Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) – Danger & Play

Recommended by Dr. Michael White, Updated on November 25th, 2018
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What is testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)? What are the symptoms of low testosterone? Do I have low t? How do I find a doctor to put me on testosterone replacement therapy? What are the downsides or side effects of TRT? Is TRT dangerous? How do I know if I have low testosterone?

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Quick summary for the attention-deprived: A proper TRT dose should be approximately 125 mg of testosterone injected weekly, although 100 mg every 5 days is ideal. Blood levels on a proper TRT dose should put the patient on the high side of the normal range of natural testosterone levels. People have used TRT doses as high as 200 mg a week (supra-physiological levels) for several decades without experiencing any negative side effects. Your hair wont fall out unless youre genetically predisposed to hair loss. Yes, your body will stop producing its own testosterone. Thats why you shouldnt use testosteronereplacementtherapy unless your natural levels are low and needreplaced get it?

Although we supposedly live in an era where God is dead and science lives, most remain ignorant about the single most important hormone in the body. If Aristotle were around, he would call this hormone the sine qua non of masculinity. Without this drug, you are not a man. Indeed, women who want to become men inject this drug.

We are talking, of course, about testosterone.

Lets get one thing out of the way. Testosterone boosters do not work. If testosterone boosters worked then the very people peddling them would not be on TRT. Test boosters are a scam that many (including myself) have fallen for. Consider it a rite of passage.

TRT is for big boys who can make big boy decisions not for little kids looking to take a pill that will have magical effects.

Although I have been preaching the benefits of testosterone for almost 20 years, only recently has this hormone penetrated popular consciousness. You now see commercials warning men of low T.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) - Danger & Play

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