. You not only struggle to find the energy to meet your obligations; you even have trouble motivating yourself to do the things that you want to do. Things that generally excite you.

As you can imagine, energy and mood are intrinsically linked.

If you don't have the energy to engage in the activities that you love, you're more likely to suffer from depression.

If you can't meet the obligations of your life, your work, and your family, this causes stress, which leads to anxiety.

Testosterone deficiency is not just a drain on your sexual health; it prevents you from making the most of your life and maximizing the value of your time on this planet.

Why Does Low-T Lead to Fatigue?

The male body relies on testosterone as one of its primary anabolic factors. Testosterone helps to burn fat and provides energy for the body.

The male body is designed to function with a specific range of testosterone in the bloodstream, and when testosterone levels fall too low, the body can no longer keep up with energy demands, causing the body to not only build up adipose fat deposits, but it leads to general lethargy and exhaustion.

Andropause also diminishes exercise capacity. This is one of the reasons why it is harder to get a good workout and build muscle mass, in addition to the body's already-impaired ability to build muscle.

This also means that you can simply achieve less before you run out of energy. The world is moving faster and faster every day. Testosterone deficiency may be the reason why you're having trouble keeping up.

Testosterone deficiency can lead to grogginess and fatigue even among individuals that get eight hours of sleep every night.

Sleep and testosterone are also linked in a complicated way that we are just beginning to understand.

We know that men that don't get enough sleep are more prone to symptoms of low-t.

There is also evidence that testosterone deficiency impairs sleep quality.

This is a vicious cycle that can have a devastating impact on testosterone levels because we produce the most testosterone while we are in a deep sleep.

Poor sleeping habits also encourage the production of cortisol, one of the body's potent stress hormones.

This means trouble for testosterone levels because the body uses the same material to produce both hormones, so building more cortisol leads to a corresponding decline in the production of testosterone.

Prescription Testosterone Therapy to Relieve Fatigue and Boost Energy

Luckily for men with low-t, there is a way to manage and overcome the restrictions of testosterone deficiency. With prescription testosterone injections, creams, and patches, you can boost your free and total testosterone levels back to a more youthful concentration, attenuating the symptoms associated with low-t, including fatigue.

In fact, increased vitality is one of the first benefits that patients experience when using bio-identical testosterone. In general, patients undergo a notable increase in energy levels in a matter of days, and this is usually the first sign that patients have that their testosterone restoration regimen is working as intended!

Would You Like to Have More Energy? Consider Testosterone Replacement Therapy!

If exhaustion, weariness, and fatigue have been weighing you down, we urge you to consider low-t treatment for andropause.

There are millions of men just like you across America that are experiencing the same issues that you are, and far too few of them reach out to a trusted endocrinologist or urologist to receive the potentially life-changing HRT treatment that they deserve.

Our clinical staff can help you determine if you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, and if not, we can help you get to the root of your chronic fatigue issues.

We will arrange for you to meet with a local doctor near you that can help us determine your HRT needs as a patient and get you the prescription hormones necessary to restore hormone balance and help you achieve greater wellness and quality of life. Our testosterone services are just a phone call away!


A 6-month observational study of energy, sexual desire, and body proportions in hypogonadal men treated with a testosterone 1% gel

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