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Testosterone is a hormone that is made by a man's testicles.

Many men discover that by the time they are in their late 30's or early 40's that they have less energy, are often tired, are slower physically and mentally, are often grumpy, and have lost a lot of the sex drive that they had when they were younger.

A normal part of the aging process? - maybe. Or maybe it is caused by a low testosterone level.

Testosterone is responsible for the proper development of a man's secondary sexual characteristics like the growth of his penis muscle mass, facial and body hair and a deeper voice. Most men have a normal amount of testosterone as a teenager and they develop normally because of this.

Testosterone is also responsible for the maintenance of a man's muscles, his libido or sexual desire, keeping red blood cells and bones healthy and in general plays a large part in a man's sense of well-being.


Decreased libido or sex drive Erectile Dysfunction Decrease in muscle mass Increase in body fat Increased cholesterol Decrease in body hair Decreased energy level Less effective at work Decreased semen volume Decreased orgasm intensity Anemia Depression Grumpiness Irritability Problems sleeping Decreased immunity Decreased sense of well-being Difficulty concentrating Fragile bones

As a man ages his testosterone level gradually decreases. This usually begins at around age 30. Other causes of testosterone deficiency include:

Testicular injury or infection Many medications Chronic illness Chemotherapy for cancer Radiation for cancer Pituitary dysfunction Alcoholism Liver cirrhosis Kidney failure Vasectomy Stress AIDS Genetic & congenital conditions

A simple blood test will determine if a man has a normal level of testosterone. This test is more accurate if the blood is drawn in the early morning hours.

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Testosterone replacement therapy |Mens Medical New York PC ...

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