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If you havent yet started thinking about Testosterone Replacement Therapy, you will soon. In the near future, I predict an explosion of young North American men developing an interest in the use of anabolic steroids, and I plan to be among them.

But wait: Wont steroids kill you / turn you into an angry rape machine / shave years off your life / make your balls shrink / [insert whatever other horror stories you've heard] ?

To these questions, the answers range from No to Only if you use them like an idiot. The truth is that testosterone supplementation will have nothing but positive effects on a large number of men. For most others, artificial testosterone offers massive benefits with only minor risks. Even heavy and irresponsible use of anabolic steroids is probably safer than you think.

What are the benefits of higher testosterone levels? The list reads like a letter to Santa from every man, everywhere: More energy, more focus, more strength, more power, more dominance, better sex, more drive, less anxiety, better mood, more muscle, less fat. In short, you will shit diamonds and carve your name into them with the tip of your dick. Via Danger and Play, heres Andrew Sullivan talking about his experience with testosterone injections:

Within hours, and at most a day, I feel a deep surge of energy. It is less edgy than a double espresso, but just as powerful. My attention span shortens. In the two or three days after my shot, I find it harder to concentrate on writing and feel the need to exercise more. My wit is quicker, my mind faster, but my judgment is more impulsive. It is not unlike the kind of rush I get before talking in front of a large audience, or going on a first date, or getting on an airplane, but it suffuses me in a less abrupt and more consistent way. In a word, I feel braced. For what? It scarcely seems to matter.

And heres Victor Prides response to the question: How will you feel if you supplement with testosterone?

In a word: great. In two words: fucking great.

You can expect better recovery from intense exercise and less soreness. You can expect enhanced muscle growth. You can expect erections like when you were a teenager. You can expect to feel like a fucking man. As simple as that.

So thats what you have to gain from TRT: Basically everything you could ever conceivably want. The entire self-improvement blogosphere fitness, seduction, getting motivated could very easily be junked and replaced with a static page that reads: Get on TRT, bitch!

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Young Men - Thumotic

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