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Utah Clinics For Low Testosterone and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Written by Dr. Michael White, Published on June 26th, 2018

male vitality testosterone hormones 300x200One of the critical aspects of maximizing male vitality is maintaining optimized Testosterone Levels. Men thrive when their bodies produce sufficient Testosterone. Most guys only consider the sexual elements of Testosterone Deficiency and Andropause, but Low-T is a multifaceted medical condition which suppresses various aspects of male wellness. We can help you determine if Age-Related Low Testosterone Levels or Hypogonadism are diminishing your virility and welfare. Our Licensed and Fully-Certified Utah Men's Clinic is highly experienced in the diagnosis and verification of various Hormonal Disorders, including Testosterone Deficiency. Our Clinical Staff has spent their careers working with men just like you, helping them amplify Testosterone Production, feel better, and restore sexual potency. If fatigue and low libido have taken the energy out of your life and the vigor out of your relationship, our HRT Specialists can help you get your love life and your whole life back on track! Our Endocrinologists and Hormone Doctors also work with all patients 30 and over for the treatment of many other Hormonal Disorders, such as HGH Deficiency, Thyroid Insufficiency, and more! If you're interested in our services, a no-cost consultation is merely a phone call away! We encourage you to contact us via … Read more »

North Dakota Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Written by Dr. Michael White, Published on June 26th, 2018

Testosterone Deficiency depletes the masculinity and quality of life of men throughout the country, and things are no different in North Dakota. We understand how difficult that it can be for men in North Dakota to get the quality HRT Services that they are entitled to as 21st Century Americans. Our Hormone Specialists have spent their careers working to streamline the process of Hormone Imbalance Diagnosis and Treatment so that even patients in the far-flung reaches of America can access affordable and effective Hormone Therapy Products. In addition to our invigorating Testosterone Optimization plans, we also offer a variety of HRT Regimens for both men and women, including Bio-Identical HGH Therapy, Therapeutic Sermorelin Acetate, and more! If you are thirty or older and are interested in safeguarding your life and your health with Hormone Replacement Therapy, our Clinical Endocrinology Specialists are available for no-cost consultation! Low-T Epidemic Sweeping the Nation Due to an array of factors, Testosterone Deficiency Diagnoses are reaching an all-time high across both North Dakota and the entire United States. Many of these factors are due to unhealthy changes in lifestyle that have occurred in recent generations. Men are eating more and moving less. They are more … Read more »

Indiana Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Written by Dr. Michael White, Published on June 26th, 2018

Indiana medical clinics 300x200There is almost nothing more frustrating to a man than losing his sense of potency and libido. One of the leading causes of sexual dysfunction is Testosterone Deficiency, and at our Low-T Clinic, we've made it our goal to help men just like you restore sexual desire and potency through the use of highly effective Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy. We provide our Low-T Treatments to men thirty and over that are devastated by the impact of Testosterone Deficiency. Our Low-T HRT Clinic is board certified to provide Hormone Replacement Therapy Services to qualified patients in the state of Indiana. We offer our expertise to patients thirty years and older. Though we only offer Testosterone for Men, we do offer some HRT Services to both men and women, including HGH Injection Therapy, the HCG Diet, B12 Injections, and Sermorelin Acetate for Somatopause. If you're interested in rejuvenating your Hormones and restoring endocrine balance with the help of highly trained Hormone Professionals, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly and highly trained Hormone Specialists for more information and a free consultation! The Risks and Dangers of Low-T—More than Just a Sexual Disorder Age-Related Testosterone Deficiency is referred to in clinical … Read more »

Ohio Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Written by Dr. Michael White, Published on May 30th, 2018

ohio state testosterone medical clinics 300x200For men, there are few things more critical than Testosterone. Testosterone is not only a potent anabolic steroid which preserves muscle mass and burns off fat; it's the hormone responsible for maintaining sex drive and facilitating sexual function. Without Testosterone, men not only lose their sexual desire and strength, but they are also more prone to depression, obesity, osteoporosis, hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. Men also tend to experience a significant decline in quality of life resulting from Low-T. In the 21st century, there's no reason to deal with the frustrating and malignant effects of Testosterone Deficiency. Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy has been used for decades with success, and as our knowledge of the endocrine system becomes more advanced, so too does our ability to treat Hormone Disorders like Andropause and Hypogonadism more safely and with more significant results. Our Ohio Testosterone Specialists are extensively experienced in the identification and treatment of Hormone Deficiency and Imbalance. Our Ohio Urologists can help you determine if you are a reasonable candidate for Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy. If our Comprehensive Hormone Panel shows that your Free and Total Testosterone Levels are low and that you have no complicating factors, we can arrange for you to … Read more »

Iowa Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Written by Dr. Michael White, Published on May 1st, 2018

iowa state hormone medical clinics 300x212If you're reading this article, you or a loved one are probably dealing with issues related to Testosterone Deficiency. Low-T is characterized by a combination of low libido and flagging energy that is devastating to a man's sex life as well as his ability to enjoy and get the most out of life. At our Iowa Hormone Clinic, we are dedicated to helping men just like you or the man that you care for deal with the frustration associated with Testosterone Deficiency. With just a simple phone call, you can arrange for an appointment with a local HRT Representative that can help! Our Board-Certified Hormone Specialists can explain the details of the Hormone Products and Services that we provide and help you decide if Hormone Replacement Therapy is right for you! Prescription Low-T Products in Iowa Our Iowa HRT Clinic offers many products that are proven-effective at boosting Testosterone Levels back into the range which will resolve your Low-T issues and get you back in the saddle of your own life. Testosterone Patches and Creams are a favorite for their ease of use, but many select Testosterone Injections (Enanthate/Cypionate, etc.) because they only require injection around once every two weeks, … Read more »

