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testosterone benefits coupleTestosterone Injection Replacement Therapy for Low T

It would be unfair to think most men are aware that there is a steady decline in their testosterone levels starting from the age of 25 years. In order to alleviate the hormone decline medical problems, quality of life issues and symptoms of low testosterone levels (low t) outside the optimal testosterone range, injections are required, among few other available options like HCG injections. Studies have shown that replacement of this vital male androgen hormone through weekly or bi-weekly testosterone injections can heighten the sex drive, increase bone density, build lean muscle and improve moods among many other benefits. Contact us today to find out all of the benefits of Testosterone Injections in a testosterone replacement therapy program for men. It all begins with a relatively simple hormone blood panel that can be ordered from a local clinic. We can provide you with a prescription for a blood panel and schedule an appointment at a local phlebotomy center in your town, city, or county.

Is it Low T? Testosterone Hormone Shots for Men and Women

Low Testosterone levels can be determined by accurate blood or saliva tests, included in our entire male hormone panel list. If you are an adult man above the age of 30, you will likely begin to experience the effects of testosterone decline, because it is an unfortunate part of aging. If you are considering hormone replacement therapy (HRT) the first step is to determine the levels of testosterone which can be administered for optimal hormone levels by testing the blood or saliva to determine the level of Testosterone deficiency. If your testosterone hormone levels are low or even average for your age then testosterone injections can alleviate some of the symptoms of hypogonadism and Andropause (see the list throughout the site) and improve overall health. Millions of men world wide swear by Testosterone Replacement Therapy and the reason is because low t physician monitored programs help men feel as if they rediscovered life. Testosterone in a word is amazing, contact us to find out why millions of adult men (and women) are transforming their lives with regular testosterone treatment shots and life style adjustments.

How do you buy anti-aging Testosterone shots online?

testosterone therapy doctorsThe goal of male hormone replacement therapy injections is to gradually restore the levels of testosterone to the zone or range of unique optimization for each individual based on height, weight, age and symptoms. For this a weekly injection of testosterone cypionate or adjustable biweekly injection of testosterone enanthate shots are often recommended. Contact us today and find out about our comprehensive programs which include some diet, lifestyle and exercise recommendations. We would be more than happy to discuss the different kinds of androgen testosterone hormones in our programs from testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate and testosterone propionate. Experience life to its fullest with testosterone shots. To find out more about the anti-aging properties of hormone therapy, fill out our contact form so we have your contact information and then give us a call. Your information will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Which is better for treating low Testosterone shots or creme?

Testosterone shots guarantee constant absorption and is the preferred method of this male androgen hormone supplementation, testosterone cream is also very popular, but some people dont like that fact you have to apply it every day, instead of a weekly injection with testosterone cypionate. So you can choose between testosterone cream or injections. You can travel with these hormones since they are prescribed by a board certified physician. Your low testosterone treatment program is 100% legal when prescribed by a low t doctor.

Should Testosterone tablets and pills should be avoided?

Testosterone in oral pill or tablet form should never be taken as there is a potential for liver dysfunction (liver damage) and a decrease in good cholesterol levels, instead stick to either Testosterone injections, cream or gel. There are also Testosterone pellets, but they are in decline use for anti-aging purposes.

Should I choose Testosterone gel or creme to treat low t?

Another popular option to boost the levels of this hormone is by using a testosterone gel, which is similar to cream. Testosterone gels dissolve cleanly into the body, vs. cream, which may take longer for the residue to dissipate. You can choose the style of an injection you do in the privacy of your home on a weekly or biweekly basis, or using cream / gel every day after a shower. Testosterone cypionate injections are the more convenient choice.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is defined as ‘a potent androgenic hormone produced chiefly by the testes; responsible for the development of male secondary sex characteristics’. It is a type of androgen which is defined as ‘a male sex hormone that is produced in the testes and responsible for typical male sexual characteristics’. In short, testosterone is an androgen hormone which creates those characteristics which are particularly indicative of ‘male’ behavior. Some of these characteristics are:

1. Deeper voices,

2. facial hair,

3. larger muscle mass,

4. and of course, "ambitiousness", motivation, aggressive behavior and risk taking.

Where is Testosterone produced? How much Testosterone is released?

Testosterone is produced in the testes, and also in the adrenal gland. Normally the level of testosterone in the blood should be between 350 – 1230 nanograms per deciliter. The production of testosterone begins once you enter puberty, and round about your late 30s the production begins to drop by 1% or more every year. The effects on men are devastating to say the least!  Our Testosterone Clinic can talk to you about the benefits of testosterone optimization and side effects of testosterone abuse. We also offer growth hormone injection or sermorelin injection programs. Our HCG weight loss programs have helped some patients lose as much as 50lbs in 6 months.

What are the symptoms of low t?

So what happens when you begin to suffer from low testosterone? Here are some symptoms of low testosterone which can be easily identified by you.

testosterone therapyThe first symptom is easily identified – low sex drive, weak erection, ED, premature ejaculation and impotence. It is normal that the male sex drive decreases with age, but low t can have a devastating effect on a relationship. In a normal male, the sexual frequency averages at least 3 – 4 times a week, in his twenties, then declines to once a week in his forties and fifties and then further reduces to 1 - 2 times a month or year in the sixties or seventies, somethings there is completely no sex drive. Testosterone can give a man in his 60's or 70's a new sex life, just ask Susanne Somers who recommended her older husband try testosterone to turn around their flagging sex life, it did absolute wonders. Infact Testosterone has literally transformed the sex life of millions of couples for the better. Testosterone is better than viagra or cialis, and safer too.

Testosterone for body building

If you have suddenly noticed that you are losing a lot of your lean muscle mass, you had better check your testosterone levels. Under normal circumstances, a man with a sedentary lifestyle tends to lose about 10% or more of his lean muscles every 10 years. If you are in a sedentary lifestyle and gaining fat rapidly, you may want to get your testosterone levels checked. Exercise and Testosterone can literally turn your life around if you are deficient, but it also requires lifestyle changes in diet and overall physical activity.

Testosterone and Fat Loss

The next symptom of low testosterone is increase in the body fat. This is linked to the previous symptom of muscle loss. Testosterone is the male hormone which helps to convert fat into energy, and muscles. Low testosterone thus, will impede that activity of the body, and thus increase your body fat count. Even worse, low testosterone makes you unmotivated so you don't want to go to the gym or do physical activities. This is one of the astonishing things about testosterone, is it makes you want to do things, it gives you motivation and drive, it kills lethargy!

Low testosterone also causes an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, bone fractures, and osteoporosis. Which is linked to the other symptom related symptom of fatigue. If you constantly feel tired and worn out, and doing physical activity takes longer than before, you may be suffering from reducing testosterone levels.

Testosterone is linked to mood. You may also feel very depressed, irritable, and may also suffer from sleep disorders if you lack Testosterone.

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