New Jersey Testosterone Clinics for Low-T and Comprehensive Hormone Therapy

Written by Dr. Michael White, Published on April 30th, 2018

cape may new jersey 105590_640 300x200Few things in life matter more to a man than his sexual fitness. That's what makes Testosterone Replacement Therapy such a hot topic today, and it's why men have spent thousands of years looking to find a cure for erectile dysfunction and waning libido. Due to incredible medical advances over the last few generations, we understand that Testosterone is the central mediator of sexual desire, both for men and for women. And we also appreciate that Low-T is the direct cause of not only low libido, but it also leads to numerous other issues which deplete wellness, such as depression, weight gain, fatigue, loss of strength, and more. If you live in New Jersey and are looking for a Hormone Clinic to help you overcome Low-T, we can help! Aging Men More Likely to Suffer from Testosterone Deficiency There's even a clinical term for age-associated Low-T—Andropause. It turns out that Testosterone Levels reach their peak during puberty and remain at an elevated plateau throughout the twenties, only to slowly fall for the rest of a man's life. When depleted, Testosterone Levels begin to cause real physical, psychological, and sexual issues for men, and this change in physiological status is known … Read more »

Male Contraceptive on the Horizon? Reducing Fertility By Suppressing Testosterone

Written by Dr. Michael White, Published on April 27th, 2018

female contraception 300x198Though female contraception has been an option for generations, there still are no options available for men to artificially suppress fertility. Of course, condoms are available, but the success rate for condoms does leave something to be desired. Condoms are only around 85% effective per year. Vasectomies are an option, but the intensiveness of the procedure turns many men off. In coming years, it is expected that an HRT Option for male contraception will become available. Some research facilities are working to create a new male form of contraception, primarily modeled after the Birth Control Pills used with great success by women. Christina Wang and Stephanie Page are working on a new Hormone Suppressing Medication that may help men prevent pregnancy in pill form. Like women, men are interested in consequence-free sexual activity. In spite of that, contraception has primarily been the woman's job in a relationship. A big part of the reason is that there is such a lack of viable options for male contraception. Male Birth Control Pill In Clinical Testing Though options are slim now, medical advances will likely provide new avenues for male contraception in the coming years. Page and Wang are investigating the effectiveness of … Read more »

ENDO 2018 Panel Updates Testosterone Therapy Treatment Guidelines

Written by Dr. Michael White, Published on April 26th, 2018

The Endocrine Society is the leading authority on Hormonal Disorders in the world. At this year's ENDO 2018 medical conference, clinical guidelines for Testosterone Replacement Therapy were released to the public. As you likely know, there is a range of opinions regarding the proper use of Bio-Identical Testosterone for Low-T. These clinical guidelines are intended to be a broad outline of the potential array of applications for Testosterone Therapy. Individual Endocrinologists and Hormone Specialists are still urged to use their best personal judgment, and these guidelines are intended to help them provide treatment accurately and specifically to the individuals that need it most. 2017 was a big year for Testosterone Research, and this year's presentation reflected that fact. Major Clinical Trials were completed and fully analyzed. Researchers streamlined the mechanisms of Testosterone Deficiency Diagnosis and more. This is the first time that Low-T Guidelines have been adjusted since 2010. As Testosterone Therapy becomes more widely accepted, you can imagine that men are more interested than ever in the treatment. How Do We Determine Who Can Benefit from Low-T Therapy Most? The leader of the Low-T Guidelines Task Force is Shalender Bhasim, a doctor at the Brigham and Women's Hospital. He … Read more »

Selecting the Ideal Intermittent Fasting Protocol

Written by Dr. Michael White, Published on March 19th, 2018

Dietician at work 300x219Intermittent Fasting is one of the most powerfully effective methods of weight loss and has experienced a burst in popularity across America. While fasts have long been a feature of some of the world's largest religions, fasting has been recognized for its ability to improve Hormone Balance and encourage weight loss. There is also evidence that Intermittent fasting can slow down many processes associated with aging, and can also protect the health of the heart. There are various methods of Intermittent Fasting, but 16 and 24-hour fasts are very popular. How Does Fasting Affect Insulin Levels? Insulin is how our bodies take energy from blood glucose and deliver it to our muscles, liver, and fat cells. The body produces a surge of insulin after meals and caloric consumption as a mechanism to control blood sugar and glucose where it needs to go. Because Insulin facilitates the movement of glucose to fat cells, the body cannot extract lipids from these cells while Insulin activity is elevated which can encourage weight gain. Fasting, exercise, and diet all have a suppressive effect upon Insulin Levels, facilitating weight loss. How Does Intermittent Fasting Encourage Weight Loss? Intermittent Fasting is highly effective at encouraging Lipolysis, … Read more »

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